Sticks up: Security cam captures Pantops heist

dish-sticksbanditA security camera at Sticks Kabob Shop catches a thief red-handed.

On Monday night, October 4, someone made a late-night run to Sticks Kabob Shop on Pantops; but the lure was cash, not kabobs.

Smashing out the glass of the front door at around 2:15am, an as yet unidentified black male made off with an undisclosed amount of cash. Although County police haven't nabbed him yet, his image was caught on security cameras at the restaurant.

"It's a pattern we've seen before," says Sticks owner Bill Hamilton, who has another Sticks in Preston Plaza and who owns Hamilton's on the Downtown Mall.

"Sunday, late at night, it happened before, about two years ago. But the guy gave a beauty shot to the camera. The police were like, oh, yeah, we know that guy; and they went and arrested him."

Indeed, Sticks security cameras also got a clean face shot of the latest bandit.

Hamilton says these kinds of robberies are common in shopping centers along major roads and interstates, as thieves cruise down the highway, make a quick exit to knock over a store or restaurant, then hop back on the highway.

"The thing is, its says there are security cameras right on the entrance," says Hamilton. "For some people, I guess, getting some cash is worth the risk. It's pretty sad."

As there wasn't much cash at the restaurant, says Hamilton, the real annoyance is all the broken glass and the mess.

"So many people use credit cards that we don't keep as much cash as we did even five years ago," says Hamilton, "not enough to commit a felony over."

Still, Hamilton says he plans to redesign the restaurant's office to make this kind of heist a little more difficult.

Meanwhile, Albemarle County Police are asking for assistance in identifying the suspect shown in the photo. Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Phil Giles at 434-296-5807 or Crime Stoppers at 434-977-4000

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I guess if these guys were smart they wouldn't be thieves.

Either that or they're super smart, and the picture is just a ruse to throw everyone off track. Could just be an inflatable costume with a midget inside. My goat could pull it off, she's short and pretty smart. Hey wait a minute, I'm not exactly sure where my goat was Sunday night.

One would think that such a thief would have enough brains to buy a hat, or even a face mask.

Makes you wonder.

PS: lol @ Buppy.

Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity

Is he a former employee?

I think he's drunk so may not smart enough to put a hat on the head

looks like the guy who broke into the pet store a few weeks ago...

I have a hot tip for the police.

I think he looks like the guy in the picture!

If they are unable to hook up with this clown then they should be labeled as such themselves...............

Reminds me of what a former coworker said years ago, when discussing the difference between black and white crime. (And mind you he said this to not only me, but two of our female black coworkers who nodded, finding it interesting.) But he said that typically white crime tends to be thought out and planned, whereas black crime is *spur of the moment* and totally *opportunistic.* Car jackings, muggings/jumping people at ATMs, unplanned smash and grabs, convenience store hold ups where they happen to have a gun and are like, Let's go for it! running in, trying to get whatever they can from the register, then running off. Etc. Whereas the whites are the ones embezzling money from companies, engaging in insider stock market trading, orchestraing these credit card/social security/identity theft to pilfer people's personal bank accounts, doing these complicated bank robberies and money truck/train heists, and all that convoluted, planned out nonsense. Nobody could disagree with my coworker as it was a spot-on insight. All of which means, it doesn't surprise me that it was a black guy doing what could have only been an unplanned, opportunistic smash and grab at 2 am, with no face or body coverings whatsoever. Probably drunk, or high on weed, which is why it seemed like a great idea at the time. Soon we'll be seeing his mugshot on NBC 29's homepage. Whoops.

@boooo! Wow, great detective work! Also, he was probably on his way home from entertainin yo wife! Ha Ha!

Wife? I didn't know I was a lesbian. Even if I was it's not legal in Virginia for a woman to have a wife.

Bootsy = Fail.

Booo, You are so wrong about the brother man, He is orchestrating large and complex criminal enterprises in our inner cities. They are the "carbon copy" if you will of white collar crime.

maybe boooo! didn't read The Tipping Point

Hey boooo, I don't think that Boosty not knowing that you are a lady matters. He was writing about your prejudiced comment.
Your attempt to attack on a personal level= Fail

The truth is the truth. It's an observed pattern. Just because the observed pattern involves racial differences doesn't mean it's "predjudiced" in nature. It is what it is.

*prejudiced, I mean! Spell!

@booo! I forgive you. And you can marry whoever you want to as far as I'm concerned. I have nothing against thespians.

"If you judge people you have no time to love them." ~Mother Teresa

security camras is racics