Snap: Busted for speeding on Ivy Road

news-snap-tecatespeeding9:12pm Sunday.

This is what the rear-view mirror looks like when getting pulled over eastbound on Ivy Road on Sunday, October 17 for allegedly traveling 52mph in a 35mph zone near Birdwood golf course. Fortunately for the allegedly errant driver, the two 12-packs of Tecate beer–- a favored beverage for the late Jim Morrison, according to Light My Fire by Ray Manzarek–- held down on the Hookmobile's roof only by gravity, did not draw any attention from the arresting Albemarle County Officer.

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maybe if said driver had "donated" a 12 pack, they might not have been the lucky recipient of a ticket

Since you weren't "arrested" the officer wasn't an arresting officer

why were you driving so slowly?

Is there a law against driving with beer on the roof ?

so there were two cases of beer on the roof while you were 'allegedly' going 52 mph, and the arresting cop didn't notice them?