Glitter, Glitz, & Glam: Lady Gaga rocks the JPJ

review-gaga-1Lady Gaga dons a fan's home-made UVA shirt during "Telephone."

Update: Check out the SLIDESHOW from Lady Gaga's Glitterway.


The premise that Lady Gaga is the Madonna for Gen Y –- the sex appeal, the pop, the choreography–- is accurate, but it's lazy at best. Gaga goes deeper than she gets credit for, decades beyond just cone bras in the '80s, taking inspiration from rockers whose fans probably can't stand her–- from Elvis Presley's scandalous hip-wiggles to Bowie's androgynous glam. As a revolutionary, Gaga surpasses them, if only because they laid the groundwork.

"I love Gaga because she's a combination of Madonna's sexuality and Michael Jackson's morbidity that she brings to a new level," said fourth year UVA student and Gaga follower Tasha Nadasdi. "Everyone else plays it safe with standards. She says, 'F*** it.'"

Hordes of sparkly, scantily-clad, slightly intoxicated UVA boys and girls flooded the John Paul Jones Arena last night, along with greying but fabulously energetic middle-aged adults, all of them shouting out Gaga's name and waving their arms around like a buncha maniacs. The extravagant performance that rewarded them September 8 was, in contrast, carefully concocted and planned out, scripted and scored.

The plotline was simple: Gaga and her posse of queers began at a dark, dirty alleyway, their car broken down (possibly because there was a piano under the hood instead of an engine). They're on their way to the Monster Ball ("the greatest party on the planet," she purred)–- but first must journey through the subway (cue "Love Game"), the darkest depths of Central Park ("Monster"), and culminate in an epic battle against the Fame Monster ("Paparazzi").

The entire narrative rang with elements of The Wizard of Oz: Gaga as an over-sexed Dorothy, prancing off on the "Glitterway" (yup, she called it that) to conquer her own scary monsters and learn that, despite all the trappings of fame, there's nothing like being true to yourself. Each scene was carefully constructed, with a subway car, rising platforms, trap doors, and eventually the titular lantern-fishy monster dominating the stage.

And then there were the costumes. Over 17 songs and two hours, we get a dazzling white and silver gown of tulle and lace, complete with fairy wings; an erotic see-through nun's habit; a glittery green one-shouldered dress. You get the idea.

Our first glimpse of her, in fact, was as a robotic silhouette. Behind the screen, it turned out to be a large purple jacket with huge padded shoulders, a purple leopard-printed one piece, and a yellow bobbed wig–- a Gaga Barbie, but with way cooler outfits. And she had an accompanying glazed doll's look in her eyes, perhaps running on the robot's autopilot.

But then she let it all out, and in more ways than just stripping down to a black bikini and fishnets. A fan threw her a grey UVA T-shirt, which she actually donned for "Telephone"–- certainly her most unexpected piece of clothing. Someone else hit her with a binder of fashion sketches, which she actually flipped through for a moment, perhaps mining for new looks. Dedicating "Boys Boys Boys" to Charlottesville's homosexuals got her nice a round of cheers.

"I don't know if you've heard," she said, quite bluntly, "But I have a big, tremendous d*ck," conjuring memories of the early days in her career when everyone knew she was a hermaphrodite. "I hear the
Virginia Cavaliers have some pretty big c*cks, so dance you motherf***ers!" she continued. In Gaga World, everyone has a package.

So, fine, it's fair to say that Gaga is a second-wave Madonna, but that also makes her a fourth-wave Elvis. Older pioneers of rock spread messages of liberation–- from sexual repression, from racism, from gender inequality. Gaga does all that too, and has the advantage of being able to stand on their shoulders.

"I'm like Tinkerbell," she said, breathless after "Monster." "She dies if you don't clap for her. Do you want me to die? Scream for me!"

The 15,000-plus audience begged for more.

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Yay Stephanie

gas baggage, guess I just walked right into that one! As someone who spends an inordinate amount of time reading Robert E. Howard, and watching Xena DVDs,sword imagery just came naturally.
Be sure to check out the John Whitehead piece in this week's issue. I am with John on a lot of issues, but he is off on this one.

Hey Ginny here is some wisdom for you. So of us like me have a Moral Compass it just might not point in the same direction as yours. I probably do more for my community daily than you do in all the Sunday's of the year. So you do you, I will do me, let the lectures be.

