Harringtons, Cue Center, visit Copeley Road Bridge

news-missingtechstudentharringtonFor Gil and Dan Harrington, the Copeley Road Bridge has become a sacred spot of sorts–- it is the last place their daughter, Morgan Harrington, pictured here, was reportedly seen before she disappeared on October 17, 2009 after attending a concert at the John Paul Jones Arena. This morning–- three days after the 10 month anniversary of her disappearance and nearly seven months since her remains were found on a remote Albemarle County farm–- the Harringtons again visited the bridge, this time with Monica Caison of the Cue Center for Missing Persons. Caison is  leading the 2010 "On the Road to Remember" tour, which kicked off in Carrboro, NC on August 19 and which will finish on August 28 in Wilmington, NC, where the Cue Center is headquartered.  The tour features 21 rally stops across the country and highlights 109 unsolved missing persons cases.


Thank you Courteney for keeping us updated on these events. Any new links to the Fairfax case, or any word on COD for Ms. Harrington?

Sad - to quote Metallica - Sad But True

news flash, she's not missing

Buterflies are free. They were released on the bridge and it proves Morgan was there with everyone. She fly free as butterflies and into the air so light and pretty. Last month the balloon flew into a 2, 4, 1, pattren in the sky which proved Morgan was telling us everything was okay. Now the butterfles tell us the same thing for Morgan. Did they form a pattern of 2, 4, 1 as well? Prolly so. I would beleive this to be true. All on the Bridge were she seen last alive. So she is telling us still on the bridge that she appreciate everyone still caring.

Everyone knows how important this case is and prolly the most improtant case in the state or even the country today. Everything rests on it getting solved. No other crime compare. When we find out waht happen to Morgan we can go on living agian. Until then life is stopped and maybe everyone is in danger. A madman could be out there. Waht happen to Morgan was should never have happen. Whose fault? You tell me. Everyone failed her, everyone. NO excuses. Wrong not fair, unjust. This should never ever happen to such a girl as her.

VSP have all but given up on this case. Did they give up on Cassandra too? What about David and Heidi? Do they just get a homicide case and laugh it off and say, "hey, nobody expects to hear from us anyway." "We'll just let them keep assuimg we keep things secretive for the purpose of a non existent trial."


Busted. Am I that obviuos? Heck.

Bobby Jo Jones has spoken!

God bless the Harringtons, my heart bleeds For you. Thank you For keeping our community aware.

Okayyyyyyyyyyy, here we go. Where S Jones?