Morgan milestone: UVA, Harringtons to unveil plaque on sad anniversary

photophile-morganbirthday-bannerThe shrine to Morgan Harrington on the Copeley Bridge (pictured here during a July birthday gathering for Morgan) was removed on October 4 to make way for a permanent plaque, which will be dedicated on October 17, the one year anniversary of her disappearance. FILE PHOTO BY COURTENEY STUART

Christmas. Her 21st birthday. The beginning of a new school year. Over the past 12 months, Dan and Gil Harrington have marked one milestone after another without their daughter, Morgan, who disappeared after attending a Metallica concert last fall and whose remains were discovered on a remote corner of an Albemarle County farm in January. On October 17, the Harringtons will mark another grim milestone: the one year anniversary of Morgan's disappearance.

As they have done frequently over the past year, the Harringtons will visit the Copeley Road bridge–- the place Morgan was last seen alive–- where a shrine grew to cover most of the southeast corner of the bridge with mementos, messages, and banners dedicated to Morgan. But while on previous visits the Harringtons have stood alone, speaking to supporters and members of the media, this time they will be accompanied by representatives of the university for a dedication of a permanent plaque that will take the place of the multi-colored memorial, whose array of photos, candles, flowers, and other mementos were packed up and sent to the Harringtons on October 4.

"Morgan's disappearance, the hopeful search and later the heartbreaking discovery of her remains had an enormous effect on the University community," said Patricia Lampkin, UVA's vice president and chief student affairs officer, in a released statement about the event. Although there seemed to be a break in the case in July, when police announced that DNA evidence linked Morgan's killing with a 2005 assault in Fairfax, there have been no significant developments announced since then.

There have, however, been positive developments at the UVA, says Gil Harrington, who says she perceives greater transparency and a stronger focus on safety– both of which she attributes to new President Teresa Sullivan.

"There's most definitely a change," she says. "I tell people that some of the things that we have done are measurable," she says, mentioning the construction of a school in Zambia in Morgan's honor and a scholarship fund in Morgan's name at the new Carilion Medical School in Roanoke.

"To shift the culture is an abstract and subtle thing," she says. "It's like moving an ocean liner; it takes a while." At UVA, Harrington believes, "the ship has moved by several degrees."

That movement, she says, is illustrated by several things, including the recent "Day of Dialogue: Toward a more caring community," and a new safety program for first year students. "It's about personal safety, looking out for each other, being a community, not being separate things rotating in a similar orbit," says Harrington.

Even the recent rash of reported crimes against UVA students, including several alleged sexual assaults and robberies, is a good sign in its own way, says Harrington.

"I think that what appeared to be an uptick in incidents of assaults is really a different way of recording them and acknowledging them," she says.

UVA spokesperson Carol Wood has not yet responded to the Hook's request for comment on these apparent Sullivan-driven changes.

On a personal note, Harrington says, Sullivan contacted her and Dan "within the first two to three weeks of her being here," and the Harringtons had an in-person meeting with both the President and VP Lampkin to discuss their concerns.

"They have been most respectful and collegial," Harrington says of UVA administrators.

Both Harringtons will speak at the anniversary event, which begins at 2pm with a speech by UVA Executive Vice President and Provost Arthur Garson and the unveiling of the plaque, which will bear Morgan's name, her year of birth and death, and the brief message: "A student at our sister institution, Virginia Tech, Ms. Harrington was last seen alive on this bridge on October 17, 2009.

After the closing dedication, the event will move to the Newcomb Hall Theatre for a screening of A Gift for the Village, a documentary about Virginia Tech artist and professor Jane Vance, who taught Morgan and who was chosen to paint an eminent Tibetan healer as part of a soon-to-be extinct tradition. Vance dedicated the film to Morgan, who appears briefly.  A reception will follow the screening in the Newcomb Hall lobby at 4pm.

–Story updated Friday, October 15 at noon. (Harrington's comments on UVA's increased transparency)

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Why should the re-entry policy change? It's a 2 hour show, they sell anything you need inside and yes for a proffit. It's pretty simple, don't leave during the show unless you're leaving for the night. If you need rescue, it's there, Food, water, soda, it's all there. Need to talk to your kid on a cell phone? Go stand next to the door in a quiet place, just don't leave. There are plenty of places you can't re-enter without paying again or having a pass, bars, nightclubs, other sporting venues, subways without a pass, airplanes, movie theatres, craft shows and many of them before 911. Let's just blame every body! Not!

Oh please, JPJ's no re-entry policy is reasonable and well known. Among other things, do you want people leaving the venue to "party" in the parking lot and then re-entering?

The plaque is fine, The attention Ms. Harrington has received is fine, Even Kenny & Kelly are fine, a little off-putting maybe , but still fine.
But, the fact that JPJ has not altered is re-entry policy, in essence to protect it's precious concession revenue is , as it was in 2009 simply outrageous. A flat out knee jerk reaction to the ghost of 9/11 has that policy in place, so because JPJ has not budged on this issue, it could happen again to someone else's child, and that is not fine.

It's really no one's business why people leave

Sorry, but you may want to ask the Harrington's how "reasonable" the policy is. and yes the erosion of civil rights is certainly well known. and again it's really none of their business or yours why they leave. That's liberty!

