Stray bullet: Glenmore woman shot while gardening

news-glenmoreA stray bullet flew into the swanky Glenmore subdivision Sunday night.

The Glenmore subdivision website touts the "simple joys of Southern living." In some quarters, shooting guns is such a joy, but that's one aspect of Southern life Justine Joscelyne never considered she'd encounter in the gated community east of Charlottesville.

It happened on Sunday evening around dusk.

"I was in the backyard watering my plants and felt this intense pain," says Joscelyne of the August 29 incident. "It was a shock. The bullet went through my right breast."

Joscelyne, 61, says because of the way she was standing, the bullet didn't damage internal organs–- but left her with both an entrance and exit wound.

"I'd been out in my yard about 40 minutes," she says. "I'd heard popping sounds and thought it was fireworks. I'm certain it was outside Glenmore."

Joscelyne's husband, Trevor, who is president of the Glenmore Community Association, took her from their Darby Road residence to the UVA Medical Center, where she was treated for non-life threatening injuries and released.

Police are investigating the shooting, according to a release, are examining "all possible scenarios." A follow-up call to Albemarle police spokesman Lieutenant Shawn Schwertfeger did not reveal additional details, but Justine Joscelyne is convinced her wound came from target shooting.

"I would like people to do their target practice a long way from residences," she urges. "Police say they cannot recall an incident of people being hit by stray bullets. I think I was in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Actually, some veteran officers may recall the November 29, 1997, death of Janice Garrison. While standing in her Stony Point backyard, she was struck and killed by what appeared to be a high-powered rifle bullet. Police charged an Albemarle man with a firearms violation, but decided they didn't have sufficient evidence to charge him with Garrison's death.

Interviewed around noon after her Sunday night trauma, Justine Joscelyne says she's not fearful about going out in the yard again to water her nandinas.

"I'm feeling surprisingly all right," she says. "Life goes on."

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Yes, it's so hilarious to bash gated communities, but this did not happen "in Glenmore." Rather, some of Virginia's finest residents, at least one with less-than-accurate aim, were doing target practice at a nearby Richmond Road property. This shooting could just have easily been in any Hook's poster's backyard or neighborhood, with much more serious, even fatal, results. Why haven't charges been filed?

Yeah, while the lawmakers made some improvement in the restaurant scene, they still don't have it as fine tuned as it should be. I would like to see any gun toting person consuming alcohol in a restaurant have to do so with a concealed weapon. And it's a slap in the face to fine law abiding citizens for the lawmakers to make it legal for cops and retired cops to drink alcohol while concealing a weapon, how are they any more special than ordinary citizens? Reminds me of the off-duty drunk Chicago cop who went berserk and beat a female bartender half to death not long ago. He exercised "good judgement" while consuming alcohol and carrying a concealed weapon? I think not.

What game? and how has it changed?

Once they find the shooter, they ought to inflict a similar injury on him/her.

Hum........she is convinced, but no one else is.

This should be easily cleared up, as to the target practice theory. Is there any location, within the distance possible to have hit her, where one could target practice ? I thought these were large lots in a gated community. How far can a bullet travel ?

The game done CHANGED.

Isn't there a police shooting range just across the Rivanna River from Glenmore on the site of what used to be the UVA Airport? Hmmmmm.

Shizzat happens!! Not good for gardeners or target shooters! I'm glad she is OK!!!!

just_sayin has a great point, local police do use the old air strip on Milton Rd for practice, and it is very close to Glenmore. If the victim heard the shooting but it sounded like firecrackers, then I'd say sub-sonic rounds, ruling out most rifle ammo. I'd guess they could tell from the entry and exit wounds what caliber of round was used, maybe with a small margin for error? Or just take a metal detector to her yard and find the spent round. Be ironic if she'd called 911 and the same officers who showed up [a little too quickly?] had been target shooting in the immediate area.

I'm sure she would have been eligible for a "concealed" carry permit. If she had been armed she could have tracked her attempted assassin and made her own justice.

More Guns = More Better.

