Monticello brings festival to West Lawn

news-monticellofair-10-goatGoats, recently legalized in Charlottesville, appear king of the mountain at Monticello.

The 4th annual Heritage Harvest Festival combined music and food with a love of the land and a walk through Virginia's agricultural heritage. And the September 11 installment was the first time this Festival took place right on the West Lawn of Monticello.



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One regal goat enjoying his 15 minutes of fame. This picture should make goat history. Thomas Jefferson would approve !

This was a great festival. Tons of interesting exhibits for kids, family friendly atmosphere, and gorgeous setting.

Maybe Monticello will hang this regal goat portrait in the room with Lafayette and other luminaries that have graced the lawn of Jefferson's home. Hilarious ! Thanks for the slideshow, looks like a fun and educational time for all ages; hope they make this an annual event.

West Lawn = last Morgan Harrington sighting before she was found dead 10 miles down the road.