Patriotic field soon to open as public maze

news-somersetaerialJust up Route 231 from the Somerset Store.

The patriotic cornfield recently photographed by Gordonsville Airport-based flight instructor Skip Degan and appearing on this blog on July 12, now appears headed for public enjoyment. The Orange County Review reports that on September 11 the field will be a pay-to-hike maze for the sum of $10 per person. It's located in the community of Somerset at a place called Liberty Mills Farm.

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Where's Baldi?

@Goshen: Faites-vous des amis prompts   vous censurer.

Over in England this would be a crop circle. Here it's a crop rectangle, or after a good hail storm it will be a wrecked tangle.

This looks like fun! I remember going to corn mazes when I was little with the family. And that design is so intricate ... I wonder who drew it.

They are overpriced. There are at least a dozen other corn mazes in the Commonwealth that charge $5 to $8 admission. Do a search on If you have never visited one, they are great fun for all ages.

You "Americains" know nothing of Liberte! Your "discussion" is the whining of Le Bebe, your "informacion" is merde. Grow up, n'est ce pas?

A maize maze amazes me.

@france - but we have far better french fries. I am sad the patriotic hike has become a money raiser, and not just an opportunity for one and all.

Ten bucks to walk around in a cornfield? Good luck.

Ten bucks says Vive La france isn't remotely French.

Hey Nancy Drew and Local Business Guy;

Starbucks- $5- you drink, gain weight and pee it out...............and they said it wouldn't succeed

Corn maze- $8- you walk and are challenged........might even sweat off a few pounds