Boot'vil: UVA clamps down on scofflaw parkers

news-clampedscofflawcarThey'll probably arrive orange instead of this fine color.

Parking punishment devices typically seen only in major metropolitan areas are coming to Charlottesville, as UVA plans to crack down on scofflaw parkers by clamping their tires, according to a broadcast report by the Newsplex.

The television station reports that UVA's department of Parking and Transporation asserts that over 1,500 car owners have racked up about $265,000 in unpaid parking fines over the past year–- with about 40 vehicles amassing $50,000 in unpaid fines and two delinquents allegedly owing in excess of $3,000. Thus, the wheel boots, which can immobilize the vehicle until the debtor satisfies the Department.

Already, UVA collects over half a million dollars annually from parkers who overstay their welcome or park where they shouldn't, according to the story.

There is one thing UVA does that few parking enforcement operations anywhere emulate: treating one illegal park per year as a "warning ticket"–- with no fine actually levied.


King Ralph, you are aware, are you not, that this story is about UVa and not the city? Thus making your cranky post totally beside the point.

"But how can you in clear conscience owe hundreds or thousands of dollars in fines and think you have no responsibility to pay. It’s be interesting to see who these individuals are."
According to my sources, most of the worst offenders are student athletes.

The "gross profit" from parking tickets simply goes to subsidize the free (i.e. highly unprofitable) UTS bus service. Frankly I'd rather see the money stay at UVa than see it go to some of the shady tow-truck operators in this area. You won't get spit on by the clerk or lunged at by a junkyard dog when you go to pay your fine at the parking and transportation office like you might at some of the less than reputable local towing operations.

King Ralph, there is parking that often goes unused. For exmplae, the garages are not full. There was an article on that. People don't seem to mind driving downtown to drop 60$ for two at a restaurant, but they do seem to mind dropping 6$ for parking, which is subsidized by the place they eat with a stamp.

There is also parking under the Belmont bridge in the evening, but that might require people walking.

It's a joke how everyone in this area still thinks it's 1950 and we should all drive where ever with no thought for anything.

Students in the University area have less excuse because the UVA transit system is outstanding.

Which supposed eyesore buildings did you have in mind?

King Joker....bulldoze "tiny buildings" for space? Really. Perhaps you could name 2 unused, city owned buildings downtown that would provide this expansive parking bonanza.

And since this is about UVa, I am guessing you lead with your chin on this anyway...

I would like to see what the net profit is on that half million dollar gross.

Sounds like a great business plan.. create a shortage of parking spaces, wait for people to compromises so as not to miss an appointment, profit.

I would feel better about it if the profits went to something worthwhile.. like piedmont comunity college.

Sounds like a great plan in general...create a shortage of parking spaces...where the majority of people don't need to drive and are therefore encouraged to walk, bike, or ride the bus (heaven forbid!) to their specific destination at UVA. Sure, there are many people who work/attend UVA who don't live within walking/biking distance...and that is a choice they made. Thus, they can pay for parking, or, better yet, find a free space near a UTS stop and park for free.

I also support "the boot" because it IS less invasive than towing - not to mention, there are many spaces (i.e. within parking garages) where towing is impossible. This is a great idea for obscene repeat offenders. 40 vehicles comprised $50,000 in fines?! C'mon, people...

Also, I gotta ask - what's with the recent trend of printing shortened summaries of Newsplex/C-Ville stories? Hopefully this story gets an update with some REAL investigative journalism!

Why is there no personal responsibility? You park illegally--you pay the fine. No question that the University needs more parking for its employees, visitors, patients, etc. But how can you in clear conscience owe hundreds or thousands of dollars in fines and think you have no responsibility to pay. It's be interesting to see who these individuals are.

Calling it like i see it

The Hook is free, deal with it. How many investigative journalists can they afford.

BTW, UVa's parking situation is the same as any school. JMU has more 'meter maids' than police officers.

There is a huge lack of handicap spaces. As someone who is in a wheelchair and is not close enough to push or ride a bike to the school I've had to park illegally to get to my classes in time. I have a lot of unpaid fines and I don't plan on paying them back until the school does something about handicap parking. Plus the UTS staff is extremely rude and un-helpful.

Well Healed- how about coming up with an idea for the school to solve the problem. Be part of the solution. I am sure that Mrs. Sullivan will put it right on the top of her list.

I would love to see this done to all the self entitled people who park in no parking zones and facing the wrong in the downtown area, blocking driveways and so forth. I see a lot of it in Belmont and around the farmer's Market, as well as down towards Woolen Mills. People are too lazy to turn around.

Belmont is the worse though, and I am shocked by the blocked driveways and random parking once you get around the supposed restaurant district.

Ticket them and tie them. Then they'll get the lesson.