Snap o' the day: Hillsdale Connector emerges... a little

snap-hillsdale-connectorA new road means new stoplights on Hydraulic and a new way to get to Kmart.

A new street off Hydraulic Road between Kmart/Gold's Gym and the under-construction Whole Foods market serves as the first new stretch of a road that has until now existed only on paper: the Hillsdale Connector. The Connector is planned to run right through the site of the Regal Seminole Square, the rear of which is the white structure behind the "road closed" sign in this photo.


there are plans to rebuild the theatre anyway. get it gone! it smells like feet!

Who in the world approved this road leading to nowhere when it runs into the theater and also through a shopping center. This is not good planning.

Oh boy! More traffic lights to jam the traffic to an absolute standstill and another curve to nowhere.

I remember when it was possible to actually drive here. That was before twenty years of "Traffic Improvements"--and a huge stack of tax spending.

Standard doofuss decision-making by the local government.

The theater can be moved. The shopping center beyond it suffers from a lack of customers. The Hillsdale extension will improve access to the shopping center (and the post office?) and reduce congestion on 29. I think this is not just good planning but is excellent planning.

You can leave the kids at the drive-in theatre while you shop at Kmart or Holy foods. Hmmm. Maybe not...

I drove just this afternoon. Now that's just one man/woman's experience, so I can hardly say it's the final word on the matter, but still, I'm pretty sure it was generally possible to drive here as of Wednesday September 1.