Personally I'm tired of seeing the same old "Christian/Anti-Christian" and morality arguments. It's boring, tired, predictable and one dimensional. It's like half you guys are paid to come on here and start spouting the same old predictable one dimenionsal arguments. There are far greater issues going on with "Lady Gaga" then what's being discussed here.

How about questioning how these "stars of the moment" come to be in the first place? On every magazine. On every news show. Featured in every online gossip blog. Songs heavily rotated on every pop radio station, every freaking hour. Totally shoved down the public's throats at every turn. Any thinking, aware person notices this and goes "hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." Yet I haven't seen one person and/or paid troll address this yet. Nobody questions this. There's this understanding within the general public that "Hey, this is the way things are done with music." Really? 24/7 blitzkrieg? That's normal? If you don't see this or question it it's because you were born into it, and therefore are so submerged into this world that you don't know any different. There's no basis of comparison. The situation with Lady Gaga is a 24/7 blitzkrieg programming campaign on the masses, and when even the "respected" news outlets and shows are referencing her, a pop tart performer, then what you're seeing is Brainwashing 101.

You go on fighting back and forth about religion and morals. It's tired and predictable. Meanwhile bigger issues concerning the entire fundamental way in which this society operates, of which includes the manufacturing of "blitzkrieg pop tart distractions of the moment" goes unnoticed. They give the sheep herd a new star to obsess about, and the herd stampedes off wherever they're pointed, happily obliging. Meanwhile society as a whole gets dumber and dumber with every passing year. We're already in "Idiocracy." It's already happening.

And that's my rant for the day!

For all you haters, Gaga probably has more education and talent than all you put together!
Well, given that she dropped out of college during her second year, I'm going to say no.

And some people, even young people, do this crazy thing called seeking out the best of art from any period, rather than enthusing about the first performer that they happen to see.

I was there with GF, and the show was "stupefying" - in the mostly approving sense. I don't get some of Gaga's "morbidity" except that it may derive from her years of feeling an outsider. In any case, dazzling spectacle. Don't try to take it too seriously, except that Gaga asks that people are not to be rejected. Is it indeed true, "Jesus loves everyone"? I'm 55 and saw Madonna in '85. Gaga was more intense and elaborate by far, not necessarily more "talented" in the core sense. I like both, also Cyndi (she and Madge both impressed with and pals with Gaga, albeit still not with each other AFAICT.)

Observation: Gaga started out "Bad Romance" with the oh-ohh bit (on the video, not on the air-play sound recording oddly enough) and the crowd picked up the "rah-rah ..." lines for awhile all by ourselves. She didn't even sing the first lines, yet the performance seemed the same as you would expect. A curious exposition of the power of audiences to create their own reality and fill in for their stars!

More Pop crap for the masses to forget about in a few years.
Good points on the language. I wonder if I type my dick is bigger than Gaga's how long The Hook will keep it up?

Michael Jackson made one song/video with a campy horror movie theme, whose contents he later somewhat disavowed due to his religious beliefs, and he is thus described as "morbid"? He wasn't morbid. He was naive and narcissistic and childlike and maudlin, but he wasn't morbid.

"Michael Jackson’s morbidity"
Wait, Lady Gaga has various chronic and potentially fatal illnesses?

U.Va. students are still dumb.

Madonna also went deeper than she's given credit for, so your opening premise is lazy at best. Just because you haven't done your research and heard the incredible catalog of songs that goes beyond "Like a Virgin" and "Material Girl" and the 80s, doesn't make it so.

This is just how people get famous! Media it all works I guess!!

Didn't Oscar Wilde say that an artist is at his best when half the people hate him and half the people love him?

Gaga lover,

I'll keep my opinion to myself if you keep your opinion to yourself. That's only fair.

Time will tell if she is anything more than a one cycle music blip or not. However, anyone who feels she is the be all and end all of music does nothing but show impressionable youth.

Actually, I study the bible more or less for a living right now. I suppose we must have different ways of defining "decency, modesty, propriety, humility and the value and dignity of human life..." Who would you hold up as an example of living in this way on the public stage right now? Christian Ethics is offensive to the "liberal community?" (Also, since you seem engaged, what is the "liberal community?" Further, how can you tell Lady Gaga is a part of it?) I won't try to address the concept until I understand a bit more about it.

