Year after: Last sighting of Morgan Harrington commemorated

news-harrington-triangle-cropOn Sunday, October 17, the one year anniversary of Morgan Harrington's disappearance, her brother Alex and her parents, Dan and Gil, helped UVA officials unveil a stone plaque at the spot where the 20-year-old Virginia Tech student was last seen. PHOTO BY COURTENEY STUART


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The parents, family, friends and community have the right to grieve and memorialize Morgan in any way they see fit. What a horrific tragedy and senseless loss of a vibrant young woman, who was locked out of the concert, tried repeatedly to join her friends inside and was turned away...then murdered! I commend the parents. Life will never be the same for them. We all grieve in different ways. They have the right to do whatever makes them feel better.

My question is what has UVA's John Paul Jones Arena done about a policy change? A policy change that would prevent a young woman alone from being locked out of a concert at night and being murdered as a result of not having her ticket?

Nope..don't really care..just because it was posted does not make it accurate or even that the mod didn't later realize a mistake had been made and differences settled. That post is useless. Not to worry about me posting here. Didn't mean to post as much as I did and it won't happen again. I do not need proof from FM. I have had all of that I will ever need.

I think we found the perp!!!! I hope like hell it will come out in the news with in the next couple months if it is him!!!!!

C, I was your friend at FM for a long time until I discovered you lied about meeting Morgan at the concert the night of OCT 17th 2009. That's a fact.

You never had once said to me all the time when PM's each other and talked ever that you had to take meds because of your ILLNESS. You didn't have a ILLNESS at the time. We spoke about things like your family and your kids etc.. Your hobbies, No one ever objected to your being on the computer at all either. At that time you were on ALOT!!!
You could be ILL IDK for sure but not one word about it until much, much later. I also lied in my letter to you because I just wanted everyone to get along. I take the whole thing back as it was a lie anyway. Du can vouch for me there.

She sent me about 230 Pm's at FM. I may be exaggerating by 30.
It's been my opinion since then that some are here for just themselves.
Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the writing style change again. No dropping of the G's, Yeah whatever.

I wonder who impersonated me?? Don't be a goat!!

Does an unattractive old man or woman count as much as a young pretty woman? If they die tragically? Or if you're black or blue or red? What's with singling this ONE woman out? She was not the victim of poverty or bravely battling an illness, or starved to death. She was foolish let's face it and yes we all have been, but starting memorials for one young foolish woman for dying when people die every day of a myraid of things that never ever get acknowledged.

I am white and yet the special treatment these people are getting make me begin to understand the plight of black people and how their stories and deaths go and have gone unnoticed, unreported, neglected for decades upon decades. C'mon people, what is up? Where's Yeardley's memorialand Cassandra's and Kristin's? Don't tell me it's cause the parents are the squeakiest wheel either cos it's more than that, a lot more.

It is most true, stylus virum arguit, our style betrays us. Robt. Burton

Maybe this can start something good, like UVA building a memorial to all of its own female student victims to violence and crime. Maybe this can help the area recognize it for everyone.

Omg!! Dakota is S Jones!! Just figured it out!!

S Jones, thanks for dropping the misspelling game, at least for a little while up there at 9:07. It does get a little tedious. Once you drop the riddles and pseudo-insider code words it sure is a heck of a lot easier to follow you.

The problem is though that you are still apparently under the absurd impression that you have had or will have something to do with solving the murder of Morgan Harrington and that some how what you are doing is important.

Sorry, playing games on the internet may give you a thrill or two and a sense of being in the middle of the action, but if and when a murderer does come to justice, it will be despite rather than because of all of the garbage you and your other cultists buddies have spewed all over the internet.

An illiterate person with no skill what so ever at clearly expressing his/her thoughts works on important cases in a law firm? Yeah, right! The S Jones we see here wouldn't get a job cleaning the office after hours.

how many people writing under teh name s jones? like reading a bad spy novel all of this

on second thought more like a soapopera or paperback romance

Thought it a given everyone involved with finding Morgan are nuts. I too have gone over to the dark side as well just watching this ridiculous event, well it is a spectacle now, proceed. As someone earlier said it started with FM. Who started FM? We know who ran it, 3 untrained volunteers, but who the heck started it and how was it being managed?

It's too bad Morgan's friends didn't behave as "friends" the night of the Metallica concert.


I owe you nothing! Your insults mean nothin to me. You go on with your big bad self. You worry me none!

You are the very reason I refuse to end up the same residual damage that kevin ended up being in this case pushed by cyber bullies, such as yourself, to the point of suicide. I like brady, I have never had a problem with brady, if he has a problem with me just because you do then he can very well make that known to me. However, do not blame me for your ignorance and your attitude towards it. I am not the reason the forum was shut down I was told that by dan. So take your consumed hate and bitterness to someone who gives a damn because I don't. FM was supposed to be a place where the case could be discussed and progress made and I can clearly see that some never were determined to never let that be possible. So whatever you do, either move over or simply get the hell out of the way, because regardless we're comin through with what we know with your help or without it. I'm done here.

Ariaes, thanks for sharing that with us. I didn't know until recently who Kevin was. I never spoke with him, although I think maybe he posted on the psychic side of FM? Not sure if it was the same Kevin.

About a month ago someone posted Kevin's FB pages on teammorgan, and we had a look into his mental state. It was apparent that Kevin was ill, but he never seemed harmful by any means.

Interesting that he got some things right. Maybe he knew a lot more than any of us could ever know!

No one said that the issue of you suing FM is a current one. I said they ââ?¬Å?were afraid of you suing them for a long time.” I consider a long time more than a month. It’s relative. I never said you may not have resolved your differences. I’m saying they did exist, and that was not from gossip. That’s all.

Campbellhn, a lot of people would like to know the truth of that matter, just as SJones wants to know about the IckyYickyBlickeys or whatever it was. You consider it personal, so I won’t bring it up with you again. I’m glad you resolved your differences and what matters is all people feel safe. Peace be with you, Campbellhn. We all want Morgan’s murderer found.

FM was shut down because of Camp. Everyone knows that, including herself. She has caused an unbelievable amount of distruction and thought no one would notice? Not a chance!

FM alum, I agree. I think LE should be looking into Camp for her serious threat about taking out dozens. Good grief, does it always have to come to threats for her? Apparently she was called out in public on her threats to sue. When will it stop?

Camp, this post isn't intended for you to comment on. You have said many times you are done responding and don't care (despite multiple posts in response). Please prove that right! Move on! The only one bullying here is you!

My experience with Kevin McNeill.

