UVA issues 'forcible fondling' alert

A female UVA student was forcibly fondled Tuesday night around 7pm while walking near the Central Grounds Parking Garage and Memorial Gym.

An unidentified white male came up behind the victim, pulled up her skirt and fondled her, say University of Virginia Police. The suspect, described as 5'8", slim build, short hair, wearing jeans and a white t-shirt, fled when the woman screamed.

Anyone with information is asked to call UVA Police at 924-7166 or Crimestoppers at 977-4000.


i guess it's something like being groped or some sort of molestation, but I guess it doesn't fall under the umbrella of "sexual assault", which could just be vocabulary so the police/UVA don't have to report it as such. I wouldn't equate rape with a forcible fondling, and although I've never heard of it before myself, it does bother me a little bit b/c it still seems to minimize it by not calling it sexual assault.

This happened right as I was walking home, just 3 blocks down Emmit. I was going home before dark b/c of these recent attacks, and had cancelled dinner plans w/ a friend that was to pick me up right at that spot where this happened last night. It got me thinking though - about how nervy people are even in daylight. It was def still light out when I got home around 7:15pm. So I got to thinking about Morgan Harrington disappearing in front of everyone, and how these recent muggings/attacks on The Corner are awfully close to the anniversary of her disappearance/murder - this Sunday. One guy in the recent attacks has been caught, the guy last night was white & doesn't fit the sketch of the guy that matched up to the DNA found on MH, so could this 3rd guy be her killer? Is he back for the anniversary? He's a rapist we know this. The sketch is from a woman he raped in 2005 in Fairfax County. Shouldn't there be more posters of him up - especially now w/ these attacks and the anniversary that we're all too aware of??

There is going to be a memorial dedicated to Morgan Harrington on Copley bridge this Sunday. As far as the posters of the person who killed Morgan, they are on the internet and anyone is encouraged to look at them. In my opinion they are pretty generic. The real issue is that the authorities allow reporting now when something happpens on the UVA grounds (or off) to a woman, and hopefully, there wont be any more Morgans.
She was a special person and shouldn't have died that way.
Dean Casteen has a very well-paid new job. PS he never, ever bothered to talk to the Harringtons.

Yes, it's on the internet, out of sight, out of mind. Everyone knows exposure is effective.


It's not so generic if he's here, and if he's the guy that has recently attacked someone he probably won't seem so generic to them. I'm not sure I understand your point about what the "real issue" is. ??

I think the "real issue" that cat is alluding to is that someone was forcibly fondled last night and this attack, along with others, is not being hushed up due to a change in UVA policy perhaps?

All perpetrators need to be caught and prosecuted. Hushing up or discounting any crime only serves to benefit the perpetrator.

To Meanwhile you are so right. NO MORE SILENT TREATMENT FOR SEX CRIMES. HOPEFULLY NO MORE MORGAN-LIKE DEATHS AT UVA. FINALLY. Now if the state police would REALLY try to lfind Morgan's killer who could be the killer of a lot of other Virginia state women, things would be great.

i have never heard of forcible fondling before