I'm afraid that you long time res. fall in to the category of American Sheep. What's wrong with a hand stamp if I feel the need at any time, to leave and them come back? Why do you care what I'm doing? And you're right, there are plenty of places that you can't re-enter and none of them are correct. In this case it may have cost a life. Why? Had Morgan been given re-entry as she requested, this whole conversation may well have been prevented. In your case it would do you well to study the words of Ben Franklin who once said "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."
I'm not blaming everyone, JPJ did not murder this child, but bad policy certainly contributed.

Overstated, arguably, but what is the best reason that comes to your mind to refuse re-entry at any venue, to a bleeding, disoriented child that you can come up with? Especially, in the aftermath, when the outcome is murder. Policy? just sayin'... Everybody does it?
Can we change it? Doubtful, Too much money involved. Should we? Certainly!
Careful, don't want to learn anything here.

A better moniker for "Outraged" would be "Overstated." No re-entry policies at events hardly qualify as an abridgement of civil rights. You might as well argue that the requirement to purchase a ticket for entry in the first place is an abridgement of free movement into the concert venue.

Speaking of which, Morgan Harrington could have purchased another ticket.

Well, that issue is largely security and care for someone in distress, not re-entry. If Harrington needed first aid, then she certainly should have received it at JPJ or from U.Va. police. A better argument could be made that someone wandering around the U.Va. parking lots in an impaired state should have attracted more attention and/or concern from JPJ security or U.Va. police.

I get the creepy feeling half of the bloggers above are the same, like a person talking out loud and argueing with him-self. Is it just me, or is that really weird?

I am very sorry for Morgan's friends to as another poster said above. They are total innocents and had the mifortune to be with Morgan that terrible night and hopeful will not be remembered for this. They to were severly traumaitized and we can't forget this. They r young, naive and whter they were foolish or not don't matter anymore. All of them r so young they had no idea something like this could ever happen. I used to feel different but now pray for these girls to have a blessed and joyous life with nothing but goodness and happiness. They have a right to this and desere support as they were overgrown children basic when thes happen. Just think if your kids were put in this situation as well, won't you want them to be thought of as decent and innocent?

Amy, whick I saw her photo in the gallerie is just beautiful and gorgous. She deseres to move on and been supported by us a community. I hope she graduate, get a great successful job and marries, has lots of kids and live to a ripe old age and can forget this terrible time in history as it shouldn't define her life in any way. She must be so much wise now and learned so much. Good for her for showing up over the weekend to show her support for the memoral.

Do it really matter anyway if Morgan was last seen on the brigde that night or not? I personal don't think so. Brigde=symbol. We won't ever know the facts of this case. Closer is what the family needs and the brigde do it as good as anywhere else.

Reading BOC and someone over there was talking about how Morgan didn't have but maybe 2 friends on the bridge for the anniversary of her death and that there were only about 100 folks there total. That the majority was bloggers and newcomers to the case, LE, reporters, ect... Which makes me wonder do the Harringtons have a large extended family such as aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and so on. Where are all the high school and college friends of Morgan because it seems she had them. Arent there friends of the family. Why don't the Harringtons have more friends and neighbors showing up in support. The BOC poster said they found it strange because usually hundreds of people or even thousands of folks show up at these types of things and need security and so forth. Does anybody else think this is strange, normal. Does it mean folks are over it, disagree that the bridge is the right place for a memorial or that the Harringtons keep to themselves and are private people who are dependent on the Kenny search group types to keep this going. Didnt' think much of it til I read it over at Blinks'.

In the boat? You mean sitting at the same computer? Where's Janie tonight?

Glad to be in the boat with you S Jones....given we have to be in one at all. Thanks.

Well S Jones, thanks for the explanation and update. You've had your share and I respect that. The suicide, yes, I think I know who you're speaking of and I think it is K.G.O's. Tragic and sad but not entirely unexpected from what I've gathered and not necessarily related to Harrington even if it appears that way. Sadly he was a severely ill, unbalanced young man who it would seem never got his illness either treated approp or under control. My condolences to his family and may he rest in peace. But I wouldn't say his death was over Harrington as almost any fixation could have pushed this poor man over the edge.

Glad you've spoken to Radar and had good feelings about him-I'll take your word on this. There is no reason to not believe he's doing everything possible to solve this and other cases. Surely he's got his hands full and I don't envy these guys, they're the underpaid heros.

Am so sorry about your best friend and his wife-what a tragedy and must have been devastating for you and his family. I can see how you would have grown from your pain and love for these ppl. I admire your desire and search for justice in the causes of the marginalized and less 'newsworthy' of those in our midst. These ppl are the majority and yet seem overlooked by the media and society-they frankly do not sell papers or draw spectators as a lovely young blonde can. This is my issue in particular. This and the fact that those surrounding a sensational murder case seem to get special privileges and attentions-or the lack of-b/c of either connections to those in high places or moola. In my mind there is no way the friends of a young man/girl in a ghetto or the hood, a trailer park, etc... would be allowed to get away with the total silence that Harringtons friends have been able to. Just b/c M/Mrs Harrington think the friends are alright and innocent is not enough. It may be true and prob is, but the parents are not in control of their daughter's investigation, no matter what they know or feel. They've been protective of Morgan's friends which in and of itself is a kind hearted gesture, but in the search for justice, and in light of the fact the general pub has been repeatedly asked to help and come forward with details on this case, it doesn't make sense. We're supposed to come up with ideas and scenarios and these kids get to say nothing? Why can't they speak to their whereabouts prior to the concert, why they held Morgan's keys, what exactly Morgan said to Sarah that allowed them to not worry so much abt how Morgan was gonna get home? What's the big deal about this?