I'm not clear that Lady Gaga's shows negatively affect others and I'm certain that she has absolutely no lack of self-control. One of the things that struck me was how well she was in control of her entire show and her image.

Wow, lots of assumptions here. Being a Lady Gaga fan doesn't mean being a mindless ignoramus who is unfamiliar with other types of music. Her music is fun, but her message of inclusiveness and acceptance (seen in interviews and in the money and time she donates to charity) is what initially drew me to her. Sure it's pop music, but what's wrong with enjoying that? I also enjoy the music of Robert Johnson, David Bowie, and Joanna Newsom (who were mentioned above), as well as Miles Davis, Bessie Smith, Eric Clapton, Willie Nelson, Gillian Welch...a whole range of artists from probably every musical genre. Why be so closed-minded towards any artist that you insult them as a person and all of their fans without really taking the time to consider why someone might enjoy them?

lol @ the superstitious god nonsense.

So the hook moderator deletes any entry stronger than "darn" but quotes the trash comming out of that things mouth????

no ... Metallica was to die for ... absurd.

Hahaha I don't know who I dislike more Gagafans or people like ginny.

At least Gaga doesn't pretend that a book that was written over the course of 1000s of years by 1000s of people and edited/streamlined by those in power is the "Word of God."

Give me a break.

"It would be more consistent that we call [the Bible] the work of a demon than the word of God. It is a history of wickedness that has served to corrupt and brutalize mankind." Thomas Paine

@JJ....trying to say you don't like being beat over the head with a book? Don't blame you, probably wouldn't make a good impression or sway you to the ways of the beliefs of the attacker....

4got- u dont hav a genuration yet.....

Shrug. Failed shock value, and no musical value. Next.

Wait, osama actually had a somewhat appropriate comment about an unfortunate choice of words.

"I'm mystified by the laziness of people looking at how she presents herself, and somehow assuming that implies there's a high level of intelligence in the songwriting. Her approach to image is really interesting, but you listen to the music, and you just hear glow sticks."

-Joanna Newsom, hitting the nail on the head


In response to "yes"

I believe the comment about 'Micheal Jackson morbidity' is in reference to some of his music videos and style/costume choices- in which case, I would tend to agree.

Sin...of what sort exactly? (And don't give me "false idol" or "making graven image" unless you're willing to throw the music/film industries and most politicians and large church organization leaders in there with her.)

HATERS OF GAGA! Please keep ur comments to urself. You know nothing about her besides that she is crazy. But crazy is GOOD. She is an amazing performer, and person. So think what u want but GAGA is the "Madonna" of my generation.

Gaga has the talent of a lot lizard! SIN IS WHAT IT IS CALLED!!!

I love all the religious types frothing about Lady Gaga. These are the same intellectuals who thought Elvis was the devil and ran out to the church parking lot to burn his records. It's just music, people. If Marilyn Manson and Jim Morrison and Ozzy Osbourne failed to bring the republic to its knees, reason dictates that we shall survive Lady Gaga also.

I am an older guy. I think older music is better than the junk the kids like. I just hope they will grow up and start liking "Oldies". Peace.

i'm goo goo over gaga... and my god! no contradiction there in my mind!

Ginny, you're hilarious! Time to go hide in the basement and wait for the rapture. Make sure there's lots of Kool-Aid down there.

I too was a rabid Gaga fan but am lucky enough to have parents who care. They took me away from that horrible scene! It was, paws down, the best thing to ever happen to me. I was taken to a fun, fun camp where I learned to be OK:
Problem solved. Thank you Jesus.

Gaga follower Tasha Nadasdi. ââ?¬Å?Everyone else plays it safe with standards. She says, ââ?¬Ë?F*** it.’”

Yeah. All those rappers doing covers of "Tea for Two" and "Surrey with a Fringe on Top." And they never ever ever say the eff word.

Hollowboy: I too find my sword becoming unmanageable as I gaze upon the Lady's photo antics. Be still I say!

