Harrington lie: NoVa man convicted for false tip

news-morganbillboardA billboard asking for tips in the Harrington case was erected on High Street in June

A Northern Virginia man has been convicted of obstructing justice for giving a false tip to investigators in the Morgan Harrington case. According to a release from State Police, 51-year-old Alvin T. Daniels of Alexandria phoned the State Police tip line on November 11, 2009–- less than a month after the 20-year-old Virginia Tech student disappeared–- and implicated a 34-year-old Prince William County man in her disappearance.

With support from the FBI and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, State Police located both Daniels and the Prince William County man he'd named. According to a State Police press release, further investigation revealed that Daniels' "tip" was, in fact, an "act of vengeance." Arrested in May, Daniels was convicted in Appomattox County–- where the Morgan Harrington investigation is headquartered–- on Wednesday, August 11, and received a six-month suspended sentence. He also must pay $1,600 in restitution to State Police.

While investigators continue to ask for tips in the unsolved homicide, Lt. Joe Rader released a statement today reminding the public of the seriousness of lying to police in an investigation.

"In this instance, our investigators had to spend valuable time away from the Morgan Harrington case in order to vet an intentional false lead," he said.

Anyone with a valid tip in the case is still encouraged to call the State Police tip line at 434-352-3467 or Jefferson Area Crimestoppers at 434-977-4000.

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OObserver, thanks, I am newer to the inside track here at The Hook as I have recently moved here and did get caught up in the drama with SJones. You are right, I have been around to notice a slight pattern of exuberance and then the inevitable silence finally followed with remorse and 'starting over'. I think this is the pattern you are referring to.

I guess we are in the inevitable silence now. Meanwhile, has anyone heard that there is a 10th month gathering at the Copeley for Morgan today? Not sure if this is so, but think I read it somewhere.

Anyway thanks for the object lesson that is SJones.

RU Kidding, Hi and yes I agree wholeheartedly. SJones is a man, I think, and very concerned about this case it would appear. I don't know him/?, and yes I do think there are other very real issues besides substance abuse issues and you are more than likely right on.

Either SJones is just using this forum as a mechanism to release those energies, obsessed with Morgan, or a troll. My guess is that it is the first and he is geniunely concerned and how it comes out is fragmented.

SJones: would you respond to those of us who are worried or concerned about you? Would you let us know if you have other issues that cause you to "free type" without spell check or rereading your posts----before you post? What does "free type" mean?

You seem to exhibit some bi-polar qualities---no judgment here at all, just concern that you sometimes 'go out there' with some tangential thoughts and a bit of paranoia. Not a JUDGMENT SJones, just watching the passing of your posts and how they seem to me and maybe some others.

If you need support, ask or call Courtney or write us here and tell us what it is you may need for support. Hopefully you will take this in the spirit I'm writing this. I have followed you through the forums here and have liked your devotion to the cause of missing and murdered women. You seem to have a very good heart and care about others deeply. I hope you will respond and not feel angry or fearful and just know you have supporters here in Virginia that do care!

I don't know what her/his website is. I just know that some nutters always seem to get on the comments section of Harrington related articles and argue about Blinky and go knows what else.

I think they are all in need of a mental health examination.

I do not know if he could help I mean.


Thank you for your response. Bi-polar is exactly where I was going. I also hope S. Jones realizes your concern is sincere, and if need be he has our support along with many others here.

Having said that, if S. Jones is a Troll------Stop wasting space and time on this forum. Troll somewhere else.

Mr.SJones. I do not think Kenny would stay mad. He prolly says things 2 that he does not mean sometimes. Maybe it makes him feel better until after when it makes him feel bad. Kenny wants what the Morgan family want how that is found is ok. Like u do Mr. Jones. He is loyal to the Morgan family always 1st. I know this. Also Mr. Radar Kenny is loyal to. Did someone say something bad about Kenny and Mr. Radar to?? Is that why you are mad Mr. SJones??

Seriously, SJones/Janie, please check yourself into rehab. This is no place to have fantasist conversations with yourself.


Will Mr.JohnG. help the Morgan family Mr.S.Jones?? I know a lady lawyer 2. She is nice and I know she would help the Morgan family. She knows people that could help the Morgan family. Does not Mr.JohnG. do does mostly law about publishing things and incorporations?? I do not know if he would help the Morgan family.

"I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the fact that you posted comments at (your time):

11:41 pm
12:35 am
1:55 am
2:31 am
2:51 am
3:33 am
4:22 am
4:33 am
6:09 am
6:46 am
7:02 am
8:22 am
9:14 am

Looks like you got a good nights rest”Š.In all seriousness I’m guessing you have some sort of substance abuse problem. You seem like a nice person, I hope everything gets worked out.