I do not believe for one moment that his suicide is residual damage done from Morgan's case. Kevin put himself out there as a Remote Viewer. He contacted me in early December 2009. I spent hours upon hours talking with Kevin. I went though his highs and lows with him. Kevin trusted me in that I was going to help him get his remote views to the police. I had no clue about who he was, if he was legit or not. I told him that. Kevin volunteered his references to me. He wanted me to call his sister, his ex-girlfriend, his former employer. He volunteered their names, email addresses and phone numbers to me. He wanted me to know that he was a real person. Yes, I spoke with his sister, who assured me that Kevin was gifted, but that his mental illness clouded his visions. Yes, I spoke with his former employer, who confirmed to me that he suspected Kevin was homeless but that he did a good job for him and he hated that he left. He new Kevin's sickness had taken over. Yes, I spoke to his ex-girlfriend (via email), who also confirmed to me that Kevin was a good guy, that he did have gifts, but that she wished to not be involved. You see, I wanted to believe in him. He wanted me to believe in him.

I knew he was in California, because he told me. I also knew that he was using a laptop and getting on the computer only limited hours of the day via wireless internet cafes. I had him as a friend on Facebook, when everyone else was laughing, ridiculing him. I was the only one who would listen. I was often chastised as to why, I would continue to communicate with someone with such a deranged way of thinking, because I got to know Kevin. He believed that he communicated with Morgan on the other side. I remember on numerous occasions, chatting with him on Facebook, where he would talk about wanting to go to the other side with Morgan. In his mind, he was married to her and they were going to have a child. I know it sounds, unbelievable, but he believed it. I just let him talk, I listened. He wanted me to send everything that we had discussed to Lt. Rader. I must say he did have some things right (which I am not going to discuss). I think that is why I was so interested in listening to him. Kevin, then just became a cyber-friend. He wanted me to help him get back home, but I had no money to get him back here. I think once he realized I couldn't help him anymore, he moved on, creating all the different Facebook sites for missing people.

Kevin was obsessed with Morgan. But he was also obsessed with being able to use his psychic abilities to help in other cases too. A lot of people did think he was a hindrance to the investigation. Maybe he was. But as far as his suicide being residual damage, no one can control what someone does from their own computer. If they interject themselves into an investigation online, then they must be prepared to put on some thick armor. As it is a tough Cyber-world out there.

May God rest Kevin's soul. He struggled so much to discern in his mind what was right and accurate. He just wanted to help, but he was sick long before Morgan.

Oh Types you came back......alas my darling, you left me with the wolves. The bitter casts of sullen reality frozen, frozen in such judgment and harsh sentiments for those who live with all the joy we can find in this forlorn place. Take me back to color, to water and light and the fertile black earth that gives us green shoots of life, ever nourishing and giving. Take me far away from those memories at the mausoleum at Halicamassas-where the dead howled in those subterraneun vaults.....and yes I should have left our Brady there, I could not, not on that barren hill in the hot blazing sun, he looked so tiny, well he was tiny, and yet he had his teeth, so pointy. And those eyes, it was those rectangular pupils that should have tipped me off. Still, when he smiled, I melted.

I lost you til tonight, or did I, did you ever think of me? Did I do the right thing? I dared not deny him, he was nothing but a l'enfant terrible I knew this, but he was mine...I knew you'd get on that ship and sail far far away. I hold no ill will. But I have now this grown child, our little Brady and oh Types, he hates me. Palua: this is where he thinks he was born around the mystery skulls there and has never forgiven me. Has he written you, do you see his ungratefulness above? How he says the mirrors are filthy-the mirrors of our memories, this is what he is saying Types. He wants to be taken from the hall of filthy mirrors. I see the mirrors of eternity and he hates me!

Now what? It is almost four. Do you want my pomegranate seeds my love? There are 5 left. I'll save them for you just say the word.

Thus another post to which has not meaning. Will this end, sadly we may never know.

Remove me from this hall of mirrors
This filthy glass

Mallorie if you've read and been with us tonight, you would see that my posts are to Tripe, responses to his invitation for feasting. I had no intention of confusing anyone, just a normal rational reply to the existential dilemma Tripe first posed to us, then I rsvp'ed him for dinner and addressed a small aspect of what he so succinctly brought up. This concerns our very basic question as to what it is to be human, seemingly cast adrift and orbiting alone at incomprehensible speeds in a frighteningly cold galaxy; where we sing our psalms and long for our God to hear us. For those of us who may not hear our Lord we may feel flung into such a Vast Aloneness that it seems there is nothing of any substance to grasp. So Tripe called out to me, out of that Black Void, he spoke, he asked me to dine with him. Because we understand that all we have is this moment and to fully embrace this Eternal Now, we do it with passion and joy and revel in our Brief Humanity, taking what shards of the vessel, all the beauty and grace we can muster, here and now, that we can gather. We hold these moments close and dear and treasure them as they are the stuff we tiny little Beings can know. At least for now.

As to those of us who hear our God, who hears our cries to the Eternal and Beyond What Is, then we have our own stories and life that I will not share here. Believe me. If you could not guess, somehow, as to what I was saying then I would tell you to pick up a book or go back to school, or go out under the stars and gaze, to cry out to the VOID and simply WONDER.

I find you to be a bit of a joy killer, coming along admonishing those you do not or care not to comprehend. Why not simply mind your own business as you do not have to understand everything. You condescend to me, address me as if you are my superior, you chastise Elliot for God knows what or why, so give us a break, it's late, some of us are having fun, and if you don't like it then leave or don't read.

As to Brady, honey I forgot you went outside, you can come in now sweetheart as the fun is clearly over.

Yes dear T. I shall never stop looking for you. Fall into that sweet sweet slumber...................goodnight.

BRADY, honey come back in..........I have some hot chocolate for you dear. Time for play is over and Mother Dearest is back to normal. I promise, you've been a good sport and sweet son.

Mallorie, the killer of fun and joy. Stop reading me if it doesn't please you. Come on does everybody have to be so serious and rational for you ALL the time. Loosen up. Somebody here earlier was passing a joint around, my advice to you is PARTAKE and inhale deeply and often. You know I think it was my sweet son that had it.........BRADY....get in here

. . . . .

'nite all

When ur drunk ur drunk!

Brady dear, honey, would you mind going out to play or make more popcorn-you know for an hour or two, maybe til 4...thank you dear, and Mommy will explain later..

Oh darling Tripe, you have my pomegranates quivering now. As you know I only have a few, yet these are firm and red, ripe, bursting...with the knowledge of course of what was, I know well of what was, those fragments, the broken vessels of potential, of life giving love, those sparks that once flew golden and hot in the black void, giving off a brief warmth that once, lit my soul, orange, brilliant greens, flints of violet petals........yes, my love, all that is now gone, is over. All that remains is this moment, this now, with you-if our dear Brady has left the room...This all occurred as you know Sweetest, because my Mother was left desolate, despondent, grew angry and vengeful and would no longer nourish this Vast Unknown.....Hell appeared and yes, you were so right, it is over, can never happen now. He took what never belonged to him and therefore that "prevalent notion" that joyful homecoming can not be.

