Motorcyclist dies after Route 250 accident

A Greene County man has died of injuries sustained in an early morning motorcycle wreck on route 250. According to a press release,  27-year-old Corey Guthrie was traveling west when he struck a guardrail near the Locust Avenue access ramp just before 1am. Police are asking anyone with information about the accident to call Officer Gardner at 434-970-3280, or Crime Stoppers at 434-977-4000.


I understand where you guys are coming from but no matter what the circumstances are we still lost a great guy and no one on here seems to really care about those that are grieving. Instead you would rather make a mockery of it. Please dont say anything that may be disrespectful.

@ STC - Road Captain : agreed, it is a very private decision, but thanks for sharing it, to your members for signing up as donors, and to Corey's family too. He will live on as having saved at least one other life, I hope they take some comfort from that.

I recall back in the eighties there was an accident on Rt. 20 South involving a high speed slide of a pickup late at night. the pickup had bald tires (with State Rejection sticker on the windshield). Anyway the truck with 5 young people in the cab and 2 in the bed went off the road late at night and broadsided a tree, disintegrating in the process. Of the occupants 5 were killed outright and 2 lived, one with minor injuries and one crippled for life. The truck broke into several pieces; the engine sheered away from the transmission and went hundreds of feet down the road. Many people said the speed limit on 20 should lowered, but of course the driver of the truck was going really really fast and way over the existing speed limit. So I wrote a letter to the DP pointing out that a lowered speed limit wouldn't have helped in this case and I subsequently got numerous abusive phone calls from friends and relatives of the deceased, all excoriating me for "speaking ill of the dead". I guess it's part of our culture to expect people to tread lightly when someone dies by his own hand and being flamed by Mr. Guthrie's friends is part of the landscape in these cases.

I really do feel sympathy for Mr. Guthrie. It's just so easy to get killed on the roads while riding a motorcycle, but it is reality that young men are insouciant about risk and often pay the supreme price. All of you friends and associates of Mr. Guthrie would do well to consider this reality in a forthright and sober fashion so that maybe you can take guidance from his misfortune and maybe avoid similar fates for yourselves. I have ridden motorcycles for longer than any of you have been of this earth and I have memories of friends who died 30-40 years back and I have memories of foolish moves I pulled where I was lucky enough to be spared and live to ride another day. I wasn't an eyewitness to the accident, but the divot in the guardrail suggests nobody was just puttin' along at the local speed limit of 35 (or maybe it's 45 on that stretch). So maybe I "know" what happened despite not being there.

Gasbag - before you make ignorant comments about the club and it's members maybe you should do your research. There were no witnesses or atleast none that have come forward to say what really happened with Corey so regardless of what reports come back, no one can say with certainty what happened that night and what "caused" the accident. As to the 1st death in the club there were several witnesses at the scene of that accident that can attest to the fact that Aaron was neither speeding nor riding recklessesly. He hit a bad patch of road and lost control, I would hardly call that "hot dogging" it. If you're going to make nasty comments you should atleast do your research first.
Regardless of the circumstances behind Corey's accident he was still a loved friend, brother, son, etc. Mocking the dead is ridiculous and you should keep those nasty comments to yourself. Leave his family and friends to mourn in peace. They have enough to deal with, with their loss without having to deal with people like you making nasty comments about things you know nothing about.

As someone who is both on a transplant list and has good friends who ride some pretty serious-looking machines, permit me to suggest that anyone with a motorcycle license consider checking the "donor" box. I have heard every "joke" there is in the admittedly dark humor of the transplant community. It doesn't mean that anyone wants anything bad to happen to you or that you shouldn't be riding in the first place. It does mean that you acknowledge a passion for an inherently high-risk activity, and that you and your family understand the gravity and altruism of such a gift. 'Nuff said.

Durtburglar: Neither I or anyone else are coming to these comments looking for consolation. I understand that people come here to speculate, but there is a difference between speculating and slandering. We have tried hard to make a good reputation for our club and because we have had two unfortunate accidents in a short period of time, individuals start to stereotype our club. All I ask is that the negative, derogatory, and slandering stop.
As for the Organ Donor issue: not that it is anyone's business, but Corey was an organ donor as am I and a majority if not all of the club.

Mmmm, 1:00 AM. certain things don't mix too well and this fellow belonged to a club into hot-dogging on bikes.
Definitions: Moped= "likker-sickle", crotch rocket="donor-sickle".

Too bad, but risky behavior isn't called risky for nothing.

