Chang watch: Might the elusive chef be back?

Where are you Peter Chang?

Back in April, chef Peter Chang’s “consultant and translator,” Gen Lee, told Dish that the famous Chinese chef had found a place of his own near Short Pump that would be open in three or four months. Now Lee reports that the Short Pump deal fell through, and that Chang is within weeks of securing a location in Charlottesville.

We know, we know...

Since Chang wooed us and made us weep, we’ve lost track of the number of wistful food writers who’ve reported similar Chang plans, only to watch the quixotic chef slip away. Indeed, while Lee tells us Chang wants a place in Charlottesville, a blogger in Atlanta says he was told the Chang was returning to a restaurant called Tasty China.

But we can hope, can’t we?

While Dish won’t be convinced that Chang has decided to stay until he sees him in the kitchen of his own place in town, Lee makes a convincing case.

“We want something really bad in Charlottesville,” he says, “but there are always delays. But we have the money, everything is ready, we just need to sign the papers.”


Then don't read it.

@Bill That's what I keep telling everyone! :) :) :) And you're one lucky duck.....

Exciting possibility. Many friends sampled his delicious fare and I regretted my procrastination--this time I'll be first thru the door. Please come back Peter.

Taste of China still has scrumptious food. My untrained palate is quite happy to have Chef Chang's recipes as prepared by those he left behind, although I'll be among the throngs to welcome him back to town if he returns!

Oh The Hook will become The Change Watch and Virginia Quarterly Review Times.

I had dinner just yesterday (9/12) and shook the man's hand myself. Of course this was in Marietta, GA at Tasty China where he has been for a few weeks now. Reports are that he's opening a restaurant here in Atlanta, not in Charlottesville.

Oh, the duck I had at his restaurant was swimming in deep brown tangy sauce, crispy skin, perfectly tender moist meat. If I knew any Chinese I'd have gone in the kitchen and proposed marriage. Maybe U Va should hire him to cook Ted Genoways' goose.

"Chang vs. Baldi Chang, Chang"...

What a slick marketer this guy is, intentionally or not. Create buzz and demand and then leave them
wanting more. Reminds me of my prom date.

Come on everyone, this is really starting to get lame... Really lame.

Here's hoping he lands in my neighborhood, either joining the staff at Yuan Ho or taking over the vacant restaurant site at Arirang.

I have Chang chained in my basement.

Chang has been cooking at Shang Hai on Pantops for years

According to this guy (as of 8/2) Chang's new restaurant is in Marietta, GEORGIA. Dang Chang!

And it looks like he was cooking in ATL at least as recently as last weekend, based on another blog I saw after Googling.