That’s all I got. Take care."

To which S Jones replies, "never heard of a boat."


An "S Jones" impersonator. Crazy world...

SJones can spell and write coherently when he so chooses.

I just want to know if he goes full on Norman Bates and dresses as a little girl and adopts a high-pitched voice when he posts as "Janie."

To respond to the comments regarding Blink on Crime: Having lived in Roanoke for 30 years and being familiar with UVA, I have followed Morgan's tragic story since she disappeared. I stumbled onto the blinkoncrime site believing it would offer some insights about the case but quickly realized it was a complete waste of time. While most of the posters are well-intentioned, the site is filled with stream-of-consciousness posts by individuals like SJones, as well as people who post their personal activities on an hourly basis: "I am now finishing my third glass of wine....soon it will be time for bed." To find any information of substance, one must wade through pages of this gibberish. Also, "blink" is constantly alluding to insider information that she is forbidden to share except through hidden clues and veiled comments. My, she is so very clever. Take a spin through if you have two or three days you don't know what to do with.

People that use the tragedy of a family along with taking up valuable police time should get jail time, period. This man obscured maybe other leads and valuable time that the taxpayers will of course pay and just may have abetted the real killer(s) of Morgan Harrington. Who knows if the work that the detectives were to do during that time allowed Morgan's killer a head start in some form. Disgusting.

Hey Ari,

You know about blinky?

I wonder if this case is going to be precedent-setting?

Since this is a VA case, I wonder if this guy knew Ginny and Lukey, too?!


Aristotle III August 13th, 2010 | 10:02 am

Maybe this guy was just relaying information he got from that Blinky person

Are you saying that everything on Blinkys website is inaccurate?

Yes, you are the man!

OMG. S Jones you have hijacked another forum. I am not even annoyed with you anymore, it is just sort of funny. and maybe sad that you spend so much time on here.

I totally agree with mtaweigh. I've read of Blink's involvement in several cases now. Google her and there are some interesting web pages devoted to uncovering her interference in missing person's cases. I only wish they would dig deeper.

SJones got exactly what he wanted. Attention. He has hijacked more comments on articles here than I care to mention. From what he has said on various Morgan Harrington forums throughout the net and articles on here you can probably find his name and ââ?¬Å?career,” but who cares? It is obvious he can spin 180 degrees and be polar opposite of himself from 10 minutes before. He said NOTHING in his latest postings that had even the remotest connection to this Northern Virginia man who was convicted of this crime. He just needed some air time.

If The Hook likes this cheap way of getting hits on their website, they must not put much stock in their product. He needs to go, for good. He has been way off topic far too many times. Do advertisers really like this embarrassing stuff? I’ve talked with one or two that say, ââ?¬Å?NO!”

It seems almost every Morgan Harrington article’s comments section that he writes on lately gets closed early. Maybe that is his real objective. Anytime he starts throwing around the name ââ?¬Å?Kenny” you can be sure the thread is destined for the garbage heap. It means he is heading into the SJones psyche for entertainment purposes. Did you ever notice how he acts as though he’s staying on topic, trying to be good, after one of these episodes? He only goes off on Morgan Harrington articles. Maybe he wants to stop these discussions?

Unfortunately, he has relied far too long on the pathetic nature of his more rambling posts to garner enough sympathy to keep him here. Recognize his agenda. Charlottesville deserves better than this. Even The Hook’s regular local curmudgeons can’t come close to this swath of pathetic destruction. He will come back and do this every time there is an article on Morgan Harrington. Recognize it. No more apologies, no more descriptions of Memphis, no more second chances, no more SJones. Please. You should delete him and his ââ?¬Å?off topics” and keep the discussions open.

I can sense Daniels will find himself being sued shortly, by the person that he implicated in criminal activity. Put me on the jury please, I will award the innocent person a million dollars in a heartbeat!

I don't agree with the sentencing though. Any person who intentionally lies to a cop in an effort to cause another person to lose his freedom, that person should GO TO JAIL. Period!

And if it is a cop intentionally lying to another cop, the lying cop should be criminally charged and GO TO JAIL for twice as long.

I agree...no jail time? Let the pot dealers out and put creeps like this in there.

Maybe this guy was just relaying information he got from that Blinky person

Are you talking about blinkoncrime.com? Google it, Blink's great, knows stuff way in advance of what the cops will tell ya. People give her tips, too. I only wish she could cover more cases. I think the community should know at least some of what's going on, otherwise we have to wait until trial before a lot of it comes out, and if they don't go to trial, then you never find out.

Predators can find other victims because the community is ignorant about what went on previously, the existing victims can't get word out to their neighbors, other than a few people they know personally, at least those who they're close enough to tell. Meanwhile the predators are free to rape and sometimes kill victim after victim until there's enough legal evidence (and enough police motivation) to prove at least one case and lock the predator away for a few years.