Therefore we may hay while the sun shines and we no longer dream the same dreams Tripe. Do you understand? We cannot let ourselves dream the dream of Complete Union and Transcendance. No, what we have now is simply NOW. The messenger is you, it is me, it is us without our dreams of what cannot be anymore. So still we look to this, this, our singular moment in Eternity and I bring to you my darling Tripe, my honey and freshly baked bread, sun ripened peaches from the vine, and the blackest of blackberries glistening and full with their sweet small whispering mysteries of what it is to be a rejoice that this berry will give us tonight, joy and bliss, and the Messenger will Become this has transmuted from a transcendant God into a pagan god that only gives us sustenance in this now, this tender moment that can only be now and never again. Yes Tripe, there well may not be a Heaven, but for tonight, there shall be you and me and our yielding bodies and bountiful feasting.

Darling, the Reisling will be just perfection. Come to me.

Perhaps the whole world has gone mad!

Bigfoot is going to have a field day tomorrow morning when he comes in. UH-OH.

i AM outside.

Elliot That's enough. Have some respect.

..who types with their hearts my dear one
but sadly 4 approaches and brady as well again.

if only you had abandoned him in infancy on that hill in Halicarnassus what might have been ours tonight....
but fate is fate and we can weave only what thread has been spun for us

Been waiting for you to tell us sjones,only thing we get out of it is about mods at FM and you hate blink.

Stipes, Care to explain your posts? While they are somewhat interesting and entertaining, they are still very confusing. Or is that your intentions?

I sory that he deid, I soory I evr broght it up bu I fear fo hsi family and hsi memrory. I have gdoo memrories of him evn if he was distubed, he still a hunam with riggts! Wase up yu fools, wak up as liok at what we doing to eah other. Idn't everbody sad and outrged at errosponsibel taking to eah other. Jus doent' get why everone wouln't talk about this as it sohld be and not taking abot it maks it worse in teh end. Can allsee eher tonghit that no on is taking about wat maters? Cmom.

Pass the joint, so i will know what you are talking about.....

Good for Lizzy Seeburg's parents! They hired a lawyer to go after ND-another travesty in our schools. When does it stop?

Would somebody please pass the butter?

Jeff, Laughter lol

They boil them... they shrink them... and then they mount them on sticks.

S Jones do you recognize my bandmate here? Watch out for sheep in wol....ect..

i come in peace man....

Oh Prof. I just love shrunken heads! This is just like a Tarzan movie! Jones is Tarzan, Muffie is Jane, the rest are the natives and a few are the white interlopers. Who gets boiled in oil? Or, my fav when the natives tie the white bad guy to Two trees with one half on one tree and another on the other and then Bwana goes BOING! Brady do you have more popcorn?

An X-ray machine will do just fine Elmo, just keep the Babbling Tower out of the punch will you?

its Jiffy pop.

It's been a prevalent notion. Fallen sparks. Fragments of vessels broken at the Creation. And someday, somehow, before the end, a gathering back to home. A messenger from the Kingdom, arriving at the last moment. But I tell you there is no such message, no such home -- only the millions of last moments . . . nothing more.

Must be a full moon tonight!

Do we really need nihilism this early Tripe? Hey the night is young, sparks still fly, hope springs eternal, taste the wine that still springs forth from the vessel shards, there are millions of possibilities and love is in the air....let us revel still in this, our folly, our strange insanities and frolic.........I will meet you at 4 and we can discuss our sad existential fates then my dearest.

Oh my dear, you have turned my mind towards LOVE, not despair or nihilism, I dream now of menudo, the achemical stew, of golden hominy paired with that meat of mystery. Shall we sup together? But alas, I have only a Reisling in the cupboard, having spilt the rest in celebration of my beloved Persephone in these last few days before her exile. What have you on hand for our moonlit picnic frolic?

Brady...go to the page... you know what page. tell me what dakota says about them.

the hats had a horse if they left teh back door open to th erain like that. The PM from Q about Fm show sthe lowdonw about teh down low is on the open now, so what tehy are saing in the grey (hat) world about the leak is taht so to speak, the plumber's have been called, or LE if you wan t to say that. only time will tell and I stil say don;t eat teh MUFFINS. the "lady" is not who you think "she" is

I sorry so srry but it worng. So hard an wrong. No mor pain polease. I as sory bur I hurti for Kevin

Kevin was a sad story, but he is no longer with us.

Oh I am the Tower of the Babbling. God came and sayeth to Nimrod the confusion of languages will be struck down so letteth the Flood letteth the plains of Shineh beginest to fillth and riddith the woeful languages and letthest there be ONE. Letteth God confoundest the men with the many languages and ye doest his eyes not seeth the stinking rapist with hair on the lipsest and facest. As I have toldesth forth it as iteth willeth be knownest. NIMROD and ME we will smite down the ones that try to confoundth the languages. Nimrod trieth to doeth on his owneth, he faileth but he and Ieth still workest together and we willeth succeedth in smoting the confounders of the languagest. Bibble codes rule!


Respected but not all I meant.
No one was saying you did anything wrong to begin with.

Ginger, not at all surprised you would lie. Get a life codes are ruining you. Rader knows I was at testing that night. Regardless of what your supposed codes are mysteriously telling youthat was a misprint. Regardless of what you think I cannot be in two places at the same time. Good luck though with whatever you may have found..hope it turns out to help in some way.

Stp it Bardy! Cut ti out. An incocent died dnt you get tshi? Why do yuo fin htis funny it sad it tragidy. Siucide never to be jked about. Ger this strate. Camblellton know waht I'm saiyn.

Where is ross? and smopples LOL.

WinkinBlinkinNodding ect. lol. Jst tying to gt to famly. Sucide is tragidy. Layd Mcbeth catn geta blodd off her ahnds. Just teh turth shold come out so they can gt claen. Tats all. Cokd and rum cant get us t furget.

Sjones, why did you say you were going to sue FM???? That is why it was closed the first time, you know this. i don't know why you would do that. there was/is a lot of people that do care boiut Morgan and this case. it seems to me at that point you did not. You put yourself in front of Morgan and this case.

Sjones , i suggest you watch a movie called my name is Bill W. lol

S Jones or Camp, just for the future Gingar is actually spelled with an "e."

Stop frontin.

S Jones, I will never forgive you for what you said about Dan. He owes you nothing. My grudge is against Camp. She knows why.

Sue happy people have no business in this case. We can spot you a million miles away.

Blogs have been written about you.

Brady, you are my hero.

