GOP fave: Allen invokes Brown's Mountain to help Hurt

news-hurt-allen-bellRobert Hurt, left, gets stump support from former senator and governor George Allen and Delegate Rob Bell.

State Senator Robert Hurt has brought out the big gun in the 5th District congressional race to unseat Congressman Tom Perriello, and for Republicans, there really isn't more of a hometown favorite than former governor and senator George Allen.

It was from Earlysville that Allen first ran for the House of Delegates in 1979, and his deep roots in this community were apparent when he walked into Hurt headquarters at Albemarle Square Wednesday and greeted many of the 40-plus party faithful by name.

With little more than a month before Election Day, and even less time to fill campaign coffers for a final push, Allen and Hurt campaigned in Danville September 28, hitting the renowned Short Sugar's barbecue joint. The pair headed north September 29, stopping at Saunders Brothers Farm in Piney River and the King Family Vineyard in Crozet before ending at Hurt headquarters.

Since losing his Senate seat in 2006 to Jim Webb following the infamous "Macaca" incident, Allen has maintained a relatively low profile. But he was keynote speaker at this year's Shad Planking, and he's blocked off several days this week to campaign and raise money for Hurt.

"Those radio stations and TV stations don't run ads for free," he reminded Albemarle and Greene Republicans, adding, "They're a private business and we respect that."

Though he's been a U.S. Senator and Representative, Allen was addressed as "Governor," and he invoked local landmark Brown's Mountain (where he lived during law school and later proposed to wife Susan) as well as Michie Tavern's fried chicken and stewed tomatoes.

He also took up familiar Hurt themes, decrying federal spending and the "healthcare experiment." And he called the cap-and-trade bill "a direct assault" on the coal industry.

"We believe it's time for a comeback," roared Allen, to enthusiastic applause. He was talking about Republicans in Congress in 2010, of course, but it didn't seem far-fetched that this crowd's enthusiasm could extend to another Allen/Webb match up in 2012.

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I like Periello. I don't like anyone that would climb in bed with a racist like Allen. And it wasn't just that he was a racist, but that he then insulted our intelligence with his explanations for it. "Macaca" was a racist insult against blacks in Allen's mother's native tongue, which explains why he knew the term. But HE claimed he sad it because it sounded like "mohawk", referring to the kid's hair that he was calling "macaca". One big problem with that story was that the kid had a mullet, not a mohawk. Now also, given that the racist term came from his mother's language, further implies that SHE is the one that introduced Allen to the term, implying SHE is racist as well. Apples don't usually fall too far from the tree. I don't know what's worse, peeing in the face of racial equality, or telling us it was just rain. Keep stumping for Hurt, Governor! You can only "Hurt" his campaign!

How will Mr. Hurt reduce federal spending ? - please give some examples on how he plans to reduce the deficit, give that most of the budget involves non-discretionary spending. While we are getting this kind of straight shooting from the Republican candidate - how will he control health care costs, how will he improve our failing schools, how will he provide more jobs, how will (specifically) solve our nation's problems. Does he have any ideas ? I've been listening to the republicans/ tea party members since the President was elected and have heard nothing of any substance on solutions or problem solving. George Allen is a nice guy - a "good ole boy", but really didn't accomplish much during his tenure - why should we listen to him now.

I like Tom Perriello too. He is an honest hard worker and understands that our roads, and government programs like public schooling, fire departments, medicare and unemployment benefits don't come for free. I am glad he voted for the Health care bill and feel that although we've spent a lot already, you don't fix the economy overnight. The republican party has no new ideas. All they want to do is get the job but they are completely unprepared for actually doing the job. Hurt didn't go to meetings because he was too busy campaigning. I don't elect people that just spend their time campaigning and blocking needed legislation.
When it comes to the government, things take time. Nothing will happen if the Republicans take over.

Vote for Perriello! Don't Hurt Congress.

Perriello's my fellow. Don't Hurt Congress.

Here's a result for you, "Mr. Reynolds" (ahem)...

Health reform benefits kids, Danville church leaders say
(From: The Danville Register and Bee on September 23, 2010)

Local church leaders celebrated as health reform benefits for children and families went into effect Thursday.

