Carpe Donut rolling along

Carpe Donut isĀ  stepping up production, but "Gypsy" will still be roaming around town.

Foodies may have noticed that Carpe Donut's red trailer hasn't been showing up Downtown these days. That's because organic donuts aren't the only thing that owner Matt Rhodie has been cooking up.

Currently, he's busy opening a storefront behind Cville Coffee, in the old Wahoo Ridge Catering space, where he'll be offering hot donuts six mornings a week from 7:30 to 10:30am. Plus, he'll be partnering with Mike McBlair, maker of WahooQ bbq sauce, in offering what he'll call the "The Organic Breakfast": organic breakfast burritos, coffee, and juices to go.

"We're taking the space to expand our wholesale production capacity," says Rhodie, saying he wants to ramp up from 2,000 donuts a month to a whopping 45,000. "We will Twitter and Facebook whenever we are making production runs, and folks can stop by for hot donuts right then."

But don't worry, it's not the end of the red trailer completely. Rhodie says it's still available for special event catering, weddings, Fridays After Five, Pavilion Concerts, festivals, and the like.

Since Rhodie rolled out the donut trailer in 2007, which he calls "Gypsy," its been a one-man, one-family operation, but that is about to change.

"We're finally bringing staff on board Carpe Donut," he says, " but will still be owner operated. Every staff member will be a stock-holder and get a monthly profit share in addition to wages, after buying their member share."

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