Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

You can tell Ted Leo has finally realized he's the de facto king of indie punk rockers because these days he feels at liberty to prattle on with arguments talking up the value of recorded music like it's still 2002. Sorry dude, for better or worse, that ship has long since sailed. (Hope you guys like the free MP3s we dug up for you, by the way!) But a sobering point to consider: lately he has started hinting at... well, not retirement, exactly, but possibly slowing down and finding a day job, just as a matter of economic necessity. And if an artist with Leo's history can't afford to keep his operation afloat even with a new record as widely praised as The Brutalist Bricks, how many other independent musicians can reasonably hope to do so? Go see this, and just know that if you steal the rest of the album this time, it'll be on your head when his next tour turns into a Pharmacists-free solo acoustic outing. Be sure to show up on time or you'll miss out on Screaming Females leading lady Marissa Paternoster showing her band how to earn their name.

Ted Leo - Even Heroes Have To Die
Ted Leo - The Mighty Sparrow
Screaming Females - Arm Over Arm