Rice relapse: Darrell Rice returns to prison

news-darrellrice-reportersDarrell Rice, convicted of a 1997 attack of a female biker in the Shenandoah National Park and named as a suspect in various other crimes against women, has violated conditions of his release again and has been sent back to prison for nine months, according to the Daily Progress. Rice, pictured here outside the federal courthouse in Charlottesville in 2008, reportedly attempted suicide in July. FILE PHOTO BY JAY KUHLMANN

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Sha nah nah nah, hey hey hey GOODBYE!!!

Perhaps this time around the "system" will work. Prison is not a friendly place for those who have committed crimes against females.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be a democrat to win in Charlottesville.

It is however very important that you claim to be a Democrat.

And even better yet, have a few Democrats swear to it! :)

I guarantee if Rice ran for city council in this freak show town. He would win.

Is he a Democrat ?

That's an awful thing to say tw.

pity he (reportedly) wasnt successful in july's (reported) attempt.

thats an awful thing he did.

How many times do you get to violate the terms of your release before a court will impose the suspended portion of your sentence in full? This has to be the third or fourth time ddr has been back in court for not living up to those agreed on, and in light of his actions, totally reasonable terms. And yet he gets another slap on the wrist. Who actually thinks this nine month stretch is going to rehabilitate him? If he can't control himself when it comes to drug use and pornography, how's he going to react when a female jogger runs by? Having him in jail 30-40% of the time only makes us 30-40% safer.