Pepsi challenge: HIV/AIDS activists compete for $50,000

news-gwennandshawndeckerMarried HIV/AIDS activists Shawn Decker and Gwenn Barringer are hoping to win a Pepsi sponsored $50,000 grant to take their safe sex presentation on the road to 50,000 teens in all 50 states. As detailed in a 2006 Hook cover story, Decker is a hemophiliac who contracted the virus from a childhood blood transfusion. He is the author of My Pet Virus, a memoir detailing his unlikely and often humorous experiences growing up HIV positive in 1980s Waynesboro. Barringer, a former beauty pageant competitor, is HIV negative. To vote for their project and learn more about it, visit


There are a couple of other local causes also in the hunt for Pepsi's money.

Camp Holiday Trails:

A group of astronomy students and a professor who want to publish their bilingual astronomy book for elementary schoolers:

It is a good cause indeed. Who can provide more information about AIDS than those who suffer from it. If they win, a lot of teens will become aware of the dangers of AIDS and will help a lot to prevent it.

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