Let's say they went to a party b/f the concert, maybe this would trigger names and places for some out here that wouldn't make the connection otherwise. Maybe a name or two would spark something relevant to surrounding friends or acquantices that would connect some dots. I think Morgan may have been drugged w/out her knowledge personally. Who was around her, did she run into more friends at the concert, an old boyfriend, etc...that her primary friends knew about? Was there a fight btwn them as BOC seems to think there was? If this was known then maybe someone else may know of one of these ppl doing something hinky or strange like this before, or of old jealousies, or competitions, anything is possible-but not in such complete silence. Maybe the friends have been well grilled by LE, maybe LE knows much much more about that day, but if this is the case, why the silence and why is the public being pressed to assist? What's being suppressed about the going ons of that day cause it doesn't take a rocket scientist to sense there is alot more to this story than the tidbits that's been thrown to us.

I don't see or hear from any of Morgan's friends in public. Where are they? Was she a loner? She was a beauty-where's the long list of boyfriends? Surely she had them. We have this monster 'Sketch' and unless he grabbed her on the spot out of the blue and this was a total random crime, it would seem wise to look to who else Harrington had been hanging around that day and the weeks before. Did she have her car worked on recently, have a disagreement with someone at her apt, had her friends noticed if she was stressed or being hassled by someone in that week or month prior to her death? See S Jones, it is the silence of Morgan's life and activities, behaviors, etc... that strike me and maybe many out here as strange. In so many cases, there is usually an abundance of ppl coming forward to comment on the deceased and the recent events around their life, giving all sorts of anecdotal stories. Basically we know what M/Mrs H tell us and what the PR firm wants us to know. I don't buy it b/c it smacks of either revisionism or some sort of denial about facts. Now this is my opinion and doesn't mean Morgan was up to no good or was questionable. But the silence speaks volumes and to me gives the impression that the public is to 'buy' the so called image of Morgan that a few want us to believe. I don't think anyone cares if this young woman was acting out or intoxicated or made careless mistakes b/c who of us haven't? A perfect storm of sorts was brewing and events conspired to collide for her tragically, and it's no one's fault ultimately but the perp's. Still knowing there is evil abounding everywhere must inform us and our kids to protect and behave in ways that give us the best chances for surviving. It's survival of the fittest out here, as mean as that may sound. There is no way to insure 100% that evil won't get any of us, but our chances improve when we take care to be aware and careful in all areas.

I want to believe what you say is true about the friends, yet not sure you do know them at all or am clear if you did contact/had contact w/any of them. My question to you is are you assuming their thoughts and feelings b/c of your own traumatic experience beinng the 'friend'? Understandable of course, but not necessarily reality imho S Jones and plse no offense here. Seems like you are a decent person who cares for all ppl and for some reason this case attracted you. Hopefully you will shed much needed light where its needed.

Agree with you abt Courtney too. She's been remarkable covering this case w/good taste and an eagle's eye. Haven't found better info on this case anywhere else. High caliber reporting no doubt.

I don't see the point of posts insulting the victim or her parents, or the police. What happened to the victim is entirely the fault of the predator, and the police were given their jobs because we expect them to do their best to protect us from people like that. If people couldn't leave their homes after 9 p.m., then what kind of civilization do we have? If someone is attacking people after dark, he needs to be removed from society, locked up. There are lots of college girls all across the country who bar hop and drink every single night, and most are NOT molested or killed. So Charlottesville has this problem, and it needs to be corrected. If the Harringtons didn't go public, then we wouldn't even know that a murder happened, if the police weren't working on it and hadn't released his sketch, then possible witnesses wouldn't know what they were looking at. And saying that Harrington being rude or drunk or whatever probably had nothing to do with it. I had an encounter with a man who may have been her attacker on that very night, and before I even saw or heard him or knew he was there, he slammed into me really hard, so hard that it stung. I didn't report him to police at the time because it could have been an accident and my past experience with police in other cities is that they don't like taking reports even on serious crimes, so reporting things that may have been accidental will never go anywhere. But at least now I understand what happened, and you should all understand that the man doesn't care who you are, he just wants someone to atttack physically. Fortunately for me, I was bigger and heavier than he was, and so I didn't fall over. Rather I got angry and took down some info on him, toying with the idea of calling police anyway. Police now have that information, even though I decided against calling them on that particular night. And why do they have it? Because the Harringtons made the case public, because the police released the sketch -- that's the only reason I knew the old license tag was significant enough to find and report.


You need to get real.

"And saying that Harrington being rude or drunk or whatever probably had nothing to do with it."

That's like saying that being drunk has nothing to do with car accidents. Of course it does. Same thing with texting and driving.

FACT: Alcohol alters judgment.

Drunk or sober Morgan did not deserve what happened to her, but the denialist/apologist attitude displayed by folks like you undermines your ability to help other possible future victims. You do your cause a terrible disservice.

Charlottesville most definitely does have a problem. Especially with excessive binge drinking at every public event, out of control uncivil conduct, and a general disrespect for anyone not into the loud binge drinking scene. Remember that other brutal murder in May? Start cracking down there and you'll find its a lot safer for young women to walk home at night.

