Jinx hardly jinxed

Foodies keep finding Jinx's 'cue.

The network of food websites/blogs Serious Eats recently gave our own James "Jinx" Kern some serious love. Writing about a July visit to Jinx's East Market Street BBQ joint, Jinx's Pit's Top Barbecue, blogger Chichi Wang's heart seems to have swelled to five times its normal size.

"There have been few culinary experiences in my life that have quieted, humbled, and thrilled me with its utter perfection," writes Wang. "But Jinx's pork did all of those things. Like true love, the experience of the sandwich left me quite certain that it would be a long time before I could feel anything tantamount to the pleasure I experienced on that summer afternoon."

There are also some impressive photos by blogger Robyn Lee. Glossy magazine-quality shots of Jinx's inner bbq sanctum, including a funny one of Jinx giving his visitors bunny ears–- the same thing he did when Talking Heads frontman David Byrne discovered his 'cue–- outside the restaurant's humble digs.

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I recently got barbecue at a couple other esteemed places in the area, and, frankly, they did not even come close to the deliciousness Jinx creates! He is the barbecue maestro!

The newish BBQ place in Gordonsville is very good too.

Best barbecue in town. Hands down. Period.

Note to Dave McNair: Do not let Jinx catch you referring to his fare as "bbq." He WILL take offense, and you WILL receive a lecture (for which you will be grateful).

Jinx does not receive nearly enough love. It is the best barbecue in town and there are no comparisons. All you need to look at is the outside love that Jinx has had showered upon him from the Wall Street Journal to Northern Virginia magazine. Do yourself a favor and head over and try Jinx's barbecue!