Ok sooooooo, i guess i don't know what your beef is then sjones. you keep saying that. Like i said , if i were me id just say im sorry and that would be it. sooooooo, you have any other issues???

Dpn't yu know Brade that I kew Kevin is dead? I suffr. Culdn't not someone haev hepped him thsis what I sturggl wth. Dod we add te hes suffereng.

omg.........sjones it Elliot. lol im not joking around. im trying to figure out what your saying, in betweeen your rum and cokes....

One last thing powers,

Hold onto those grudges because it is all you will ever have compared to what we know, and LE has and will have everything we know. And if we have to take out dozens as we go then so be it! Including you. It should have always been about finding the truth rather than personal preference or differences. Yes, my writing changes with my moods.I am more focused when I'm upset or angry as you can clearly see. Was the same way on FM it does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

Elliott, thank you for your concern and compassion as to Kevin. A notification to his family may very well be warranted as to the possibility of cyber bulling just as you have seen diplayed here and evident elsewhere in posts provided by people such as powers1980. LE and the FBI may very well indeed may be interested in investigating this said possibility as it is a crime to do so. Especially if it is to have been found as the result of ones death suicide or otherwise.

Unfortunate for powers that she tends to confuse mental illness with stupidity as that is furthest from the truth. In a way I almost feel pity for someone who cannot see the difference. Allow her insults to bounce off..its workin for me just fine.

A good day to you all. Best wishes to your work on the case.

Campbellhn: If you have to take out dozens as you go? That sounds like a serious threat. Who do you think you are? Obviously not LE. What are you doing ââ?¬Å?taking out dozens?” My God, the police should be looking at you. It is obvious you think society’s rules do not apply to you.

Maybe Dan thinks you aren’t a threat to him now. But he and others were afraid you were trying to sue them for a long time. This from their mouths. Don’t’ try to paint that it never happened. You were asked in a public place by one of the mods if you were going to sue them. Several people saw it.

You keep bringing up mental illness but that is not in play at all. The above things are. They have nothing to do with any mental state. Why do you always use that? You brought up being treated like Kevin. No one else did Very subtle. Giving yourself an ââ?¬Å?excuse” right off the bat to use if the going got rough. Everyone on here gets the truth. Don’t like it? Grow a thick skin, because others have. You’re not being treated any differently than anyone else that has been writing here.

That comment about taking out dozens if you have to is seriously scary. Maybe powers1980 is the one that should be worried.

So Arias, you're saying you 3 were just bungling along trying to figure it out as it went along? Making SOME mistakes? Where's the apologies?

Do I make you laugh S Jones?

Sjones is Snidley Whiplash.

Sounds like Campbellhn to me.

This makes me so mad I could spit...mistakes were made....uh, yeah, I would say that is the understatement of the year.

I give them credit for the energy and dedication they have shown and my heart breaks with theirs.

Lol! Brady! Still too funny!

My, my. What a reunion we have here. Such a happy family!

Holding grudges that is Powers, me too. It is more than I can stomach to hear mistakes were made in light of what happened. As I said where are the frigging apologies. Come on now. It is becoming common knowledge. What did happen? No excuses, just apologies please! Campbellhn you are right on! Thank you for your honesty! The truth is what we want!

If powers need be worried about anything it is to be worried by her own words not mine.

Actually, Campbellhn,

The issue of FM being sued was not a personal one. It was well broadcast on FM. If the mods saw fit to talk about it, it was not personal anymore. And, didn’t a mod ask you if you were going to sue them in a public place? Because I would like to know if the three people who witnessed it were hallucinating.

You, sadly, are the one using your mental illness here. That was my point. No one else would have even had a clue about it if you hadn’t brought up not wanting to be treated like Kevin. You seem to want to make announcements that you have a mental illness so you can use it to hide behind after you say things. People better not reply to your comments because anything they say will be perceived as bashing a mentally ill person, but you can say what you want about anyone. For shame. No one knows it unless you announce it. And you do. Go look. No one else said you were mentally ill or made any derogatory comment about that. It should not have been an issue in this discussion here or anywhere else. But you made it one. We’re trying discuss the comments made, not the person. I’m sorry Campbellhn, I have a relative that is mentally ill. I would never think of bashing someone for that reason. Not everyone has that cruel agenda.

And, again, I am not being cruel here, but if, as you say, you are mentally ill, should you really be investigating others? I stand by what I said. That statement about taking out dozens is scary.

Putting all my eggs in one basket as being SOLVED until further notice!!!!

Yes magnet it happened, I pray and hope!!!!!!

Thanks to MORGAN and GOD!!!!! I still want to know what she said to him!

FM Alum,

When I state if we have to take out dozens more it is meant in regards to investigative measures nevere physical threat. Do not twist what I say. Yes, since we are sharing the truth you care to explain the issue of what happened regarding that? If you are so bold as to bring up personal issues then tell the story and be sure to get it right. I was not the person doing the threatening to file suit against anyone.

Also I have never hidden the issue. Of my being mentally ill that is a fact. But that also is not an excuse for you to use when it is convenient to suit your needs as well. Fair play you don't get to sit there and say oh she is mentally ill she don't know what she is talkin about..and then refuse me the right or priviledge to show that I do because you don't like what I'm saying and or have to offer. Not to mention the right to defend myself. Yes it does have everything to do with it being that most all members of FM were well aware I am mentally ill. That is the very ignorance I speak of. I've used nothing more than the ability to defend myself.

Think what you will. Tearing me down will not help a thing.

S Jones
Very interesting posts. You said 90 pages were dumped on you and you did not ask for it. I believe you. Were they from a forum or a facebook?? Were they important to Morgan's case? Was it valuable information.

I also have had enough conversations with Dan that if he felt as though I was any sort of threat to sue him he would have said something I'm sure.

Interesting enough that I am also speaking to the same mod this moment of who posted that statement of me suing someone whom also states that you do not know anything. I have no agenda and if anyone exaggerates you do. She is right this place is a three ring circus. Funny how people can jump up and throw accusations around that haven't a clue what they are even talkin about. Go pick on someone else apparently you have nothing better to do. Goodbye.

Oh, Campbellhn,

It occurs to me you might want to know whether I have something in writing or not. Well, you can wonder. I'm not going to hurt the mods or Dan. But, I don't post comments without something to back them up.

A three ring circus? Well, you posted here, too.


bless you sjones for the comonsensee you bring to this story of intrigue and lies.. if ifollow and i've folowed you for a longtime here and otherplaces the hats took the backdoors to the front, but q knew they were sliding doors with another key? and dumped the good in yourplate for safe keeping but somehow that was mistaken by being unclear or to early? i'm so sorry you were hurt like that agood man nonetheless but you don't deserve!!

-themuffinlady - yes, youknow hoo!