Interesting that the man in the false tip case was from the right area though, when you consider that a DNA profile in the Harrington case matched a predator from Fairfax. The real perpetrator was probably right down the street, watching them arrest the guy through his window!

Hey, have the regulars who seem to sit in front of their screens all day reading this stuff figured it out yet? Is there talk on the blogs of an impending arrest in this case?

Yes, Blink is great for those who enjoy tabloid websites that continually make inaccurate and implausible speculations and are written by someone who apparently flunked out of the third grade.

Hey Mr. SJones, I am glad u r hear but sorry you are mad. Kenny is a goodd man. Did someone say something bad about Kenny?? Maybe the person was confused. Do u think so??

Why are you making repeated posts about Kenny? What does this have to do with this article, or any of the comments on this article?

"Courteney reads and writes. The locals live next to UVA, Do you not see the irony? I make statements, but, are they read? I try to understand, but I am puzzled! Seems people watch TV. No level of IQ. But, surely the people that post do not reflect the population."

After this paragraph, a few questions come to mind.
What irony are you referring to? What are you trying to understand?

"I do not know, at this point, what to think? UVA was always a Icon! Vanderbilt, Duke and UVA were like Harvard. What has happened? Austin has a music scene, Athens Georgia is a spring board for art! Major cities have a artistic twist, many Universities! You can go to Indianapolis and feel a vibe! Ball State and other colleges. Boston, it just seems something is lost. Gone is UVA. Georgetown and the D.C area thrive. N.C has a vibe."

What has happened? Does UVa not have a vibe as good as Ball State's? Have you been to all these places you mention in the last several years or are you just ranting? What are you trying to say?

"I am looking for answers. I owe an apology, is it not obvious? So, Morgan, an Artist! Yes she was! Searching for something that now I see could not find it in Virgina! She is gone, but sadly there seems to be no understanding of her art! I struggle! I want more for all! When I screw up, I try to make it right. But, your world, is just not mine! It is sad!"

Was Morgan an artist? What couldn't she find in Virginia? I don't know if you owe an apology.

Have you been up all night? Get some sleep.

I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about the fact that you posted comments at (your time):

11:41 pm
12:35 am
1:55 am
2:31 am
2:51 am
3:33 am
4:22 am
4:33 am
6:09 am
6:46 am
7:02 am
8:22 am
9:14 am

Looks like you got a good nights rest....In all seriousness I'm guessing you have some sort of substance abuse problem. You seem like a nice person, I hope everything gets worked out.

That's all I got. Take care

SJones, you are liked here. No one expects anything from you. No one thinks you have done anything wrong, especially to Kenny. We all know, Kenny knows, you like him and if something was said that seemed wrong, then it was just a mistake.

Please don't stress so over whatever you are so worried about. If Kenny is upset or needs to check something out with you, he would contact you. There is no problem. You have many supporters and admirers here that are for you.

We get worried for you when we see that you are upset, some of us do care.

SJones, are you in security or PI biz? Just wondering as you've referred to some things you do and not been specific. Thanks.

Ari, who cares if SJones has a substance abuse problem or posts alot? It is none of our business! He has a right to be here in whatever way he wishes, and it is up to Courtney to correct it if she feels the need to at all!

SJones, you can come off unconventional at times, but I don't and many don't doubt your concern and care for Morgan and her family-including all the supporters of her cause. I know you also care about Mitrice, and that tells me you care about missing women and what losses this means to our society. Also you seem to care about justice being done, and if this means you post alot or if people don't get it, just ignore them.

Thanks SJones, just take care of yourself and do what you do.

OK, here's another reason blink is great -- I'm one of the people who saw something suspicious a few hours after the abduction, and so I typed up just a few remarks about it, nothing that would let you know much other than if it was the guy, he was a few hours out of town a few hours after it happened, raging about something... This site wouldn't even publish it, instead they let comments through that are entirely unrelated. I tried the same thing on the cvill site, they didn't publish it. That's why you have to go to blink, it's the only way you can find out what's happening, even if people will only give you the slightest hint of what's going on...

Seriously!!!-------If there is someone here who knows who S. Jones is, perhaps he/she is reaching out for help!!!

Agreed, Samantha, he has every right to write what he wants, but do you not find his comments severely fragmented, almost manic??

He/ she may really need help!

S Jones, is The Hook's comments section really the appropriate forum for you to free write on?

UVa is much safer than most of the schools you mentioned. It is a great school. I went there for undergrad, and Maryland for my masters.

If you think College Park is nicer or safer than Charlottesville, then you haven't been to both places.

