Devon Sproule

Here we go again with another reliably ace set from the pride and joy of Charlottesville folk, this time heavy on cuts from her frustratingly-punctuated latest album ¡Don’t Hurry for Heaven! Datri Bean opens with Southern-flavored folk-jazz tunes which could have been written on a porch swing with a battered acoustic guitar, except that she actually plays piano, which would probably tip the swing over.

Devon Sproule - The Easier Way
Devon Sproule - Julie
Devon Sproule - Good To Get Out
Devon Sproule - Don't Hurry For Heaven
Devon Sproule - Ain't That The Way
Devon Sproule - A Picture Of Us In The Garden

Datri Bean - Small Things
Datri Bean - Ruby
Datri Bean - Green Onions
Datri Bean - Foolish