Cash-strapped County springs $360K for playgrounds

news-playgroundCounty brass claim the new equipment bolsters safety and health.

There's a new controversy for the Albemarle Parks Department. The same Department that decided to curtail the summer swimming season in advance of what might have been a frolicksome long Labor Day weekend–- to save $6,000–- has now gone forward with three playground replacements for a total cost to the County of $360,000. (It was the Newsplex's Mark Tenia who first revealed the swimming ban; it was NBC29's Dannika Lewis who broke the more recent story– though a real estate blogger Jim Duncan found it first of all.)

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You elected stupidvisors to supervise. These playgrounds will do nothing for anyone except those who wish to claim "look what I did for you" when election times comes around.

You elected supervisors to supervise not to stop anything.

These playgrounds will go into disreapir shortly and will be used a trading grounds in the near future.

If you really want to do a news story then do some research as to how much bang they are getting for the buck. The odds are ovweerwhelming that they could have done the project for half of that amount.


What foolish bunch has approved this expenditure. Maybe we should just pretend the county has all the money needed for anything anybody wants. Hey---I got a couple bucks left so come get it to.

Didnt we just elect supervisors to stop this wastefull BS

Hard to believe the county could be this irresponsible. This is the time to tighten their belts just as we taxpayers have been forced to tighten ours!

I'm a playground installation guy, I have a friend on the county council, it just goes on and on

We need to throw some tea in the harbor!!!!

I would venture to guess that these playgrounds will go unused and the cost per hour of use will be very high.

What- You elected supervisors to supervise....and nothing else. Perhaps it is time to call them stupidvisors.