Snap: Pre-rain downtown sunset

news-prerainsunsetdowntown27:49pm Tuesday, August 17 from 500 Court Square.

The sun sets over Lewis Mountain, as Charlottesvillians prepare for a near certain rainstorm. The National Weather Service declared a flood watch from 6am Wednesday through late Wednesday night.


". . . and with Mercury retrograde beware of tall dark strangers--hey, give that back! It's MINE! Only I, Madame Souvlaki, mysterious lady of the East, astrologer extraodinaire----only I may predict the news. You, journalists--you're supposed to report it. Afterwards. Now give me back my crystal ball."

"Okay I admit it's raining now. Give it back."

"No really, I need it in case another economist stops by. Give it to me."

Gee thanks, I didn't miss living in that building enough before this picture.

This sure is a bird's-eye view of Charlottesville, and a beautiful photograph.