I usually don't check for follow-up posts, but Old Timer, you really DO need to get real! You can't stop everyone from drinking and prevent all crimes, that's so naive. Sometimes there really are dangerous predators out there, and there's nothing you can do to protect people but hunt them down and lock them up. Did you even read what I wrote? The man attacks women about a second after seeing them, he has no idea whether they've been drinking or not and doesn't care. I wasn't drinking at all that night, in fact I'm a middle-aged computer nerd who was enjoying coffee and free wifi when I was attacked, he probably saw me through the large windows. And they say that's what he did to the Fairfax victim too, grabbed her from behind before she saw him and choked her until she passed out. It's like a martial art he practices, immediately disabling his victims. He's just a predator looking for a victim, and although alcohol may play a role in some things, based on REAL experience it's extremely unlikely that the Harrington disappearance had anything to do with alcohol. And everyone can thank the Harringtons and police if he's caught, so that YOUR daughter isn't next!

There is also the security/liability issue. Everytime one leaves and comes back they have to be searched/screened again.
You have to keep additional employees on hand to monitor and screen those coming back in. That takes up resources.

Liability wise, they have a responsibility to ensure or help ensure the safety of those at one of their shows. If someone leaves who planned on coming back, it would muddy the issue.

Obviously, there is the concession issue. They want to you eating or drinking food bought in there, as you mentioned. They also want to be able to monitor how much alcohol consumption is going on.

Nothing wrong with that. If you don't like the policy, don't come.

They are trying to keep costs down, earn revenue, keep it safe for everyone, and watch out for their own liability. A no re-entry policy for a large venue is the only viable option.

"He’s just a predator looking for a victim, and although alcohol may play a role in some things, based on REAL experience it’s extremely unlikely that the Harrington disappearance had anything to do with alcohol."

Extremely unlikely? She was reported by multiple people as drunk/and or disorientated. Would that not put her at more of a risk? She would be an easy target, and possibly put herselves in situations she would not have otherwise (hitchiking, for example).

S. Jones, I had to google what you meant by Courtney because I'm not from your area. I've been holding off discussing what I experienced that night with the press, mostly because the police do need time to investigate, and I didn't figure out he may have been the same man until AFTER the Fairfax sketch was released. I have posted a little on the blogs here and there, mostly because of some of the attacks on the Harringtons that I know just aren't true. But the man's license tags were from out of state, and the police probably do need extra time for jurisdiction issues, are probably waiting for the FBI's help for certain things. And until DNA is done, we'll never be 100% sure that he really is the same person. So I'm holding off for now, what matters is that police know just about everything that I remember from that incident. I will say this to the man from New Jersey -- if you are the man who also killed Harrington, it's probably best to get your affairs in order, there probably isn't much time for you now, and they have you BAD.

Okay, S Jones, I see your point however I do not know where this info comes from and why I should believe it. Who's got this inside track on all this info you provided here above and why should anyone buy it? Not that it isn't true, but where's the proof? Okay so you've met the girls-still, have they been poly'ed? Where were they all day? Who gave Morgan the alcohol. I see that they make be damned if they do or don't but that's the consequences of being around a murder scene. Too bad so sad imho. They don't have to throw themselves out there to make a few statements you know.

How bout this reality: these girls are being afforded a luxury that most do not or cannot afford or effect. Do you think for one minute in the hood that those who were hanging with the victim get these sorts of privileges and passes and get to lawyer up? No. This crime is a white upper middle class crime and is being treated as such-special treatments abound all the way around. Money everywhere. This is a high profile case for a reason. One that those less influential and affluent can not only afford but be heard in the same manner as this one. No offense to anyone here, but Morgan and her buddies in the scheme of things in the Universe are no more special or entitled than any other kid that is murdered. Imo, it is rather shameful the attention this case gets and has gotten. How many black kids or poor white kids in the C'ville area/Richmond/Roanoke area have died in the last year? Why don't we hear about them? Tell me this, answer this.

How do we know that Morgan was not asked or escorted to leave by JPJ personel due to drunken or obnoxious b'vior? Somebody said she was cussing several ppl in the parking lot, and inside the Arena when they tried to help her get up after a fall. She kicked some dude outside after approaching him and cursed him too. We just don't know the circumstances and it is premature and irrational to change policy before the facts are known imho.

The focus should be on the violent perp that did this to her. We should focus more on the why's someone gets sociopathic like her perp did versus try to change an innocent corporation's policy because this girl couldn't use good judgement and had the misfortune of having friends that were either so clueless or indiff that they ignored their childhood friend. We should focus on why these so called friends are the way they are and were that night or underage drinking and who provided Morgan with alcohol that night. Or maybe it would be nice to know where this group had been before the concert. Were they getting loaded or at a party somewhere? Did they use illegal drugs? Have the friends been poly'ed? Why don't they speak up and tell us about the whole entire day with Morgan, who she spoke to, what she was drinking, feeling, behaving versus getting an entire system that works just fine changed!

