Snap: Civilian defense?

snap-firearmsstoreSoon you'll be able to get your firearms on West Rio Road.

A Hook reader noticed this new business coming soon to West Rio Road, right next to Papa John's and across from Merchant's Tire.



It's about time. Woodbrook Sporting Goods needs some good healthy competition. Maybe their staff won't be so rude if they're not the only game in town.

Stock up on ammo now, it is relatively cheap, as soon as society falls apart it will not be cheap anymore if you can get it at all.

Bud, I couldn't agree with you more. Woodbrook's staff is unbelievably rude. I have purchased 5 guns in the last 5 years since I moved to VA, but none of them from Woodbrook, even though I live in C-ville. Not to mention ammo, a bow, clothing etc. By my calculations, they have lost out on 5 grand on sales from me, easy, all because their staff are a bunch of nuckleheads. Additionally, I have steered away multiple would be buyers, who end up echoing my opinions after visiting the shop. I keep trying to give wood brook another chance since it's convenient, but the service remains deplorable. It's truly unbelievable. The only person I know who shops there is a total consummate nucklehead himself.

Hopefully this place is good. I have been going to Dominion Outdoors in Stuarts Draft and Green Top in Glenn Alen. They are both fantastic. Don't understand how Woodbrook stays in business. Don't they like money?