New venue gem? Outback out, Deuces in

dish-deucesOne of the recent theme nights that Deuces Lounge hopes will attract folks who want to get down.

In case you haven't heard, the old Outback Lodge at 917 Preston Avenue became Deuces Lounge on September 10. And according to optimistic owner Jerome Cherry, it's going to be "the gem of Charlottesville."

Upstairs is the "lounge" where they'll have live music shows and serve dinner from an extensive menu that includes everything from bruschetta, burritos, wings, fajitas, and BBQ, to burgers, fish platters, and spaghetti and meatballs.

"Its a very relaxed setting, and we have a totally new look–new stage, lights, sound system, you have to see it," say Cherry. "Our down stair's is set up for our club functions with a dj booth, lazer lights, and strobes and fog in a black light setting."

Cherry says they want to feature music for everyone in town to enjoy, including country, southern rock, 70's and 80's rock, metal, reggae, blues, r&b, hip-Hop, old Motown, and jazz. Recently, the Waynesboro-based reggae, blues, funk, and rock group The Righteous Friendz Band played Deuces and "blew it up" according to the Deuces Facebook page. For information about upcoming shows, check out Deuces website at


wings, bruschetta, a reggae band from waynesboro and a mirror ball!
sounds like a dream night out!

6 months if they're lucky

What's old school R&N?