King 'o the cycling road

North Garden resident Benjamin King, 21, took the USA Cycling Professional Road Race Championship on Sunday, September 19, and is the youngest biker to do so in the race's 25-year history, the AP reports. King finished the 110-mile course in 4 hours, 44 minutes, 56.9 seconds.

September 24: Photo of the wrong Ben King is removed.

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C'mon. "Bikers" down PBR & Iron City and deafen the neighbors on their agile Harleys.

Cyclist are the ones who burn calories instead of gas.

You must be kidding- this kid may be Ben King, but he is certainly not THE Ben King who won the championship in SC.

Man, we sittin here talkin' bout CYCLING. Not basketball, not football, not baseball, not soccer. CYCLING.

Name me a sport, besides lacrosse, that's easier to dominate than CYCLING?

Wait a minute. Paul Archer? THE Paul Archer?

I thought you all were talking about Ben Dover. Duh, my bad.

I am sure you can find his real photo--google Ben King Cyclist

Did he use a bicycle?

Way to go BEN!!!! I thought your riding across country this Summer was impressive, well done my friend!

Thats not Ben KING