Making Popcorn......

SJones, you are correct, Blink has the ability to monitor each posting. I don't have that ability, so I would need to sit 24/7 and watch each and every post, and I can't do that. All I'm able to do is get on each morning and make sure that what's printed on the forum is according to the rules of the forum. No full names are permitted, no bashing of others, which I haven't yet had a problem with. Everyone seems to get along and they post respectfully.,
Well said! I applaud you! I also applaud the Harringtons. What a very hateful world we would live in if there were only "Bills" in it. "Bills" love to sit and whine and complain and unfortunately there are a whole bunch of them out there. You said it a whole lot nicer when you said "get out there to make the world a better place". I would have said "Get off your arse or shut up!"

Yes said: "Well, that issue is largely security and care for someone in distress, not re-entry. If Harrington needed first aid, then she certainly should have received it at JPJ or from U.Va. police. A better argument could be made that someone wandering around the U.Va. parking lots in an impaired state should have attracted more attention and/or concern from JPJ security or U.Va. police."
the problem is: since day one and still after all of this time it is more likely that she did.

No where, anywhere have I, or the other person referred to, EVER accused the friends of lying! I do not blame them in any way for what happened to Morgan. I believe the original point was to emphasize that young people may not realize how important every milisecond is when it involves recall of the moments leading up to an event, especially during a murder investigation. During the conversation about the lie detector test, it was suggested that the tests can maybe jar memories if it detects hesitancy in a witness's testimony. There may be a minute detail, which if left out, could make a huge difference in the direction a case takes. It may not seem that important to one person but to another it could be a missing piece. I am not an expert! I do know that results of these tests may not be admissable in court and I don't think anyone else took that to be the suggestion. Nor does anyone seriously believe that every witness to the events of the evening has to legally submit to a test. And...the point is not "blame" or "guilt" for what happened ...but only that every detail is important if the case is NOW to be solved. Please....try not to magnify and twist every word said into the blame/guilt scenario.

S Jones

Do something productive with your life.


The real deal here is S Jones is obsessed with young pretty women be it Morgan, Courtney, J'me, Ariaes, ect..just read his Hook comments in early to mid June here. S Jones I'm asking you where is your outrage over Cassandra Morton?

You know Morgan's mother's name, what is Mrs. Morton's name? You know you say you care for all victims. OK name them. Name the cases you have solved. Not helped to solve but solved. What do you do with your life. All I see is a man and I'm guessing you are a man IDK for sure but your writing suggests one that loves to think of himself as saving young woman in distress. Reread what you wrote about J'me and Ariaes and even Gil and tell me you don't have some sort of complex around woman. IIRC you take on all men to be the defender of women and try to look like a hero. Now you are trying to cozy up to Blink. For months you have railed against her in every possible way. Now you're talking having a group together..of women.. already fantasising of eating ribs and cracking crabs celebrating the big victory trial you seem to think you're facilitating. We saw you go after Janie and what a fiasco that was. Who do you think you're fooling?

Also I was over here looking at your posts at Morgan on High. You write very well when you want to. Are you manipulating us with your dicey writing, is it laziness as you say you don't spell check, or maybe another issue? Others show respect for each other here and attempt to get it right r/t punctuation and spelling, why don't you? Makes me think it is a subtle or not so subtle, f-u to us, because you are taking up our time when we try to read you.

Also reading at Morgan on High you state the 2 mods at FM were doing a role play r/t confidentiality and got you involved and that is what led to you being banned there. So what is it? Actually I liked some of what you were saying back then, alot more than now. IIRC you were asking tough questions, good questions and doing so a lot clearer than what you are stating now. The content of your posts have degenerated into strange code like cyber babble and I see no one coming here to back you up in your premises. You are getting more esoteric and paranoid in your thoughts like all this backdoor business and how Blink needs to give it up and call LE, embarrassing though it may be for her, ect... You compliment her posters which are women too. Speak of their intelligence and sincerity, but r/t the female mods at FM any woman can see how transparent you are when you talk of them the way you do. Is it love? I cannot answer that but to me imoo I'm seeing that you seem more interested in the type of woman that appeals to you more than solving anything. JMHO!

No drama ...on my part anyway. And no beans.(?) The scenario I suggested was a mental image of what it would be like to have everything out on the table. Just like when I suggested that it would be great to have everyone with any research or information since last October gather around a great big table for "roundtable discussions" leaving prejudices and blame behind. Neither scenario can be taken seriously nor was it meant to be. First of all, there is not a table big enough. Second of all, it is only in my fantasies that we could ever get everyone in one room to behave nicely to each other...even for Morgan's sake. We have just proved it right here ...and I am just as bad as everyone else. I am sorry folks.

Yes Brady its very cold in here.......but things may heat up.

Gibber jabber schmibber schmabber. A beautiful girl is deceased and no one on this thread seems to care.

PIPPI, I HEART YOU. You know that though.

Riddle me this...

If Brady is my brother and pippi is my mother and Q is my aunt, who is the doctor?

Kenneth, what's the frequency? It's microwave popcorn, but all we have is an x-ray machine.

This is making no sense...... i thought maybe we could make some progress but alas NOPE lol

When you are thwarted, it is your own attitude that is out of order.


Hey Mr. Ekhart, I don't think there is much thwarting going on over here tonight. And yes I do have the butter, but just don't get kinky with it please as there are several of us here still at the table.

Oh Pippi, wouldn't it be great if the world has gone completely mad tonight, like all at once? That is of course if we aren't already, but just don't know it. Yet.

Then we can all be in the Tarzan movie!!! Yippeee...........

Brady dear, aren't you supposed to be playing outside?


Oh but Stipes you were clearly rambling on and making no sense. You remind me of someone that used to post on another forum so long ago. This person rambled continually, I never could understand why it was allowed. It was annoying and often very distracting to others that tried to stay focused. But now that couldn't be you. You see the poetry is what made me think about this person. Like others that have posted here tonight I to hold grudges. So if I sounded superior and unfriendly well take it as it was intended.

welleth siadeth my deareth't
sleep arrivith
shall look agian
hopeth to

geez sjones if i knew where you lived id call 911.

Oh i knoweth howeth to sayth my nameth dear. Still I am the Babbling Tower. God willeth confoundeth the double and tripleth languages donneth you seeest? Woe to the confounderereths of the languages. Babble felleth donneth ya'll recallest? Shure is coldeth up hereth. But stilleth the crying rapist cryeth and stinking man wiath hair on his lipseth and faceth roameht no moth. This caseth is over and so noweth whateth do we doeth with our timeth you allest?

And with regard to the link posted above, it was not a backdoor to FM. It was the initial forum that was set up for findmorgan. When the forum was upgraded, by the original Administrator, a new forum was created under the same domain name. To my knowledge FM was never hacked, if so, it was not made aware to us.