I admit I have not listened to Lady GaGa. Likely she could not carry Joan Baez's guitar pick, musically. But I like where her head is at politically. When she championed the rights of gay and lesbian people, and in fact anyone who is labeled the Other.
Some say she is filth. Well, they said that about Lenny Bruce too. And William S. Burroughs. And Allen Ginsberg. Not saying her work is the equal of any of these, just that they produced the same reaction from the bigots and prudes as she does.
I am sorry though to see someone feel they must defend Lady GaGa by putting down Taylor Swift.That is sad. Okay to have different tastes, but not okay to trash someone merely because they are not one's cup of tea. Hell, I might even listen to the Lady sometime. Might even like her, like surprisingly I found myself actually liking Britney Spears when I finally took time to listen to something by her. And oh yes, Avril Lavigne, who reminds me of the heroine of Rita Mae Brown's Rubyfruit Jungle, Molly Bolt.(Back in the days before Rita Mae started collaborating with felines to write murder mysteries-oh love those too).
Be it Lady Gaga, Britney, or anyone else, when they get attacked by the homophobic fundamentalist fascist right- my sword is coming unsheathed in their defense!

Put a burqa on it, Lady.

GaGaLover September 10th, 2010 | 1:41 pm
HATERS OF GAGA! Please keep ur comments to urself. You know nothing about her besides that she is crazy. But crazy is GOOD. She is an amazing performer, and person. So think what u want but GAGA is the ââ?¬Å?Madonna” of my generation

OK eye wil du dat 4 sur.

Du me a fa4- tel me mor about hir..........

God is not interested in corrupt, worldly, narcissistic success such as Caca's, but in obedience. If one obeys God, is willing to suffer failure, pain, shattered dreams, rejection, bullying, intimidation, isolation and whatever else comes one's way, God will show a kind of success that the world can't begin to imagine. But this is the narrow path, and few there be that find it.

Being a 48 year old woman, (married with 2.5 kids!) I went to see the show becuase I like all types of music. I LOVED the show because it wasn't just someone stand there singing songs and blah, blah, blah! So ya, I love John Doe, but I also love Lady GaGa! My paws are up!

People, are you really this unthinking? Gaga is an immodest, unholy, disrespectful mess! What wholesome characteristics does she teach teenagers? Who does she mentor to be a better person? Our culture is rotting in its own filth! When will you wake out of your complacency and mediocrity???

Gaga is evil personified!

It's no wonder Islam hates us when we so ostentatiously pump out filth like Gaga's around the globe!

I wish the motherf***ers at the Hook would hire someone who knows how to write and to write about music. A little experience covering a concert wouldn't hurt, either.

It's only entertainment! Just like football, baseball or going to the movies. Why so uptight?

Men NEED to look. Women need to show. I agree with Ginny and say let's ALL put the needs of the opposite sex above our desires!

Well, now I know what's wrong with America. People who have decided that pop music is what's wrong with America. There's an amazing thing you can do when you don't like music, don't listen. Don't want to see a concert? Don't go.

@ Ginny - Who, exactly, is teaching our teenagers "wholesome characteristics?" Lady Gaga spoke about being yourself, valuing yourself, respecting others, being tolerant of others....and yes, she's also making a lot of money based on the fact that people like her music. What is it that Lady Gaga does/sings about that leads you to conclude that she is "evil personified?"

No More Gaga presents an interesting article. So basically Gaga combines the sexuality of Madonna and the morbidness of Marilyn Manson. How fascinating!

Everybody uses the tired familiar phrase, "It's just.......(fill in the blank with whatever they are spouting off about at the time) (in this instance)." No, you are dangerously wrong, Col. Forbin, for everything affects us all. Chris, you need to pay heed to this as well. What one does affects the entire shebang. We are not islands unto ourselves. Living selfishly should not be the measure of our lives. We need to care about how what we choose to do WILL affect everyone else, for good or for evil. God will NOT tolerate sin forever before He decides enough is enough, so time will tell whether or not we survive Gaga! However, simply surviving is not what this life is all about. We need to learn to live victoriously over self and sin, with God's strength, of course.

Chris, it matters not how we define anything! What matters is how God defines it, and His Holy Word is quite clear on such topics as I've addressed here. There are many exemplary men and women on the "public stage" now such as: Tony Dungy, Dr. James Dobson, Chuck Colson, Eric and Leslie Ludy, Ravi Zacharias, Jim Daly, Jill Stanek, Father Corapi, Jack Van Impe, Max Lucado, Tim Tebow, Michelle Malkin, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Tony Perkins, Brian Dawkins, Dinesh D'Souza, Stephen Curtis Chapman, I could go on and on.