Pastors representing about 20 churches in the Dan River Region met at Trinity United Methodist Church on Arnett Boulevard to sign a poster-sized letter in support of the legislation passed six months ago. Several of the provisions benefit children.

ââ?¬Å?There’s nothing more wonderful for us to invest in than our children,” said the Rev. Charles Wickham of Trinity United Methodist, looking at a group of 4 year olds from Trinity Childcare who came to witness the signing.

As a pastor Wickham works with families who have children with pre-existing conditions like cerebral palsy, Type 1 diabetes or a hole in the heart. Insurance companies had refused to cover them.

While some people may contend that parts of the health reform legislation are controversial, what isn’t controversial is how it helps kids, he said.

The Rev. Derrick Mercer, pastor of Rhema Cultural Christian Center and president of the Danville Ministerial Alliance agreed.

Mercer and other pastors want to make sure the legislation is not repealed.

ââ?¬Å?It’s very important that politicians understand we must not play with the lives of these children,” Mercer said. ââ?¬Å?There’s a real need to prepare the future.”

The Rev. Thomas Brooks of Evangel Temple Church said the health reform will benefit the many families of church members who don’t have health insurance and will help relieve members of the worries about the health of their youth.

ââ?¬Å?The health reform bill is a blessing and it’s a blessing sent by God,” Brooks said. ââ?¬Å?We don’t want to see it repealed.”

What health reform provisions, also known as the ââ?¬Å?Patient’s Bill of Rights” went into effect?

• Youth can stay on their parents’ health insurance plan until age 26
• Insurance companies can’t deny coverage to children with pre-existing conditions
• Coverage can’t cancelled if you become sick
• No lifetime limits on health coverage
• Insurers can’t deny claims without a chance for appeal
• All new plans have additional protections: preventive services without deductible or co-payments, right to choose your own doctor, access to out-of-network emergency room care at in-network cost-sharing rates
These will take effect when consumers re-enroll or purchase a new policy.

The letter signed by the pastors begins:

ââ?¬Å?Children are a sacred gift from God. In the Gospel, Jesus rebukes his disciples who choose to keep children at a distance. In contrast, he urges, ââ?¬Ë?Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.’” (Matthew 19:14)


And when the GOP right wing ranters got their way, and deregulated power companies, people saw their monthly power bills jump by HUNDREDS of dollars. Just do some research on Easter St Louis, where folks saw monthly power bills in the 600 dollar range, up from about 160 a month before. These were blue collar folks, living in rental units with slum landlords that never did anything to make the home efficient, but you wouldn't care about that. They must have all just been loser cry babies who didn't uderstand the market, right?

So whose the corporate fed right wing shill source for your 100 dollar monthly bill? Did they tell you about why so many states went back to regulating, and Virginia even stepped back from de-regulation? Did they? Or were they silent on that? Did Faux News, and NRO, and Little Green Footballs mention any of that?

I don't care for the idea of governments needing to regulate things, but unfortunately, the non-competitive antics of big industry seems to invite it every time.

You know how I know the Health care policy isn't a bunch of socialism? The industry was happy with it, and the stocks didn't even twitch.

And the GOP's prescription? Do nothing and watch the second Great Depression unfold? No thanks!

I think Perriello is an honest, hard working politician, but I don't like the way he votes. I think that Hurt is too slick and without fundamental moorings. I mean, as a Republican, how could he vote for a tax increase? I don't trust Hurt at all because of that.

No choice in 5th. Bad is Hurt and awful is One term T....OTT as he is known professionally.

If I wanted Stretch Pelosi as my rep in congress, I'd move to SF.
Better start working on your resume Tommy Boy, you'll need one come January. This is the moral to the story when you vote against the wishes of the vast majority of your constituents. Republicans will have a lot of work to do in the coming years to reverse the damage done by the libtards.

If you look at the real numbers it is 15-20% now.Look at all of the people who can no longer draw a unemployment check that still don't have a job.If you remember the recovery act was going to keep unemployment from going over 8%.The Democratic party ain't getting people back to work and they are hurting.Please wake up people.