Deleted by moderator.

The post in question had already been submitted to VSP but I will forward it to Fairfax police as well. I do not check in here regularly and was unaware that I was being summoned.

Sweeping up....... IS golden, I would trust her with my life. If I needed to speak to someone about the case, and get the real deal it was Although NO ONE and I do mean, NO ONE really knows anything more than we all do. I'm still reseaching every day to find the monster that did this, and if takes me the rest of my existance I'll be researching for the piece of garbage that did it.

SJones, the problem here is, no one is understanding what you are attempting to get across and in all honesty I'm not sure either. Take a breath and explain yourself. I mean, as far as I'm concerned the bad guy is the person who killed Morgan, is there more to this than I'm seeing?

Deleted by moderator.

It is beyond belief that someone would say such hurtful things about a father of a family that has already suffered so much pain. I don't even have words to express the disgust that I feel right now!! To imply that this poor man didn't do enough to find his missing daughter is just ridiculous. IMO Plus probably about one of the worst insults that I can imagine anyone could say about him EVER!!

There is no doubt in my mind that this family has suffered a great amount of pain at this poster's hand. I can't imagine how one would sleep at night after doing such a thing!!

Deleted by moderator.

Deleted by moderator.

Deleted by moderator.

Deleted by moderator.

Deleted by moderator.


No that's not right. It isn't. I really don't wanna be talkin on here cause people are mean and will treat me like kevin got treated. But you guys was told...all but and dan was told too. The old one was left live and th password shared with a couple of people. Just people would not listen. It was a backdoor to the site and it was bein used but I don't wanna share with who here or is not for a place like this. It don't really matter though because fm is gone and people is only gonna see what they wanna see anyway stead of tryin to understand things. And I don't care who has bad things to say or think about me or not. I just know people gotta try to work with eachother better. That is all I need to say.

So, there was no hacker on FM and that link S Jones posted was just an old outdated forum link. What a surprise. Maybe he could tell us where the aliens from the Roswell crash are hidden . . . the name of the 2nd shooter on the grassy knoll . . . who shot Tupac???

Deleted by moderator.

Oh I see now, thank you so much for making this so clear and concise. As usual your explanation has illuminated and enlightened me. It all fell into place and made perfect sense. What would we do with out you Jones? The world is lost with out your Einsteinian mind and problem solving capabilities. I so wish the FBI had you on their team as I don't know a single crime is solved with out your explicit assistance. It is no wonder crimes are going unsolved all over the country as we do not have you on all these cases. We need to clone you so that the world's every ill can be solved. Your are the light of the world and your intelligence blinds us peons who know nothing, can never be of help and service in your shadow. Oh magnificent Master Jones how can we ever repay the enormous debt we owe you. Only say the word.

Deleted by moderator.

Deleted by moderator.

Deleted by moderator.

Deleted by moderator.

Deleted by moderator.

Ok, I understand now what you're saying about the back door. I wasn't privy to exactly what was happening at FM, so that issue I'm not able to clear up. It was around that time that I just decided to take a few steps back because enough was enough.

Jamyang Kontrul - Trust me, it's not all peace, love & light.

SJones Thanks for your reply. Thats is all very interesting. I am glad you shared your experience with me about what you feel went on. But your last post has me somewhat confused. Please explain.

I must say SJones I agree with Mallorie, just when you clear up one thing, you say another and I'm back where I'm started which is confused. Can you tell us why you need to tell us your leaving town because why do we need to know and why roomie is a lawyer? How do we "ping" him anyway?


Wowieeee!! The wrath of HELL is here only because I saw the Vulture comment, and it had nothing to do with my real name being exposed, that has been with me for a lifetime so that is who I am. I'm also not certain why Kenny's name was mentioned, or any of the others. Quite frankly at that point in time I was sick and tired of the drama including Clarity. I was only into attempting to find out who murdered a beautiful young woman as were you, and the PM that was sent to me actually sent me into needing to do a verbal thrashing of the sender and instead I posted what they sent to me.

I wanted everyone to see just what it was that the MODS at FM were having to deal with on a daily basis. I'm sick and tired of hearing people bash Blink. She has her site, I don't in any way want to take away from what she does there. I don't give a good hoot how many hits she gets, she is doing a service to missing and murdered people just as I am doing, even though my forum is a free one. And, yes, I was a MOD at FM for a short time while they needed me, and when they didn't need me any longer, they had things under control at the time and I was let go. Nothing happened to make me leave and there was no problem. I told them when they were having problems that I would gladly come back to help them, and apparently Dan Harrington wished to stay with the MODS they had.

I know what Blink told me about Clarity, I believed her then and I believe her now, thus my forum is now closed to the public.

I don't have your number anymore, it was in a PM at FM and I didn't write it down. I will say this, you talk on the phone much better than you type. My GOD man, think before you type, because you don't get your message across to the public like you do on the phone!!

I know there is more I should say but the way you type I can't think lol.

I would bet good money that BetterThinkFirst is S Jones.

To Concerned Cville Resident:

Why would you have an attorney look at SJones comments....Unless you are more than a Concerned Cville Resident. I for one like to hear what he has to say. Very thought provoking.

S Jones, you just might be the worst typer on the internet! Quite an honor....

I think you are all insane. Get a life

I am simply saying, when you name names and say someone said something about someone else, you’d better have the actual source to back it up or it is potentially libelous. You can’t have someone saying, ââ?¬Å?I saw it, but it’s gone now ââ?¬â?? here’s what they said.” That isn’t good for The Hook. As for the advertisers, my family’s income comes from one of those advertisers. They’ve already seen this and they don’t like it. The truth is, hearsay isn’t necessarily the truth. And, when it is bandied about as though it is, it is very irresponsible.

@ SJones - Whateva! December 1st, 2010 | 7:51 am
You know what i think about you?

You should first ask do I care. Now rant on.....

Now wait a minute concerned Cville Resident:

I would think that it does have to do with Morgan, and PR firms, Blink and FM. I for one am concerned to know from SJones more about this.


Sir, would you mind explaining a bit more on the "hats" and how they work? Do you mean to tell us that various people and their pm's or messages were being hacked by these "hats"? Is this also possible here on the hook and various other sites? I do feel that something of that nature could very well be an interference into Morgans case and very harmful to it. Imagine the privacy and trust that may have been broken due to such acts. Btw, I applaud you for "rising above" those that consistantly work to "shut you up". I believe you have just as much right to speak as the next person and are just as entitled to your opinions just the same. I do believe what you have to offer is important. I for one would love to have your input. Nice to know some are more worried about advertisements than they are finding the truth. Also SJones, blink has accused Courteney of using multiple screen names too, many saw that take place, and has also tried to take credit of Courteney's work battling the issue of unreported rape(Liz Securro)on the UVA campus. This is NOT the first time, nor the first incident of blink using other people's sources claiming them to be her own, as I'm sure you may be aware of. So when I see or hear of blink using "hats" or using hacking tools, then yes! It does very well have to do with Morgan's case knowing how involved blink has been with Dan, Gil, Alex, and Morgans case. And it is clear that Q was known as Questionaire on FM. But I do not understand her involvement in this, so please do SJones, help us to understand.