Chris, are you kidding me? Gaga has not a shred of self-respect or respect for anyone else either. The human body and sex were created by God to be sacred and private, not on public display like a naked slab of Gaga, not talked about lewdly, and homosexuality is not to be taken lightly. The main problem with men is they want to look. The main problem with women is they want to show. Herein is one place self-control is necessary. Self-control is putting others and their needs above your desires.

Sin of what you ask, Chris? Obviously, you are not reading your Bible, God's Holy Word or you would not have to wonder. Give it a whirl! Gaga has no fear of God in choosing how she selfishly lives, not caring at all about how she negatively impacts others, especially those younger, impressionable and vulnerable to her lack of self-control and total disregard for decency, modesty, propriety, humility, and the value and dignity of human life created in God's image. The fact is that casual intercourse and other forms of sexual intimacy are wreaking physical and emotional havoc among teens and young adults. There is a conspiracy of silence by those in the professional community to shield young people from the truth. Sadly, anything that smacks of morality or Christian ethics is offensive to the liberal community, of which Gaga is a part.

The Wise Allen Iverson, without humility one cannot enter the kingdom of heaven!

@boooo! - are you trying to say we are turning into lemmings? Ack!! That's probably true tho...follow the latest "pop tart" right off the edge...

With Ginny's religious comments in mind and the Gaga lovers in mind, just want to comment that JC never said ram religion down people's throats...just preach the gospel, put it out there and if they take it, then it's their choice....that's what was given to us, the freedom of choice. Therefore, I refuse to push my beliefs on anyone. However, to the Gaga lovers in life...your choice. I like her music, not necessarily all of it, but she has some catchy tunes. To her performance and how she presents herself, IT'S HER CHOICE! Therefore, if I decide this is not what I want to see, THEN I DON'T GO TO THE CONCERT!

Drat, wasn't finished....So, in the spirit of my beliefs, it's my choice on what I expose myself to and it's up to others to let them make their own choices. I will tell you I believe that JC is my Christ and savior and the is but only one almighty God AND I invite you to experience the same things I have in my beliefs. So if you choose to go to her concerts, it's your choice and not up to me OR ANYONE ELSE to condemn. So enjoy life and listen to your heart on what you think is right or wrong...not what other people proclaim to know.

Effective play on multiple meanings of standards, Will Smith. U.Va. students are dumb.

UVA students have been brought up to feel as if they are entitled to whatever the hairy heck they want, even filth such as Caca.... uh ..........Gaga. Quite adept are they at intimidating others to get their way, no matter who else their way harms. Sounds a bit psychopathic, eh?

Preach it, Kevin.

As a music critic, Garcia is a good steeplechaser.

I've been to the concert, it was phenomenal!!! Lady Gaga is a stage beast! No one else can do it like her.

For all you haters, Gaga probably has more education and talent than all you put together! If you were ingenious enough to see there is money to be made and an audience to enjoy your talents (and yes she is talented), you'd all jump at the cahnce too!! WHo cares who paved the way for anyone?? There was definately someone who paved the way for Elvis, but are you smart enough to realize and state that NO, because it doesn't matter!! Every generation has an iconic celebrity they connect with and one who relates to them, just because some boggers on this site can't find an "iconic brainless hater" like yourselves, you need to lash out at people you feel inferior towards. Get a life and do something useful instead of bashing people you could never come close to being compared to in your pitiful lives!!

America will fall, brought down by weapons of mass distraction

Little Monster sounds like someone that knows his music is music for sheep and he probably couldn't tell you Ziggy Stardust is without googling it first.

Why doesn't U.Va. book a real artist like this:

Hail, hail rock n' roll!

LOL Gaga isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Get used to it. You want to focus your frustration @ someone, try that talentless highly overrated Swift girl. Careful she doesn't rot your teeth. Paws up!

Lady Gaga Rules and eh there's nothing else I can say! LOL :)

Paws Up!! It was one of the best shows to ever hit Cville.

Lady Gaga is a cut above the typical pop sensation.

She writes her own songs and music, and is an excellent pianist and guitarist, and can actually sing.

Whether you like her material or not, well, that's not really here nor there.