Mr. Reynolds, I'm afraid you are being duped by the right-wing pundits who had already long-ago duped other working people who the GOP and its funding corporations NEVER work for. This is a sad sinking when so many people are getting hoodwinked into the myth that the Dems, rather than the GOP, caused the current malaise. Sure the Dems haven't fully righted the ship -- it's not possible to do it that quickly unless they had spent a lot more in stimulus, according to economists -- but things are better than they would have beeen without the bailout etc. Why you assume cap and trade will raise bills I can't fathom -- there is no cap and trade program passed for CO2, which means that the power industry can still paass the external costs of pollution on to you and me in health impacts that your insurance company may or may not cover. For a lucky some of us, it doesn't really matter who is in power -- our jobs are safe and secure, we have good but expensive health care, we can afford to send our kids to college, and we can pay the premium for healthier food. But if you and your loved ones are really in at-risk jobs, the last guy you want to drive the tow-truck pulling your car out of the ditch is the drunk who ran you off the road in the first place. The GOP is not a bastion of "new" ideas -- even House Minority leader John Boehner, who is primed to become Speaker of the House if the GOP retakes control, has pledged that they will run thinhgs exactly the same way they always have, which is incompetently. Wake up, Mr. Reynolds -- you are the last person that the GOP cares about, other than to steal your vote (as they have shown they are so good at doing in Florida and Ohio -- whose staffers do you think those were down in Dade County shutting down the recount and making sure W "won" the presidency?).

I never watch Fox news, but in the past 18 months i have watched two of my sons and a daughter become unemployed.The Republican party is a long way from perfect but the Democratic party is far worse.Some of you that have jobs you can't lose might not understand this but i guess you can understand that unemployment in the African American community has went up alot since the Democratic party took control.My people can't stand anymore broken promises from the Democratic party.Do you people even realize people don't want handout they want a job they can retire from.When Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law i knew it was a mistake that has sent one hell of alot of jobs over seas.So don't give me the Democratic party's pep talk about how much they are doing to help my people i want to see results not empty talk.

Te joke is that while one can be upset with Perriello, why anyone would expect the GOP to do better than it did running the bus into the ditch. Hurt is a joke.

Had Tom stood his ground and flamed out like Alane Grayson, he would be shoo in.

Is this Hurt's plan for the unemployed? To put ole George back to work? At least Allen was charismatic, well connected and wealthy. Next to him, Hurt looks like an empty suit. And his head-tilt thing (noticeable in some of his tv ads and the photo above) bothers me almost as much as Tim Kaine's rouge eyebrow did.

Mr. Reynolds,
Please reconsider your position. The republicans and the corporations they support have reduced this country to the sorry state we are in now. Can you imagine what things would be like had we not financed two needless wars, had we actually overseen corporations that were merging for the sake of greater profits at the expense of laying people off - corporations that shipped jobs overseas for the sake of profit. How would the deficit look if the wealthy and corporations paid their fair share? Can you name one thing that the Republicans have done for you, your family or any of your church members ? Tom Perriello is a good man, working for us - working for you.

I'd like to echo what Michael 2 said.

Dave T- No.Allen is not a nice guy. He's a very unpleasant guy. He's a 'good ol'boy' like Lem Snopes was a 'good ol'boy.' The macaca comment was a very good snapshot of who he really is. You should do a little research on him.

Sitting with his cowboy boots on his desk in Richmond and the Senate office doing nothing were about his best attributes.

Tom is a decent guy, and I know he's a freshman, but like Old Timer says, he really needed to get in there shooting. Real change meant not signing onto a health care package that is really corporate welfare. If you want to give the insurance company a captive audience, you have to fix their allowable profits. The fact that Alan Grayson and Ron Paul can find common ground an sponsor bills should tell you about what real common sense and toughness will get you.

Hurt of course, is pathetic.

deleted by moderator

You can tell by the careful spelling, grammatical and capitalization "errors". I'd be insulted if I was in his "church".

Albert, the problem is, no one believes you were ever a lifelong Democrat. Lifelong Democrats don't bail on the party because of things like 'cap and trade', simply because they usually believe that a little more money for a much higher quality of air is the better allocation of assets.