Gas Baggage, if the shooter had come onto her property and was attempting to abduct and rape her and her daughter, a concealed weapon would have been a handy thing to have. But as we all know, you don't have to have a concealed weapons permit in Virginia, you can openly carry a firearm just about anywhere.

garden and gun

In reference to how far a bullet can travel, and from the infamous Internet of course... a few examples:

.22 Long Rifle (40 gr RN)
Muzzle Velocity 1255 ft/s
Maximum Range 2000 yard, 1.14 mile
Impact Velocity 300 ft/s

.223 Remington (55 gr SP BT)
Muzzle Velocity 3240 ft/s
Maximum Range 3875 yard, 2.20 mile
Impact Velocity 545 ft/s

30-06 Springfield (180 gr SP BT)
Muzzle Velocity 2700 ft/s
Maximum Range 5675 yard, 3.22 mile
Impact Velocity 800 ft/s

9mm Luger (Parabellum) (124 gr RN)
Muzzle Velocity 1120 ft/s
Maximum Range 2400 yard, 1.36 mile
Impact Velocity 350 ft/s

45 ACP (230 gr RN)
Muzzle Velocity 850 ft/s
Maximum Range 1800 yard, 1.02 mile
Maximum Range, Impact Velocity 330 ft/s

44 Magnum (240 gr FP)
Muzzle Velocity 1760 ft/s
Maximum Range 2500 yard, 1.42 mile
Impact Velocity 350 ft/s

@Nancy Drew

Depending on the caliber of the firearm and the angle of elevation of the muzzle a bullet can travel several miles quite easily.

If you knew what goes on in Glenmore, you'd be ROTFLYAO.

This is TOO MUCH!

Gas Baggage, your points are as hollow as dum-dum bullets.

Glenmore,...welcome to da hood! What's the difference between Glenmore and Lake Monticello?? ...about twenty miles. There have been more people shot in Glenmore this year, than Friendship Court.

Gee Beev don't you think you oughta go apologize to the lady?

Gee Wally it's gettin' so a kid can't even have a decent Balkan wedding celebration.

I live off Rosehill Drive. I don't go out the door without my kevlar, and my gat.....Wouldn't happen to me.

That's actually a pretty good idea. Sure would have lowered the

level of threat in the drunk off-duty Chicago cop that went berserk.

It aint safe no mo! Homeless ben beat down n da skreet? Now my Glenmore peeps b gettin capped while tendin dey gardens?!? Im bout 2 spark dis cush rite hur n get away from da madnuss, I jus cant take dis mane....

**** Most likely came from the Ashton Road area directly behind her house.

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Why is that?

A woman is almost killed at her home by firearms, and an official says, "I would like people to do their target practice a long way from residences?" Is this the bill of rights thing again?

Quote from GBSOE:
"Gas Baggage, if the shooter had come onto her property and was attempting to abduct and rape her and her daughter, a concealed weapon would have been a handy thing to have. But as we all know, you don’t have to have a concealed weapons permit in Virginia, you can openly carry a firearm just about anywhere."

I agree with this, although I will point out that a Virginia citizen does NOT need a Concealed Handgun Permit to carry concealed on their own private property.

Just a FYI for anyone interested...

Open carry: Legal anywhere in Virginia for citizen over 18 that is not a felon, unless posted otherwise by property owners. Some places it's not legal are Federal Post Offices and K-12 school property. Notice it IS legal to open carry and consume alcohol in restaurants, the recent legislation only applied to CONCEALED carry, where consuming alcohol while carrying concealed is prohibited unless one is retired law enforcement. Before this recent legislation, concealed carry was prohibited in restaurants that serve alcohol.

Concealed carry: If one is not a felon, is over 21, and has proof of firearms training (hunter safety course, handgun safety course, etc), a Virginia citizen can apply and receive a Concealed Handgun Permit from the circuit court of the city or county they reside in. This permits the holder to carry a handgun(s) (not a knife or a shotgun or rifle or nuncucks or such things) in public, with the same stipulations as open carry above.

Perhaps we need legislation that demands guns be equipped with breathalyzers to be utilized before they can function.