There's a good and rational reason for no entry. After 9/11 it particularly makes good sense. Why does every single business have to accomodate every single person's wishes and desires and exhaust infinitye possiblities just b/c a few are dumb and ignorant? Enacting more laws folks gets us to socialism/extremism/facism potentially. Focus on raising your kids right and making them aware that it's a dangerous untrustworthy and unfair world instead of trying to make the world accomodate your dingbat kid. JMO

S Jones, I read your well explained post and do not understand some of it at all yet do believe you think you are doing your best to help. I don't understand as some of what you write seems like riddles to me. Like the suicide aspect. It would appear that you are a champion for all ppls rights and am curious why you attached to this case and not Cassandra Wilsons or a poor person versus a family with dough, but that's your call. Do you come to C'ville? Have you met Harrington's family and the girls and one guy in question? Radar-do you know him, spoken to him? I don't know how or why to take your questions seriously w/out you telling us who you've met. This should not interfere with the case to answer these few questions, but serve to believe you. I don't doubt the girls loving Morgan, but I do think drugs or alcohol had impaired everyone's judgement that night. To leave the parking lot without hearing from Morgan? In her car? This makes no sense whatsoever and deserves, begs, an explanation. Unless it is covering something some don't want us to know. No more calls to find her? You may know these kids but we don't and from how it appears it looks very odd imho. Your alluding to suicide is curious to say the least. Wasn't there some sheriff who was in severe unrelenting pain who took his life? Surely you're not implicating him?

Get real: you are being provocative imo. If you were attacked like this and are not in contact with VSP, then why are you blogging to the general public? This info belongs to those who have the power to act on your experience. You are not giving details-are you in C'ville? Where were you? BTW yes there are insane evil ppl out there and one's chances improve tremendously if one is not impaired in any way, stays in groups at night in lit areas, etc. Morgan was impaired, whether she was drugged by another or not, and it didn't help her chances as she was wandering in parking lots with strange men, ppl saw her wobbly and dropping her purse. Maybe these ppl should have contacted the cops but they didn't. We need to teach our kids evil is everywhere, can happen anywhere, but the odds improve if one is not impaired. If you had been impaired when this man hit you, you may not have gotten his out of state tag number-so you prove my point. But personally, I question you posting in blogs all over about your experience that night as this matter could help the cops. Do not play god on this, let them decide what matters. JMO. BTW I am not the same Fred that posted once above earlier, so I'm gonna change my name to Fred W. to not further confuse. Sorry about that Fred from above.

How many folks die each year or ever under the same or sim circumstances of no entry policies such as Morgan? Prob not many if any at all. So we're asking a corporation to change its entire policy based on the actions of a violent predator in the right place at the right time and with a young drunk careless woman with thoughtless self interested friends who made countless missteps towards her meeting up with this monster? It's like the shoe bomber, how his one time ridiculous actions on a plane, now have us all taking our shoes off at every airport. The bad guys win when we enact laws to meet their every insane acts. It's risky living in the free world. I'd prefer to take my chances without pesky laws meeting me at every turn in the road. JMO.

@ J.J. Malloy, I would not, because the JPJ policy is the same even for women's basketball games at JPJ. That's not quite an angry crowd now is it?. It's all about the precious concession dollars. The same thing could happen there on any given night, because re-entry is not allowed for any reason for anyone. Therein lies the problem. And as I asked before, Why can't I leave and come back for any reason I desire? A simple hand stamp would suffice.Even at airports this is allowed, provided I re enter through security
@ Bill Marshall obviously you're a Cuccinelli fan, or just completely out of touch with reality so your logic holds no water. Just arrest everybody?
@ Caesonia, Not a Metallica fan? Even so, Friday's after Five doesn't control re-entry then why should JPJ? One correct answer is their control the concessions at all costs. In this case the price was remarkably high was it not?

If you had to run any kind of music venue, "overstated", you would can your re-entry policy after one or two shows.

The new UVA President is making changes. They are actually pursuing unreported cases against males and females recently.

I think a good way to solve this would be to have every person acting drunk or high ARRESTED at the next rock concert and see how well that flies....

@ Overstatedly Outraged, I think (and hope) that most people agree that a "bleeding, disoriented child" should be at least taken care of by security personnel; if it is true that she was distressed, bleeding, in obvious pain, etc., then it is indeed an "outrage" that she was not at least taken care of. Common sense should take precedence here.

However, what has NOT been verified in detail as of yet is Morgan's interactions with security personnel or if she was "bleeding and disoriented" (somebody correct me if I'm wrong). Obviously, these are difficult speculations to make, but suppose instead that a security guard for an event is approached by a sloppy drunk - guy or girl - with no ticket to the venue and not showing any signs of distress. Should they let this person into the venue? Again, common sense should take precedence here - no, it's not a venue's job to accommodate this person.

Since we don't know what happened between Morgan and JPJ security, it's tough to "assign blame" either way. But really, the blame should be on the person who committed this terrible act!

@ yes, as usual you are thoughtfully correct on your points. This is semantics in this case. The fact remains that from early accounts of witness statements(in the Hook) that ms Harrington did indeed attempt to gain re-entry to the venue. She was refused re-entry due to the policy, regardless of her state. One witness stated , that a strange girl attached herself to him, as he was speaking with his girlfriend on his cell phone, he blew her off. In other accounts a bleeding girl was seen (unsuccessfully) trying to gain re-entry. Security, policy, and re-entry, and, foremost common sense, go hand in hand in my estimation. There has to be a change, or we ask for more trouble.

Good Lord, here we go again with a lack of reality from folks about the responsibility that goes along with personal choice. First you want to blame JPJ for NOT giving Morgan the right to make personal choices, but then you want to blame them BECAUSE they let Morgan make a personal choice.

