Looks cool: But 'white out' doesn't slow FSU

news-scottstadiumwhiteoutWhat Scott Stadium looks like when most of the 47,096 fans sport white t-shirts.

The UVA athletic department tried something novel for the October 2 home game against ACC powerhouse Florida State University: giving every Cavalier fan a t-shirt to create a "white out" in the stands. Alas, the Seminoles didn't seem affected by the blizzard conditions as they chopped their way to a 34-14 victory. news-scottstadiumwhiteout-aviator(Somebody put one of the shirts on the statue to aviator James Rogers McConnell.)


There's nothing as scary as facing a blank, white t-shirt.

Good thing the "Vast conspiracy" didn't limit the wasteful t-shirt budget.

No, some bleep just bought 47,000 t-shirts with proceeds from things such as football ticket sales.

UVa football is back where it was pre-George Welsh. Congratulations on reversing the clock.

I kind of enjoyed the Dick Bestwick era back then. Tickets were cheap, and you could laugh at the drunk students rolling down the hill. Hopefully the ticket prices will come down soon.

surly and old, UVa is technically a state school but only receives 6-7% (last I saw) of its yearly budget from the state, so I wouldn't worry about a few t-shirts.

UVA is a state school, right?

Therefore some bleep just bought 47,000 t-shirts with my taxes?!?

Gee Whiz, Bless My Buttons, and a lot of other stuff I can think of to say that Mr. Spencer won't allow...

I wish they could have done an "orange out" but this is the way they (the football powers) try to get the fans reinvorgated and involved. It will take a while and many more wins before the fans return with the vigor desired. As for 25 years of rebuilding, I don't buy into that - there have been several decent seasons, and when teams were playing only 11 regular season games, Virginia had the distinction of being on of a few teams that won 7 games/year (from 87-99). In those years, we knocked of FSU for their first ACC loss, and finally beat Clemson, which is now a more competitive series. I am confident that Mike London will take us back to that level. Go 'Hoos!


You misspelled IX titles.


UVa sports won a record 8 acc titles last year.

Why is my comment awaiting moderation?

cut them some slack. it's a "rebuilding" year. of course, just like the rest of UVA, they've been "rebuilding" for 25 years.

So how come the sports promotion department gets everyone in the Stadium to wear white EXCEPT THE HOME TEAM! The fans were wearing the colors of the visiting Seminoles the entire game. It looked ridiculous.

Looks like just a normal game at UVa. 75% of the seats look empty. Maybe that's their plan. Just say everyone had white shirts on. it's not really an empty stadium

Wow, anyone have an aerial of the stadium empty? It would be indistinguishable. Stupidest idea ever. What was wrong with tons of fans wearing in orange shirts they bought?

I thought the lads played with a lot of pluck,
bless their hearts.

The universal sign of abject surrender, right?
No mas, no mas!