Snap: Barboursville on a hot and sunny Saturday

news-barboursvilleruins-mBarboursville at 12:17pm on August 28.

The ruins of Barboursville a neo-Palladian mansion designed by none other than Thomas Jefferson, gleam in the noonday sun last Saturday. With Hurricane Earl expected to remain off the coast, this place should remain sunny for at least the next few days.

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I am currently in a spot predicted to be hit by the eye of Earl. This isn't the first hurricane I've spent time with. Years ago, I disobeyed evacuation orders and stayed on Ocracoke Island thru hurricane Dennis. It's true what they say; the sound is like a roaring freight train which continues for hours on end- until you think your ear drums have popped out. What I find surprising about this storm is, even with all the sophisticated modeling computers, the track where I am is still very uncertian and keeps shifting substantailly. I've been told that one in three hurricanes veers outside the projected path and perhaps that is what we will see with Earl.