Democrats, instead, will be angry with the Democratic Party and Perriello for throwing away thigns like the Public Option, which would have provided competition for the Corporations in the market, instead of marginally regulated monopoly. They will be angry over Obama deciding to increase off shore drilling befopre ever getting to the negotiating table.

No Democrat will suddenly turn Republcian and vote for Hurt based on those reasons.

What the Democrats have done, is successfully face down CHina over their dumping, and pressure them to start floating their currency, so that they have to compete on a more real basis in trade. Seeing as that is orthodox economics, it is hardly a reason to run and vote Republicans, who were absolutely spineless boobs in that area.

Why where Republicans spineless? Well, you see, if they can let the trade gap exist, they can suck profits for themselves off of the unemploying of millions of Americans, and pay you a lot less, and profit there as well.

Cville Eye is correct though, because in their desperate attempt to placate the right, they have ended up in doing with the Republicans did, and given billions to billionaires.

Why don't you fess up now Albert, and admit that you really are a Republican from the get go.

I am a African American man that for the first time in my life will vote for a Republican Robert Hurt.Obama and Perriello have spent money like it was free for a so called stimulus plan while unemployment has went up.Perriello has voted to raise the debt limits like we didn't already owe enough.This has to stop we are in a hole and we have to quit digging.Robert Hurt has my vote along with the votes of my church members.

If Allen supports him, I oppose him.

Deleted by moderator.

Old Timer you are very misled. I voted against George Bush twice he was evil.So i ask you how has Obama and Perriello made anything better ? Have you seen how much the unemployment rate has went up in the African American community ? Man wake up im 66 years old and i have never seen our country in such a shape.My Church members are tired of voting for Democrats that make promises and blame someone else when they fail.I have voted for the Democratic party my whole life but not this time.

@Albert Reynolds: "Call me what you want but you know im telling the truth."

Methinks "Albert Reynolds" is something other than what he purports to be... in which case he has not told the truth here YET.

Here's the truth. Republicans have given billionaires billions. Democrats have given billionaires billions. Americans are getting poorer and poorer (when you are in debt you're poor - you have no money even if you have credit).
@Jesus H. Christ on a Popsickle Stick!, I hope your ministers know they are going to have to work full time raising the money to help these people you descrie raise the money for their insurance premium, or has God ordained that the government take other people's money to carry out the will of God? Or is this just a rationale to put more Americans on welfare, to become so dependent upon the government that they exist only to supply their master (government)with the wherewithal to give even more billionaires money?

I'd rather vote for a bag of weed than these two clowns.

George Allen is a "big gun"? Really? For what, shooting someone else's foot besides his own?


"If you look at the real numbers it is 15-20% now."

And if you had looked at those same 'real numbers' under President Bush, you would find that chornic unemployment/undermeployment was at least equal to Europe. There was no 5% unemployment, it was more like 10%.

By the way, Bill Clinton, a Democrat, led th largest long term growth this nation has ever seen, in spite of a tax increase, and cut the deficit by 16%. When he left office, this county was in the black.

What did the Republcians do? Hmmm? What did they do? What did you buddy conservative Bush do? Reversed course. He exploded the deficit. He tried to hide his war spending. And then instead of paying the bill, told super wealthy traders that they need only pay 15% on income while the rest of us are supposed to pay 28%+. The result was an even bigger deficit. Then he went to our COmmie pinko enemies and borrowed money from them.

Why in Gods name you think that Hurt or any other Republican will do any different is beyond me.

Not too fast with OTT as Periello is now known with the lobbying crowd. He got in bed with the crowd that paid off the commercial banks, unions, trial lawyers, La Raza, defense contractors. Nother words he was paid to play and he did his job. Podesta got him in the game and now he is being written off by the same crowd of dregs that set him up with funny money from all over back in 08.. Small town kid that tried the big time and got tossed by his mentors.

To say that Perriello has soluntions is to say that Hope and Change is taking place rather than same old.

Member that the only way to get the rich to pay taxes in on consumption, sales taxes at national level as all other tax laws they circumvent through loopholes and or hide the ball. Had any Democrats done anything to change the game they would be taken seriously but instead they just rolled over and sold the govnmint to the corporations just like always. Ms Pelosi and her cider house rules!