My 30 something wife and my teen daughter went to the show together, they got all dressed up with wild makeup and hair, and had a blast!

And based on everything I have heard about the show, when Lady Gaga comes back to JPJ I will probably go myself.

I actually liked the review and the show. She certainly has a message for the teenage girls and seems genuine with delivery of her message.

I am one of those GRAY HEADS (62 year old) that like her music and went to the show. Yep the opening act was awful and crude, but her show was like going to see the broadway show, Jersey Boys. Instead of OLD PEOPLE dancing to Big Girls Don't Cry, you have younger people dancing to her tunes.

Great Show Lady Gaga. Thanks for coming to C'ville.

Just some sheep defending why they like Pop music, typical rhetoric. Go listen to something besides studio created, glamour produced music designed to simply sell, and then manipulated by closed airwaves. If I made you a song today called "Gimmie Dat Dolla Bizitch", and sang that repeatedly over a studio produced beat, and then got the radio to play it through simple payola schemes most people would love that too.
Go find some music out there that says something to you in a meaningful way. There is a ton of good music besides what he Record Labels spoon feed you. Might I suggest The Beatles Revolver.

Goo goo for Gaga. Really? I’ve been rendered speechless by the indecency and degradation. Sin is what it’s called. I’m sure dubbing herself Lady is part of her wicked scheme to kick modesty and purity in the teeth, while at the same time making unthinking feminists gleeful. Where is the fear of God? The morals and values of the once grand U.S. of A. slide further into the sewer, as complacent and mediocre folks who know better remain silent, heads in the sand. If we don’t stand for something, we will fall for anything”Š anything like Gaga.

Ginny, not everyone is comfortable with edgy Gaga-style stuff and that's OK. But I think the real threat to our nation now is nutty threatening "teaparty" hacks and bullies like Sharon Angle (R-candidate NV) threatening to use guns if they don't get their way in elections or law etc. (Actually, most of the sincere "teaparty" people I've talked to mean well and have some good ideas but they're being co-opted by corporatist and fundamentalist frauds and zealots.) They are the ones that are truly sick today, the "evil personified" that you mention.

Gaga at least cares about her customers, but the vermin like Glenn Beck, Limbaugh etc. are spewing hateful propaganda to debase people (in the way that really matters - hating others that are different) to make money only for themselves and to serve wealthy plutocratic masters. Please, direct your fire at the brown shirts that really threaten America and not playfully decadent oddballs like Gaga and her fans.

People - don't stay home this election day. Do not let Republicans take over Congress, the middle class will never survive more surrender to big corporations and theocrats.

remember Wendy O. Williams of the PLASMATICS! RIP.


I wasn't going to comment until I saw yours with the typical mispellings of a text message addict.

Gaga gives a show the way Madonna gives a show. Lots of loud music, bumping beats, jiggling all over the stage, and some wild wigs on her head. Well, so did Tina Turner, and frankly I think she had a lot more voice. That's why she lasted beyond the days of having a totally awesome body.

At least I can give Gaga credit for really singing, unlike so many other teen pop idols. I wish it said more for Gaga but the standards have been too low for too long.

In any case, no one is stopping Gaga's train in Charlottesville. I hope she is getting to keep a solid % of the revenue she drags in, so she doesn't end up in the poor house when her day is done, and it will be if she is relying too much on her body to get the action.

Time will tell.

Until then....

People have a right to their opinions, and the less technical a performer has to be, the more that's open to the subjective. Deal with it. Or stop posting yourself.


You could be entirely right. I neither hate nor love Gaga. She is what she is, and while it leaves me personally lukewarm, I hope it all goes well for her in a very media obsessed world. I don't think she's pretending to be something she's not, or marketed as something she's not, unlike the Got Talent and Idol shows. So, if people pay something to go to see and hear her, and they have a good time, so be it.


Gaga is more spectacle than musician. She's a "performance artist". If you are willing to accept different forms of artistic expression, you shouldn't have too much of a problem with her.

I'll never buy her music or a ticket to her show, but I recognize that she has a's just not one that I particularly like.

I tell ya what you put your best Gaga cut up against say something like Robert Johnson Terraplane Blues and get back to me in 50 years. I bet Robert's talent shines on and no one cares about the Pop Queen, or even knows who she is. That is why commercial studio created music is lame, no soul.