Greenbacks for greenies: Finalists chosen for $10,000 makeover

The Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) recently selected 10 lucky finalists in their Home Energy Makeover Contest. Each finalist will receive a free home energy performance assessment, and two really lucky finalists will be chosen to win $10,000 home energy makeovers. That decision will be based on a home’s ability to best demonstrate energy savings. Over 1100 people entered the contest, which was sponsored by LEAP as a way to bring awareness to the value of reducing energy consumption.

The finalists from the County are: Estelle Brooks, Chris Reid, Danny Van Clief, Earl Dudley, and Joan Bailey.
And from the City: Larissa Carres, Daniel Ortiz, Jason Payne, Susan Kruse, Melanie Miller


I think owning a goat should be mandatory.

Should be mandatory.

What should be mandatory?

Reducing energy consumption?
Entering a contest for a prize?
Conforming to what other people think you should do?
Being yourself?
Leaving unclear comments?
Forcing others to do what you want?