Careful brian, the black helicopters are circling your house. Better put your tinfoil cap back on.

It is going to be tough to vote in Nov. I think that Perriello is a nice young man, but he is misguided and will vote the party line no matter what he has said in the past or will continue to say. He doesn't have the b__s to vote his gut. Hurt reminds me of a city slicker selling used cars, I can't say that I trust him as far as I could throw him. But since I must pick between the two, I will go with Hurt. The never ending spending and debt has to be stopped somehow. I want to be able to leave an America behind for my, as of yet unborn, grandchildren. At the rate things are going today, there will not be one for them to enjoy. So I will vote for a change. One that I can live with for the next few years and pray that a better choice makes itself known next year.

Perriello is toast. Unless he has a plan for winning with 43-45% of the vote. And that assumes a strong turnout in Charlottesville-Albemarle.

The more intriguing question is rasied concerning Allen's run in 2012. What will the political landscape look like 2 years from today?

This November has already been cast.

I immediately thought of good ole boy George when I read this article.

Probably won't make it through the censorbot if I say certain words explaining what it's about; but in brief, a couple of Europeans who were active members of a group who really didn't like people of certain ethnicities found they were actually descended from some of those people and went full on conversion.

A WaPo article from August 21, 2010 called "George Allen looks to his roots while planting campaign seeds" is worth looking up in that regard. Part of the "I'm really a tolerant guy" make-over campaign. The one url limit means I can't just link to i.

Money talks and BS walks..........

Dave T you must think about this.What has Perriello done for the 5th district ? He voted for cap and trade that will cause our light bills to go up on average 1oo dollars a month i don't know about you but most of the people i know are having a hard time paying the light bill now.Since the Democrats took control unemployment has went threw the roof.George Bush was a nightmare but he did raise the minimum wage.Im sick and tired of trying to defend the Democrats that i have voted for.My people are hurting and the Democrats that promised big changes are not helping them.I now have the first Republican sign ever in my yard.Please dont try to lecture me on what good things the Democrats are doing cause until i see some change im voting for Republicans.For years Democratic candidates have told me how they were for the black man and for years they have kept us down so we will keep voting for them.Not anymore.I was so proud when we elected the first black president but what has he done to help his people ?

@Albert Reynolds: Are you kidding? If it were not for Democratic leadership during this stretch, a recession WOULD HAVE turned into a depression. Make no mistake about it. Instead of 9-10% unemployment, we would easily be looking at 15-20% unemployment.

That's not sexy, but it's a heckuva lot more than the GOP would've accomplished!

• Youth can stay on their parents’ health insurance plan until age 26"

If by age 26 you are not supporting yourself (not speaking of disabled) and/or going to college you are one lazy SOB. Why not make it 70 so their lazy butts can go straight to Medicare?

I believe you Albert. Some of the libs find it hard to believe anyone who is not white can actually think for themselves. We know who is the real party of racial division.

As a non-white person, I think I do quite well thinking for myself. Most of my friends are similarly capable and they come in all shades.

Mr. Reynolds silly idea that members of an African American church congregation would all think and vote the same way however speaks volumes about what HE thinks about the ability of African Americans to think for themselves.

Mr. Reynolds do you honestly think the Democrats could undo 8 years of George Bush (not to mention Ronald Reagan and his LIE of trickle down economics) in 18 months? Especially with all the Republican obstructionism since President Obama began his presidency? Do you really think Republicans are going to do anything to improve the lot of the middle and lower classes? They are not! They prey on people's fears, whether they are terrorism, illegal immigration or the economy. The efforts of the Democrats haven't gone far enough in terms of stimulus money. If they hadn't done what they have managed to do, ''Good Lord'' is correct; it wouldn't have been a recession it would've been a depresssion. Every recession that we have been in since the Great Depression has taken longer and longer to recover from.

Before you vote be sure you are getting your information from all types of sources. Fox News is an entertainment network, not a news network.

Buddy, unemployment has gone up all over the place over the past few years (not just in the African American community). But as has been pointed out to you numerous times here, it would've been far worse with Republicans in charge.

