Parking Lot Movie on PBS

news_parking_lot_movieDocumentary filmmakers dream of finding a wide audience for their work, and for the directors of The Parking Lot Movie, that dream comes true with the Tuesday, October 19 national airing of the film on PBS as the premiere of the Independent Lens series. If you can't catch the 10pm showing–- on WVPT here in Charlottesville–- it's not your last chance. PBS has a three year license, and according to Parking Lot Movie director Meghan Eckman, that could mean exposure to as many as 60 million viewers. If you'd rather see it on the big screen, The Parking Lot Movie will show at 9:30pm on Friday, November 5 at Vinegar Hill Theater as part of the Virginia Film Festival.


Just finished watching the movie. I happened upon it as I was flipping through the channels and have to admit I loved it. It really was very thoughtfully made and I could relate a lot to the attendants having worked in similar types of work. I really think that this is a movie that I would love to not only see again but recommend to others. Thanks for the thoughtful, hard work you put into it. It was very appreciated and I wish you success.

i found this on channel 13 by mistake. liked it. cute. glad i found it. good for them.

Interesting film. I was at the premiere at the Paramount and was actually turned off by the pretentiousness of many of the parking lot employees, which is ironic for a movie that revels in the pretentiousness of UVA students/families who park in this lot. What was especially intriguing about the film was the disdain many of the employees pass back along toward those who park (even those parkers who aren't being obnoxious) - much of the staff consists of students/former students who spend a good portion of the movie hating on other students (sometimes justified, other times not at all).

I think they took the change and a CD out of my car this one time.

Does anyone really want to see this?

i do

Like most other featured programs on PBS, this will actually be shown multiple times on each PBS channel next week. Some of these times are inconvenient to watch, but great for DVR or VCR recording.

Tuesday 10/19, 10 pm on WVPT (antenna 51.1, cable 11, HD cable 219) and WHTJ-HD (antenna 41.1, cable 220)
Tuesday 10/19, 11 pm on WHTJ-DT2 (antenna 41.2, cable 7)
Wednesday 10/20, 1 am (immediately after the above) on WHTJ-DT2
Thursday 10/21, 3 am on WHTJ-HD
Friday 10/22, 10 pm on WVPT

After that, it'll probably be available for some period of time on the PBS online video site. It might show up as a re-run as well, but I wouldn't count on it.

Also, note that you can get a listing of upcoming times for any PBS program from the website for that station (, -- just go to their listings page, search for the program, and click "broadcast times" in the results listing.

I won this movie last night at Art Drinks for PCA,
you ROCK Meghan.

RE: Does anyone really want to see this?

Me. I'll be using it as artistic inspiration for my upcoming feature projects "Speed Bump, Hilarious!" and "Behind the Dryer".

Word is that our Barrister Nonpareil Mr. Cuccinelli is sniffing around in hopes of bringing fraud charges against the makers of this film.

I'll be watching.

I'll be watching. I had worked at The Corner since 1976 until recently. It ought to be a hoot!

does anyone want to see this? yup. i watched it once. it was great. and i'd tune in to see it again. as should you.

We're going to be having a screening party for this PBS Broadcast this Tuesday night at the Southern! The party opens up at 9pm and the live broadcast will be projected starting right at 10pm.

I'll have dvds and posters there too.

This is a very exciting time for the movie!
Come on out!