1) Morgan was not a child. She was a young adult.Naive possibly, innocent on some levels, but not a child.

2) The band invovled is about anger and loud angry music. It's going to attract loud angry people. Some of those people are dangerous.Alcohol and drugs make them more dangerous.

3) Loud angry concerts attract people who have drug problems and alcohol problems. Both will be consumed at such an event. Seeing someone who is 'disoriented' is not going to throw flags like it might an afternoon BBQ.

4) JPJ is a private establishments with liabilities if underage people get drunk there. Morgan was under age. They are also liable if people get blitzed in the parking lot and then come in and grab some 20 year girl and stab her in the bathroom.

Now, I think we can all agree that what happened to Morgan was absolutely terrible. We can all imagine her being a niece, daughter, aunt, or a cousin.

But what is REALLY saddest to me in all this, is why Morgan felt she needed to be around such a large group of people who apparently, at best, were uninterested in the safety of their fellow companion. At worst, we talking about a large group of socially degenerate people. These people with Morgan were friends? On what planet? The people in the parking lot were so uncaring?

The culture of violence that night wasn't just about the person who ultimately killed Morgan. It's about the entire bloody scene.

The story states:
On a personal note, Harrington says, Sullivan contacted her and Dan ââ?¬Å?within the first two to three weeks of her being here,” and the Harringtons had an in-person meeting with both the President and VP Lampkin to discuss their concerns.

ââ?¬Å?They have been most respectful and collegial,” Harrington says of UVA administrators.

Besides being respectful, what policy changes have they initiated? being respectful is sweet, but not prudent.

Geez, Caesonia, I thought that even fundamentalists had given up their diatribes against heavy metal.

I really didn't mean to visit this page again, but there's so little news on this case lately, and I have to check back to see whether it's finally resolved.

Shane, I don't know the Harringtons personally, but from press accounts I think they live in a different city, and it's probably a burden for people to take off work and drive all the way to C-ville and back. I know that I wasn't in a position to drive to C-ville for that anniversary, couldn't get anywhere near C-ville on that particular week, even though I might have had an encounter with Ms. Harrington's attacker that night and I'm very, very interested in how this case turns out.

S. Jones, Courteney did contact me, and we both sort of agree that my run-in with the man isn't really much of a story until and unless police decide that he's the man who killed Harrington. I'm really suspicious of him because he was out on the same night and hit me in a sneaky, deniable way that seems to resemble the immediate attempts at disabling his victims like the Fairfax rapist, and he does look a lot like their sketch. But again, we'll have to wait and see. There's still a chance that the man I saw just happened to be a jerk on the wrong night, and is someone different entirely. I'd say that's a small chance, but you never know.

JJ Malloy - I agree with you - here come the blinkie crazies. They actually still believe that there were deer camera's on and around AF.

Amazing how there may have been more of Morgan's killers who attended the bridge ceremony than her actual friends.

Fair or not, one of the lessons to be learned is to be a better friend to the people you care about than Morgan's friends were to her. If she had friends who were concerned about her levels of intoxication, erratic behavior,etc.--she may still be alive. They are not to blame for her death, but they are among the few who may have been able to prevent it.

One lesson to be learned is when you see a friend out of control and wasted--take responsibility for them. Then you will never have to whine about it not being fair that people think you could have done something that might have prevented your friend's death.

There goes S Jones again, spewing his "legal" mumbo jumbo. You have a lot of nerve taking advantage of this family. While I am not a psychiatrist, I would bet every dollar I have that the "owner" of that site would love nothing more than for you to just go away.

Furthermore, if what you are saying is true, about speaking to Joe Rader, I would bet every dollar that I have its because he asked you personally to adhere to the above.

Get a hint. Go away.

No one is laughing. Quite the opposite. People are infuriated with you.

Sjones, Why do you care if this family hired a PR firm? What any business of yours??


The tone and content of comments here devolved to the point that I was forced to bulk delete. Commenting on this story has been shut down. Please, refresh your memories on proper commenting protocol.--Courteney Stuart

Deleted by moderator.

Deleted by moderator.

While all of the dedications are being made to Morgan, is anyone using the opportunity to better educate our children on safe ways to minimize their chances of becoming victims?

My bet is no. Someone please prove me wrong.

Cue the blinky crazies

I still keep hoping the next article about Morgan I read will be announcing the capture of the loser who did this.

I am sorry for the loss of the Harringtons. but where is the recognition of the others that have gone missing sinse? anyone ever hear of them? i feel all this hype over harrington covers over the horrible loss of others. abduction is still happening in our area and nobody has them on the news more than one notice. i do not see the point in using the horrible act that took morgan as publicity only for her .. the time and money should be used to publisize the ones that are missing to help other families as john walsh did for his son adam walsh after his horrid murder.

Old Timer,
Where have you been? The Harringtons are doing much to promote safety for other women. They have been speaking at U. Va and I think traveled to Washington to speak on this subject.

Morgan's parents are responsible for this so called "hype" as you so disrespectfully called it. The parents of the the others that are missing apparently have not done so. You should ask them why not.

Why is a memorial being installed on a public bridge to this sad, lost girl?

I can see the Harrington's motivation in wanting to keep the story alive to aid in the cpature of a killer, but a memorial plaque?

There are far many other people in the Charlottesville community who deserve to be memorialized for their accomplishments?

This is a horrific and tragic story, to be sure, but some of it boils down to a young woman who made some very bad decisions in rapid succession.

