Orange's alleged 'black widow' gets burned

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="The controversy landed on the cover of the Hook in 2004."]The controversy landed on the cover of the Hook in 2004.

Donna J. Somerville, the so-called "black widow" of Orange County, has lost her quest to hold on to the farm she tried to inherit after the questionable death of her husband, the Daily Progress reports. Like notorious spouse-killer O.J. Simpson, Somerville was acquitted in a criminal trial of killing her husband, who died mysteriously in 2001, only to lose a civil action waged by relatives of her alleged victim.


Woman sure had her nerve to stick around after all that, and especially to assert any "rights" she might have to inherit property rightly belonging to his kids. Surely the "confidential" elements of this settlement still allow her to keep a tidy sum nevertheless.

Poor OJ...

MOVE ON !!!!!
Little minds stay stagnant untill the next shiny thing they see.Then you can have Conjecture.

Poetic justice will prevail for Ms. Somerville....she someday will have to face her doings. But I am glad she doesn't get to keep the farm...her best bet is to move FAR away from here.

Hey, I watched the lifetime TV movie, "The Widow on The Hill", and as far as I'm concerned she's guilty!

I wouldn't give OJ long odds on a libel suit and of course he would have trouble attending any local trial due to his existing obligations to the Nevada Dept. of Corrections. being acquitted of a crime doesn't really mean you're innocent anyway; it only means the state has failed to prove its case and proving a case in death by medications cases can be tough.
That woman had plenty of taint about her to be held accountable in a civil trial. Glad that poor man's estate will go mostly to those who deserve it.

Last time I checked, Ms. Somerville was acquitted of the charges against her. Everyone is so quick to judge, but were any of you there the night Hamilton Somerville died? It seems like the perfect scenario to point the finger at her because she did not come from the wealthy background as Mr. Somerville did. So, while you're judging her, look at yourselves, you will be judged for accusing this woman when you do not know what happened.

Just as you said about Mrs Somerville, O.J. Simpson was acquited too, but society has deemed hime guilty, but none of us were there we don't know the truth, only O.J. and God know what happened on that night, so for the article to even state that
"like notorious spouse killer, O.J. Simpson", Mabe O.J. needs to read this and see what his attorney says about a lawsuit for Liable/Slander.

As with any court case, it must be proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that the person is guilty. Aquitted or not, this was not proven! We all have skeletons in our closet so just because she wasn't perfect in your "angel eyes" doesn't mean she is a murderer.

Oh wow, so it was on Lifetime, therefore it MUST be true!