Win free concert tickets with your Halloween costume


Electronic jamband rockers The Disco Biscuits have big plans for Charlottesville on Halloween. First, they're headlining a show at the Pavilion, which will then be followed by a late night all-instrumental set at the Jefferson under the alias "Tractorbeam."

This all strikes us as a fine way to spend the evening, so we've got a pair of tickets to both shows for you (that's four in all, enough for two people). Just post a picture of your best Halloween costume of all time in the comments here (be sure to plug in your real email address), or else email the picture to us if you don't have web space for hosting them, and we'll add them in for you. We'll hook up one lucky winner with the tickets and then print the winning photo in next week's issue for everyone else to ogle.

The Fine Print: by participating, you grant the Hook permission to use your likeness no matter how silly you look in that costume. Sexy cats are automatically disqualified unless you're a dude. This year's upcoming costumes are also fair game, of course, so get thee to a Target.

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I'm going as a goo ball.


I want these tickets! From Pictures

Enjoy the show, Gordons.

I never got a picture, but I was dressed in white shirt, white pants, and balloons taped on, all wrapped in saran wrap. I was a bag of jelly beans! I lady I danced with popped a few balloons, and three years later we were married!

I hope this is good! It's from last year....