Is this memorial is going to hurt or effect you how? What have you done to memorial these others that deserve to be memorialized?

Let me guess, you have never been guilty of this.....

"who made some very bad decisions in rapid succession."

Some of you are major brats and I refuse to spend anymore energy on you. God bless the Harringtons!

So long. Never forget...Karma bites back!

"and I refuse to spend anymore energy on you."

Oh? When does this great news finally take effect?

People who disagree with you are brats? If a plaque makes you happy, bully for you. Get over yourself, little miss. You can start by untwisting your undergarments so you'll be more comfortable.

Ceremonies like this are deemed essential to keep pressure on investigators to solve the case.

People who put themselves in at-risk situations for no real reason (such as deciding to walk home -- to another city -- after wandering out of a concert before it has begun) run the very real risk of getting hurt.

Perhaps that is what should be memorialized so other people might think twice before making a series of decisions in an impaired state of mind that terminate in tragedy.

Perhaps she should have trusted a state cop instead?

Jeff, the fallacy of your question is the assumption that anyone can be trusted.

Perhaps the issue of underage drinking has never been properly addressed by the Harringtons. Had the law been properly enforced and obeyed by the sellers and/or providers and Morgan, she may have had more wits about her to avoid a bad situation altogether. Believe me, I know how drinking has affected my judgment in past incidences so I'm not being hypocritical and I understand their grief. We here have a woman missing here in Orange now and where has been their public outcry or demanding of notices and display public monuments?

Morgan’s parents are responsible for this so called ââ?¬Å?hype” as you so disrespectfully called it. The parents of the the others that are missing apparently have not done so. You should ask them why not.
Are you suggesting that every parent of a missing/killed young person can and should enlist the aid of a public relations firm? And promote the case on every TV crime show that will have them?

"Are you suggesting that every parent of a missing/killed young person can and should enlist the aid of a public relations firm? And promote the case on every TV crime show that will have them?"

If that is what it takes to catch her killer and make other women safer, YES, by all means!!!

"If that is what it takes to catch her killer and make other women safer, YES, by all means!!!"

'Other women' have better sense than to attempt a 140-mile trek at night, alone and on foot. Or to get in a vehicle with someone they do not know well. Or to get blitzed on unknown substances and leave a venue.

The reason cases like this get so much attention is because they are rare. There was a confluence of events on Oct. 17, 2009 compounded systematically by bad jusgment that caused this sad situation outside a concert at JPJ.

To argue that hiring PR firms and filling up the airways with the story of one young women who made mutliple bad mistakes is just silly. Women will be no "safer" before or after this girl was killed. Personal responsibility and common sense are the first steps to living a "safer" life.

Oh, when you add three exclamation marks at the end of your sentence, do you really believe that makes you sound 300 percent louder?

"deciding to walk home � to another city � after wandering out of a concert before it has begun..."

I just don't think this is what happened. Nothing about what went on with Morgan has ever made any sense, from the supposed timeline of events, to her motivations, to her friends' behavior, to where her body wound up. None of it makes sense. It's such a crazy story. I think people shouldn't be so quick to make the above quote the official version of what transpired. Nobody knows what really happened or what Morgan did or didn't do, and why, except for Morgan and her killer. But, that's just my opinion.

"Oh, when you add three exclamation marks at the end of your sentence, do you really believe that makes you sound 300 percent louder?"

Apparently so, made you notice enough to comment, did'nt it?

"Apparently so, made you notice enough to comment, did’nt it?"

To the extent I was commenting on your ignorance, yes, I suppose so.

And so much for your self-proclaimed vow to shaddup and go away:

"I refuse to spend anymore energy on you."

Those are your exact words.

Good luck with your shrill crusade. Windmills are scarce around Charlottesville so you may have difficulty finding anything to joust with.

That's all. I'm done with ya.

booo, people do know what Morgan did. There were many eyewitnesses to her behavior after she left the concert. She was last seen on the bridge and then found at the farm. And the behavior of her friends makes sense from their perspective and based on their relationship with Morgan and her prior behavior, behavior which also explains why the police were slow to investigate this as a missing persons case.

The reason it all doesn't make sense to you is because you don't know all the facts as they have not been released publicly out of respect for Morgan's family.

"Good luck with your shrill crusade. Windmills are scarce around Charlottesville so you may have difficulty finding anything to joust with."

I am 8 hours away from Charlottesville. Thank God!!!! (notice 4 this time. WOW). I never knew Virginia was such a hateful state!

"I am 8 hours away from Charlottesville. Thank God!!!!"

Indeed. Thank God.

"Indeed. Thank God."

Those are your exact words. Seems like you don't know when to shaddup either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To some of the others in Virginia, I apologize, I should not have dissed on your state like that. There are DB's everywhere!

You are the simpleton who promises, then refuses, to go away.

Still waiting for you to keep your promise, Kelly. There are bound to be other forums elsewhere on the Internet that would benefit from your (unintentional?) hilarity.

How's the weather in West Virginia this morning?

just another reminder of how inept and incompetent the people, the law enforcement, the university and the state of Virginia are ... so sad.

R.I.P. Morgan.

It is my hope that this plaque will remind students and UVa visitors that once in awhile this community , like all others , attracts predators. Everyone needs to protect themselves by staying with friends at events,staying sober in public, etc.