Yeah,sad, but lights went out quick for him. I feel for his parents who now have the task, always dreaded by parents, of having to bury their child.

Feel very badly for this family. Wish that motorcyclists were required to be organ donors..... such a risky passion.

I notice from the 2 "STC" postings that Corey Guthrie had friends.... Well that's nice that he had friends who now miss him. One of the STCs suggested another poster was off base because Mr. Guthrie had been to Iraq and worked at NGIC to defend "your freedoms" and was enough of a hero so that insinuations of blame were uncalled for. Well, that's nice too. But I noticed in the original article that Mr. Guthrie was the second club member to die this summer in a motorcycle crash and this does suggest the inference made by Angel Eyes that "hot dogging' might be a factor....
Maybe the Hook will print any follow-up information once the incident report is released which should include that all-important toxicology report which often clarifies these types of things....

Not sure why they should be required to be organ is a choice. Should truck drivers be required to drink diet drinks since they don't get much exercise?

Truth is some people don't respect the power of these machines. I have one of these and I don't hot dog, etc. because I know flesh and bone is no match for steel and asphalt. I saw the guard rail he hit and no way was he going anywhere near the speed limit to cause it to bend that much. I hope this serves as wake up call for numerous others in the area that think these bikes are toys.

Back when I used to ride I knew a woman who was an E.R. doctor. She told me that they refer to motorcycles as donorcycles. Too many roadside memorials in this town. Ever notice?

It breaks my heart that people are saying negative things about Corey. He was one of the sweetest most caring people I ever knew. He meant the world to me. Before people go and right terrible things they should think about when people who care for someone might read it.

Given the location and the time of this tragic accident, I wonder if someone came flying down that ramp from Locust and cut off the motorcycle, forcing Guthrie to swerve into the rail. That's almost a blind entrance. To enter the Bypass safely from that ramp, which has a Yield sign, not a Stop sign, a driver needs to look almost directly backward to see oncoming vehicles, which requires almost a full stop if you're going to do it right. At night, an entering driver might not have looked, might have been drunk, might have relied on the side-view mirror, and might have misjudged the oncoming headlamp and thought the cycle was in the left lane when it was in the right lane. But all this is pure speculation.

Angel Eyes: I'd like to know how you have come to the conclusion that our club is into "hot-dogging on bikes". Our club has and always will promote safe and smart riding. Corey started a local forum for motorcyclist, worked with WWC on their bike night, and formed our club all in order to promote awareness for motorcycles. Don't let this unfortunate accident take away from who Corey was and what he stood for in the motorcycle community!
As for Corey's wreck, we don't have all the answers and probably never will as to what happened that night. But let's not jump to conclusions or make accusations that can't be confirmed. Remember that we all have lost a friend, brother, & son in this tragedy.

To add to STC Road Captain, I'm the treasure of this club, I'm 39 and have been riding for 14 years. I joined this club because we don't stunt, we don't race on the road, only on the track, we've taken the safety classes, we've taken advanced track classes, most of us are college educated and some hold security clearances and many of us have families. We are about riding, riding right,not showing off, anyone can do 100 down 64, but ride by the law. You judge Corey, but did you know he was a decorated Iraq Army vet? did you know he worked at NGIC working to protect your freedoms, did you know he just volunteered to go to Afghanastan to support the operations there as a civilian? No, didn't think so. He was our Club President and friend. Did you know he had been working night shifts for the past several weeks and just went back to day time, that day infact. Most likely he feel asleep while heading home, but we'll never know. But before you lable him, take the time to learn about him and respect him and our club before you judge us and him.

Seems like a lot of damage to that guardrail for a motorcycle doing 35 MPH.

be realistic, you're setting up a straw man argument/false dilemma. Of course we shouldn't require truck drivers to drink diet drinks on account of their lack of activity--but that's not the point.

Look's point is reasonable. There is a high mortality rate among motorcyclists and motorcyclists tend to be younger on average than car drivers. Young people's organs can greatly benefit people who need organ transplants. Now, people shouldn't be required to donate their organs if they can't do it ethically or spiritually. But, it would be nice to have the default choice be that you are an organ donor and that you must actively opt-out of that default choice.

If I'm looking for consolation, not sure I'd expect to find it in the comments section here. Folks come here to speculate. If that's gonna bother you, then you probably ought not read these posts.

Sorry about your friend.

Well it is still sad, it is still a loss for some people on this earth. I hope he didn't suffer.

Tragic for the family. I can only imagine how they feel, as they probably worried about this happening from the moment he got the bike.