Yes said: ââ?¬Å?Well, that issue is largely security and care for someone in distress, not re-entry. If Harrington needed first aid, then she certainly should have received it at JPJ or from U.Va. police. A better argument could be made that someone wandering around the U.Va. parking lots in an impaired state should have attracted more attention and/or concern from JPJ security or U.Va. police.”
the problem is: since day one and still after all of this time it is more likely that she did.

Cookie jar: that is not physically possible. And if that is all you have to offer, then you certainly are not the smartest cookie in the jar, now are you. Just because I am not bashing SJones and do not mind his input certainly does not mean I am him. Just when you thought you heard it all, here comes a comment like that.

That proves nothing to me. Also I am a female. I need not prove anything to you as I do not know you and you do not know me. I inquired because I thought he provides good input from what I have seen here and on other sites. I do not post often as I do work and I cannot spend large amounts of time on the internet. Sorry to disappoint you though. I simply read more than I post. If that explanation does not suit then that is not my problem, it would be yours. Bet all the money you can, and you would still end up broke in the end! Have a good evening cookie.

"Not physically possible?" What nonsense! It's quite a simple matter for a single person to post under multiple names. S Jones loves to fake conversation among sockpuppets. Here's just one example for those who may be new to this game.

As I wrote earlier, I would put money on you and "he" being the same.

"Um, SJone, could you please tell me the point of your rantings? I’m a VULTURE NOW? Jamie let me know that FM would be closing and people would need a place to be able to still talk about Morgan’s case."

How many people still need to talk about her case? Are you family or friends? No?

Do you know how many young women have disappeared in the last 5 days around the country? Around the world?

Why are you so obsessed with her?

JJ Malloy, I'm in no way obcessed with Morgan Harrington, but I'll be damned if I ignore her case! I don't ignore ANY missing persons cases trust me on this. Many people know that about me.

JJ Malloy: What have you done to help the other missing young women? Why are you so bitter about interest in Morgan's case? Having a website where Morgan's case can be discussed and information can be found is hardly being obsessed. But, on Questioner's forum other missing women are discussed. Questioner has been involved in many missing persons cases. We're not so obsessed as you think. Educate yourself before you condemn others, please.

Um, SJone, could you please tell me the point of your rantings? I'm a VULTURE NOW? Jamie let me know that FM would be closing and people would need a place to be able to still talk about Morgan's case. So I opened the Team Morgan website and all of a sudden I'm a VULTURE? I guess I'm just not understanding your point here, would you please explain? Thank.

Well, SJones, I had an attorney look at your comments also, before I commented. I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for any journalist's article. From now on, I don't think I'll make any comments, because it is useless to engage you. But, I will be working on public awareness of your comments currently and previously on The Hook. Have a nice day.

none of that makes a lick of sense

Who is this SJones dude anyway? WTH is going on and WTH is he talking about? If anyone knows please please please let me know.

Any thread about Harrington on this site invariably steers itself into the realm of insanity.

Only read the comments if you want to take a trip into the incoherent unknown.

While it is true you don't have to read this, it has just gotten plain embarrassing to many residents and, I am sure it will be as well to advertisers who get complaints. Maybe it is time to make the advertisers aware of this. It is a very sad thing that Morgan Harrington's parents have to suffer through this in addition to their horrible loss.

Oh I don't disagree with you there.

@Fred W. - Who is this SJones dude anyway? - S Jones = obsessed fan. Has been instrumental in keeping Morgan's death to the forefront tho.

If I were The Hook, and I did not have photocopies or captures of the claimed conversations S Jones is repeating, with certain names he is claiming others named included, I would be seriously worried about libel. Some of what he says, by admission in the conversation that the names were taken out by this ââ?¬Å?Q” but given to him by the person who gave him this ââ?¬Å?scoop” seems to be second hand hearsay at best. Does The Hook really want to be involved in this muck?

This really seems to be a personal vendetta. It has nothing to do with the slideshow or anything having to do with Morgan Harrington’s murder, either. Why do you allow this constant off topic jibberish from him? Perhaps it is time to call the advertisers and complain that we will not buy their products because of this continuous distasteful garbage where they advertise.

Deleted by moderator.

S Jones if your so smart why don't you comment on the DNA on the shirt since you know the whys of it being planted? Come on its getting cold, snows about to fall and we inquiring minds want to kow. Do you think the DNA could of been placed on the shirt and made the Sketch to look guilty. You think he was a shill don't you Callie boy? Don't fit in to nicely with all you theorys. See you address only what you want and leave the tough stuff like forensics, look it up in the dictionary, for the rest of us. Ha ha ha.

I saw some of those PMs you sent a certain one and Q knows who too lol. So you play both sides of the fence don't you making everbody think you and Q are big buddies when you don't even know the real deal about Clarity. You talk big but Clarity? Clarity don't mean a thing.

Yeah there you go one in THE world cares about Morgan more than you, 4 th on the list. Right. You have to be the top and the best most concerned person as well as the best detective, cop, lawyer, PI, etc...Let me ask this, what are you not the best at Mr. Humble Man.

Also why do you have to get to the bottom of this particular case, why Morgan, what is so special about this case and not otehrs S Jones.

Sorry I know I being obnoxious with you but heck you bring it out in me. I almost can't help myself. I hope you answer me and then i have to get outta here to stay sane.

Does anyone remember what really went on at FM? As in for real? Was it run by the PR people or orchestrated by them or what? Because largely FM set a tone and one that has repercussions to this day. They don't own who and what they were. My question was/is who was behind FM? Anyone know?

Oh I get the T-shirt planting, but I'll be damned if I get the backdoor thing, but I shall think on it, yes I surely will.

Jeez, what would the world do without S Jones? Good God man who are you anyway. I just come by to check out all the activity and see this. Do you have a saviour complex.

I take it you were one of the mods at the FM site as well so why are you ragging on the others and what went down there? It's gone...over... no more...nada and seems like you just cannot let go.

Is it just me or does anyone else know what in God's name this man is going on and on about? S Jones no offense but it's's nonsensical. I have to believe you are still jonesing over your role working for Harrington but let it go. I mean Man you sound damn arrogant..again no disrespect but Grandiosity must be your middle name.

