Fatal police chase results in $2 million verdict

It all happened in Petersburg. The issue of police pursuits has been a hot topic in Central Virginia since a harrowing 85mph chase along residential Rugby Road in Charlottesville.

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The cops in Va have needed a huge spanking for decades, perhaps this small spanking will suffice.

Gasbag the first to post on a cop story? Who'da thunk it?

And how is lying to the court NOT jury misconduct?

How? Now that the cop shoppe has lost the multi- million dollar lawsuit against them, "jury misconduct" is one of those technicalities they want to use to get out from under the hammer! That's how. :)

The attorney representing the cops and cop shoppe is "John Conrad". Ya see, in this lawsuit the cop shoppe is the DEFENDANT.

I would be willing to bet $10,000 that Conrad knew all of the juror misconduct before a verdict was ever returned. And he didn't use it until after he had lost what he thought was an easy case to win.

Sure Steve. Maybe you should take off you cop-hater glasses and re-read the article.

"But after Petersburg Circuit Judge Pamela Baskervill was made aware of what she termed "serious irregularities" among some of the jurors, she deferred final judgment in the case to allow defense attorney John Conrad to file several motions."

Don't ya just love it? Most of the time the cops claim a defendant walked free because of technicalities, it makes their loss to a lowly defendant appear a little more glamourous. Now these same cops want a jury verdict set aside by using the same claims so to speak, but they want to call it "jury misconduct" now.

I say GOOD FOR THE JURY! Maybe this will finally open the eyes of a few cop shoppe chiefs and sheriffs around Virginia. It could very easily have ended the same way in Charlottesville if the Rugby Road chase had run over any UVA students and killed them!