I'm curious, "Mr. Reynolds." You say you want to see "results." What kind of results have the GOP shown you over all these years that makes you think they give a rat's ass about your people.

No you please tell me what results the Democratic party have shown anyone lately.

I smell a campaign worker. It's the sweet smell of astroturf.

Call me what you want but you know im telling the truth.

Let's write that in...........

PSYCH! I'm just messing with you people. My name is not really "Albert Reynolds." I'm actually an overweight, pimply-faced GOP campaign worker who likes to sit in a dark room all day trolling internet news blogs, pretending to be someone else. I believe that honesty is irrelevant when it comes to political campaigns, and this lifestyle keeps me from having to talk to girls.

fWhere in the Constitution does it say it is the government's responsibility to create jobs? The only jobs I've seen the government create are government jobs. If your children can't find jobs where they are living, maybe it's time for them to move and get new opportunities.

No im saying the Democratic party hasn't done what they promised.

"People if you think this election is about the Democratic or Republican party’s you are wrong" Uhmmm, "Albert" don't you even read your own writing?

Albert Reynolds October 1st, 2010 | 10:21 am:
"until i see some change im voting for Republicans.For years Democratic candidates have told me how they were for the black man and for years they have kept us down"

Are you saying you were wrong in that case in thinking that it was about parties?

The more you deviate from your script, the more you trip yourself up. What church is that that you go to by the way? I've been wondering. If you are telling the truth, then you should be happy to tell. I'm sure some reporters would love to interview some other members and hear why they have decided along with you to vote Republican all of a sudden.

Well you people must be in a position where you don't have to worry about money.My kids do not want to be on unemployment they want to be working.I voted for Bill Clinton twice but he passed nafta that sent alot of jobs out of the country.As far as voting Libertarian i ask you this have they ever won a race ? What have Libertarians ever done to help anybody ? People if you think this election is about the Democratic or Republican party's you are wrong this election is about fixing the job situation by creating jobs.You ask me what have the Republicans done for anyone well let me say this all of my kids were working up until the Democratic party took control.So call me a liar if you want but these are all facts.

Caesonia, I worked for the railroad 34 years and earned a living with very hard worked i never once asked for a hand out.My kids have tried to do the same but 3 of them have been laid off and are forced to draw unemployment.You say i need to fess up and admit i was a Republican right from the get go thats funny i have spent years voting for who ever i was told was working for my people and i ask you what has it gotten me ? Im not hiding behind some fake name like some of you that are giving me a hard time are.Do you people even realize what a hard time the African American community is having now ? Do you even realize 3 of my kids are unemployment right now ? What are they going to do when the benefits run out ? Call me what you want but if it hits home to you then you might take a closer look yourself at what the Democratic party it getting done for the African American people.My family doesn't want a hand out they want a job.

Jesus H. Christ on a Popsickle Stick = Fake name

Albert Reynolds = Fake name

Albert Reynolds,

I think you just got called big time. Cap and Trade is a right wing focus for ranting.

"My kids have tried to do the same but 3 of them have been laid off and are forced to draw unemployment."

Uhuh. And who laid them off? The Democrats? The Democrats should get blamed for being spineless, but they are hardly responsible for the giant economic downturn you have faced. Your kids are unemployed due to the non-competitive massive corporate welfare and union hating attitude of the GOP. I say that as a Libertarian.

Your kids have unemployment to draw on because of the Democrats, not the Republicans.

If you don;t want to vote Democrat, vote Libertarian, but if there is ONE group responsible for your suffering in its desire to make us a feudal state, its the GOP, which is not run by true conservativs.

Bush ad the GOP gave your kid's money to the banks and Wall Street and contractors for the DOD. That's why your kids are unemployed.

"Do you people even realize what a hard time the African American community is having now ?"

They and a lot of other folks. And, do you know, a lot of them lost work thanks to the GOP. Look at the trades that are filled with illegal resident aliens. Trades that paid good money. Guess who let them in? Not the Democrats. The GOP.

But that's all based on anyone thinking you being honest about your background.

I have been mocked on here even called a liar but in just a week from today we will all see who the fool really is.After the election check out the percentage of the African American vote.Then see if you can call me a liar then.