See, you are why the whole Morgan harrington thing has become offensive to so many people; you belittle anyone who might ask hard, if not self-gratifying questions.

Where have I been? Right here in the area fighting other fights. I have been reading the Hook, DP, and other news sources. All I ever hear about is the continued wailings and beating of breasts over a young woman whose fate can teach people many things beyond pretty plaques and piles of rocks.

Anytime someone suggests that better choices can be made, the flaming begins from the Morgan cult.

While it is true that the Harringtons have worked to keep Morgan in the limelight, I think saying other parents aren't out there trying to do things for their daughters is in poor taste. The implication that somehow they are failing because they are not attention seekers like the Harringtons is poor play on your part. If doing this is important for the Harringtons that's fine, but don't condemn others.

Dearest Morgan,
Because this happened to you, I will never bring children into this evil world. God bless you and yours. We love you, where ever you are.

As I posted somewhere else: For those of you who are upset that there is a plaque for Morgan and not for other missing/murdered victims or some accomplished individual, get out of your comfort zone and work for them! Morgan's parent's and others are trying to make a difference for society's victims. So, when they'd rather be grieving in private they're out lobbying Congress for better laws, building a school in Africa for children, starting scholarships for people who can't afford education and yes, endeavoring to make things safer for everyone. There are people who have worked for Morgan's plight who are now trying to organize a search for Samantha Clark. Every bit of work and attention for Morgan will benefit others. Her parents have made sure of it... not the least of which will remove a killer from the streets of our fair Charlottesville. The only difference between Morgan and other victims is that she knew a few people who get out there to make a difference in her name. Worn out yet tireless people. If you're tired of hearing it, please stop reading it. You want something done for someone else? Go do it.

J.Me You have said it all.

I see alot of bantering back and forth on this comment. I don't think the plaque is going to hurt anyone and I guess it was a way for the school to dispense with the makeshift memorial at the site. You know what really strikes me as interesting is none of her friends that supposedly attended the concert have ever come forward to discuss Morgan's mental or physical state at the time of her disappearance. What condition was she in to leave the concert before it even started. Also they don't have video survellience at JPJ?

@Charlie - the video surveillence issue has been done into the ground in all the previous Morgan stories/comments in past issues of The Hook....

Some of you are killing me with this stuff. A person was murdered. It's not the fault of JPJ, her past behavior, law enforcement, a bridge or a university. It's the fault of one violent killer, that unfortunately may not have left alot of evidence behind. Someone, somewhere knows more and they're not telling, even if the only someone is the killer. Hopefully time and effort will bring this killer to justice and hopefully it won't be from evidence due to another victim.

Old Timer- I will say you have a good point...Everyone needs to be observant of their surrounding and teach their children the same. Don't make yourself an easier target, but don't let this stop you from enjoying your own lives as well.

boooo!, all of this has been done into the ground

Once again, thanks for being a voice of reason on this message board.

To Winchester,
Your post just about broke my heart.
Please try to remember there is more good than evil in this world.but I admit, though, that what happened to Morgan is enough to make me despair about humankind. I can't wait until that sick monster is arrested and taken to trial.

Look as I read here I just see alot of repetition of goings on over the same sad things over and over and it makes very little sense when the idea is to catch Morgan's killer. We have to find Sketch and he may be getting worse you guys. If he's outta control we have to figure this out. There's the fire on S. Road and it isn't a coinkident folks. This is the plan of a few who were well planned and need us to get this figured out. We can complain about Morgan's supposed friends and go over the same silly arguements again and again or we can get proative and find Sketch and the others. Whining isn't working but we can get behind Blink who is doing seminal ground breaking work that isn't being done anywhere else and help her group make new headways.

Doen't anyone else realize the man known as Sketch may have been committing more crimes since the Fairfax assault? Don't this scare anyone who has kids in college? We have to smoke him out and the good folk at BOC have the most ground braking ideas anywhere. Even the Harringtons don't seem to offer help in solving this and shut there website down. What does that tell you?

Mr or Ms. Jones keep referring to a PR firm run by someone in charge. Is that Dr. Harrington, cause he don't say outright. But what is your point Mr or Ms Jones telling us here at Hook what has to do wiht elsewhere? I believe you have a good intention with this case but you talk in riddles and hard to understand. I wish you'd spell it out if you have something to say. Which I think you do but you dumb it down with your writing between the lines. Just flat out say it and let it be the truth. You clearly read us over at Blink's so why not write all this over there? Are you saying the pR firm drove the suicide case over the edge or what? It just isn't clear which is why I have a hard time reading posts here, at Blinks we deal in truth and clarity and justice for the victims. We're onto a lot over there and may be helping LE solve this case. So get busy helping and stop the same old same old. J4M!

Hen mother have you seen the New Jersey roundtrip theory made by some local professionals that relate to the Sutherland house fire. Several trips were made as calls came in to recheck that site of the fire that burned the house down. All this on the day Morgan Harrington's body was found by Farmer Bass. Lots and lots of new and revelant info going on, details and people putting lots of clues and data together ect. I am finally encouraged by what I am personally seeing and reading. We may have some real answer by snow season I am hoping. So much good information out there in spite of none of it coming from those it should be coming from you would think. Here we are just after the 1 yr anni and this case has not been solved which is a travesty I think. We are working as hard as we can and will never give up on our sinny girl! Justice for Morgan. We love you Mogo. J4M and 241 forever.