Thai one on in Crozet

dish-crozetthaiThe Thai '99 folks add a new location in Crozet.

The folks at Thai ââ?¬Ë?99, with locations on 29 North, behind Albemarle Square Shopping Center, and on Fontaine Avenue, have added a third location in Crozet right off 250 West next to the relatively new Harris Teeter called Bankok Thai ’99 Cuisine.

"I had takeout from Bankok Thai ’99 last Saturday," says Crozet-based realtor Jim Duncan on his blog, " and they were so busy that they didn’t have time to figure out their phone number for me."

Watch out, Charlottesville, at this rate Crozet could steal some foodie thunder. In the last few years, Crozet has added two chinese restaurants, three cafes, a Mediterranean restaurant, an Italian restaurant, and a tapas-style wine bar and cafe.


Yay! Glad to see that they are finally open.

Nice photo quality... Why even show us that image obviously taken with a cell phone...