Somewhat unrelated: Rankings came out today


Call Courtney? Why should she have to deal with bi-polar folks from California just because she writes for a living in Virginia? Besides, S.Jones seems pretty capable of taking care of himself. After all, he has been a lawyer since he was 8 despite not knowing how to use commas and despite generally being unable to express himself in writing. Doesn't that spell resourceful to you?

Don't you folks get that the "S Jones" of the last few posts is not the "S Jones" of previous days? Unless "S Jones" just learned to spell yesterday...

OMG Glad, you are right, I was getting sucked into the SJones afflictive malady. Even feeling concerned for him. Luckily, you came along and woke me up and now I can once again go in and out of my amusement-contempt for him. I suppose he hasn't been seen since this morning. Oh well......

hahahahahahahahaha. spit my drink out on the computer.

he should be waking up from his bender just about now.

Well, he says he has 1)a boat 2)takes day trips to the beach 3)twins and another older child 4) family, but doesn't mention a wife, and 100 friends, 5) child prodigy being an 8 year old lawyer who purchases many Princeton files that cost him a fortune. 6) prodigious career and record, supposedly one we all could google to check out. 7) etc...........

So it would appear he is playing with us as he sits in his California hills bungalow sipping California wine on his per diem days off from the hospital chuckling as he trolls thru Charlottesville thinking he's playing us all for the fools.

Does anyone at all know anything about this person? I thought he was from Memphis when he was dating Janie. Or was there a Janie? Yes says he is Janie, which I am inclined to agree with. I am so confused.

SJones, when you tell us we can google you to check out that illustrative career of yours, just tell us your name please. Could you have ever chosen a more common name? You always say you always post with your name, same name, everywhere. Well, this ain't so noble. SJones as a name means absolutely nothing.

The post recap g SJones' whack job rants is too funny. Why does Sjones always think he needs a lawyer? Or is SJones a drunk middle aged woman? No way to tell.

SJones is the Boo Radley of Charlottesville. As the Harrington case comes to a close, he will emerge out of the ethers to save the day.

Samantha, there was a meeting at the Copeley Road Bridge this morning at 10:30 by the Harringtons and Monica Caison of the CUE Center for Missing Persons.


Regarding SJones. Apparently he has been a major problem for some time, so why hasn't he been blocked from posting.


I don't know why he hasn't been blocked. You'd have to ask The Hook staff about that. My guess is they don't care and won't care until advertisers complain.

Hey ya'll, just a quick line 2 let ya'll know how we doin n him n me r doin real good. Decided b4 school start 2 drop out cause I been n summer school even tho S. told me I should stay. Went back 2 cribtown, 8 lots of bbq n hooked up with my main man. He more awesome n real life than n these freakfest posts lemme tell ya'll.

Anywho we r in Malibue 4 the week. He loves my nu look-used 2 have long blonde hair, as like really blonde 2 n wore it in a braid mostly, but cut it 2 shoulder length, well he wanted me 2. Said I looked smarter, may b lil older 2 hehehehe. Anywho, we r gonna drive up the coast~~~S. say we gonna ~motor~ up tha coast 2gether, hehehe n spend lots of Q T together n get 2 know each other some more. S has the coolest car 2 u woun't believe it. He got sum good tast even if u think he won't. He's totally awesome ya'll, so sweet and a genuis 2. 1st I'se thinking he's gonna b a lil 2 old 4 me, but after sum home town cribtim, we reelized nothing should get n the way of Truth. What supposed 2 b must b he said that 2nd nite. The heart want what it wants is another pearl of wisedom of his. Like I said, he's brilyant. Plus hese loaded wich don't hurt, hehehe. Did I say hese good lookin 2, i mean, well hese kinda old but still a really great looking old dude 4 hese age, well he idnt that old cause age hese sayin is just a number. Naw not old but looked sort of older 2 me but after that weekend I just didin see n e age no more.

I know ya'll r missin him this week n wonderin where he is so don't worry he wit me and we r really kicking it. So did I tell ya'll he can dance some? well he can, not tha greatest but I finlly got him on that dance floor n we were at a fammly reunine out here, n he got up there n front of all of em n was slamming lemme tell ya'll. Hahaha, 4 n old, naw, not that old, but 4 his age, his doin so great.

What if this is luv ya'll?

K, luv u all ya'll!!!!!!!!!!



Fell for the ole anonymous tip trap. Sucker.

How about people who make false blanket statements about the police in general?

Chances are he is Janie, or sometimes is Janie. Who else posts to each other in the middle of hte night.

BTW, S Jones, what the hell kind of answer was that "Ever heard of a boat".

yes, I have, but what does that have to do with the fact that you have been posting all night from 11 pm to 9 am Pacific Time