All these 30% estimates on who did what and why...well sounds like you know an awful lot on what is going on in this case. How do you know that whomever left the shirt did it for whatever sort of reasons and would leave other stuff around potentially? How do you have the inside bead on the mind, or in the mind of this murderer. How do we know she didn't die other ways where the shirt would be irrelevant and that someone found a shirt and spread it on the bush for someone to find it.

How do you know so much anyway? If you're not a lawyer what do you do anyway? How has the world continue to solve cases without yuo...just go back and reread yourself Buddy. Then get a grip. You write so cryptically that you keep yourself above everyone else....superior like and lording it over others....that is what i think you do. You try not to make sense so it looks like you know stuff no one else is smart enough to figure out. I'm sorry Dude to come down on you like this but following you for 2 days gives me a headache. I have tried to read you and give you benefit of the doubt but if you knew as much as you think you do the case be solved by now. Plus you sound like you know all the insiders real well. Have you even met any of these people.

Really you should go back to your girls....these woman you're obsessed over that worked with you at FindMorgan and create a new forum where you're head honcho with the ladies fawning over you as you save the day or world. Let it go Buddy or go recreate it. Sounds like the woman you worked with over there love you as much as you do them. We get it, you all had a fun ole time over there and missing each other and we get you are smarter than us, so now go do something with it. Make us proud.

I would also like to understand the backdoor issue. I was a poster on FM and find this issue very interesting. Care to share with the class SJones?

Don't understand why everyone hates Blink but yet they go and read there?

Okay, I came in to this tonight at the wrong time as it appears like memory lane and peace, love, light is the tone here now. While I'm sure each mod are nice people, this taking a bullet is a bit much. How well do you know these folks, ever met them S.Jones?

What I see is some objecting to the fact there are those out here in the real world, that are labeled to be 'obsessed' with Morgan, 'wack jobs', strange, over involved, over emotional, misleading, sabatoging, covert, hidden agenda types, ect... While some of this may be true I saw the origins of this all starting at FM and wonder if it was designed to be this way by the PR company or just a bunch of people coming together and creating it as it went along?

I get so tired of hearing FM got shut down due to someone asking if Ken, one of the mods, was using the servers at VT to do FM work. Someone got crucified and labeled evil just because they asked a question. A question that was bound to be asked by some thinking person sooner or later. What was wrong with someone asking an honest question? The question never got answered as the crucifixion of the one askng the question took front and center. Ken was treated as an unapproachable godlike being or rather a victim, who was exempt from normal communications, beyond reproach. This being a murder case NO ONE should be beyond ANYTHING! Transparency is the ultimate gift to Morgan. No BS politicking BS!

I say this because I saw and still see a pattern that is exclusive of some and the division between an 'in' crowd and those on the outs. There is lots of drama surrounding this murder case, moreso than most, and I think it begin with the PR or H's way of showcasing it all. Morgan and her life are unquestionable, same way Ken was. PR, or something, has spun a web of what is acceptable talk of the case and what isn't. Now I don't know if it is the PR people who did it or if it was the H's or the mods. But the initial tone of FM continues to filter the language that this case gets dialogued about. People get accused of being over the top or how dare they bring this or that up, or: 'how mean of someone to say this or that', 'how dare they?', 'how mean and unfeeling'.

My very last time, my own personal straw breaking moment at FM, was seeing a post by Ken one of the mods. It was a link to some violent death of a pig or goat, some creature being murdered, screaming for its life. So over the top it made me physically ill. Yes there was a warning that to listen would be difficult, but what in God's name was the point of something this vile and brutal? To remind us of how maybe Morgan died? Of what should happen to the monster that killed Morgan. IDK but it was weird, very. It got pulled within a day or so, but it for me was the icing on the cake. I'd seen similar shenanigans and enough of it to call it quits there. It followed many strange, over emotional posts by certain admin there. Almost as if it was designed to pull the sickos out of the woodwork. Several of Ken's dramatic posts would show up then disappear. I just don't know if the PR company was in charge of this for Morgan and if anyone was orchestrating or trying to lay out the way the public thought of Morgan from then to now on? It seems like the way FM was set up was to attract the overemotional, overly sensitive, feeling types to the blogosphere and creat chatter for this case.

People talk about this case in ways that are very different. Like "I won't rest til this monster is found", and just from SJines: "I'd take a bullet for" whoever it was, "we won't give up til there is j4m" sort of stuff you don't hear for other victims. There is a dramatic overblown quality to this case that seems strategized and I am looking for who has designed this. It has similar qualities to the underground manner, the grassroots manner that got Obama elected. Which was for a political campaign legitimate IMHO. But for one young woman's murder?

Even Gil's blogs have this quality. Very emotional and graphically descriptive. Details about her daughters death that are horrific. Details not vetted anywhere to my knowledge. Lt Radar doesn't talk like this. No where have I ever heard these so called "facts" or details about Morgans death from him. Who to believe? Is the PR behind Gil's blogs? Are "facts" being translated to us via writings from the grief and rightly so grief, of a mother? Does Radar approve? Why the need to invoke unvetted details to an innocent public who has been asked to assist? To whom do we assist? A mother derailed by her grief, a police Lt who is in charge of the case, is there a PR firm MAKING MONEY on this, creating drama, all to simply keep Morgan's name out here? Are we being played? And by whom?

We have no facts, the only details are from Gil's entries, the friends are silent, yet we are asked to keep this case front and forward. Why? Lt Radar isn't going to let it go, they will work this case til it gets solved or not. Why the need to go over and over the same stupidly small 5 facts from that one hour prior to her death?

Public wake up. Somebody is playing us. Now Blink makes a living on murder and keeping whoever reads there stirred up. I don't expect her to operate out of a personal ethic, as long as she's making money on this for me she is irrevelant. I don't care if there are those who praise her for keeping the case out here. No way this case is going silent. The H's are too well connected in the University system and in the medical community for this case to ever go quiet. No, something else is up, I feel used, and I see people being used. At BOC and the old FM, innocent people's names were casually tossed about as if they didn't exist or have feelings, and when they were "cleared" by those in the "know", there were no apologies or regrets, just move on to the next innocent person to speculate on. Very cold, very. Mean even, but no, don't dare ask Ken if he was on the job doing FM work. No, that would be a sin and how dare anyone ask that question, because if they do, they would be raked over the coals.

I am calling out the 'Emperor has no clothes'. Somewhere, somehow, someone is behind all this reverse reality, this madness where the value system is distorted. I smell a PR firm, but do not know. I am asking if anyone else smells a rat?

Mental illness seems to run rampant among the cultists.

Now that we have a bunch of old FM posters on here, why don't we ultilize that to our advantage? What does everyone think of the case? Where is it headed? Any new theories?

S Jones, I would be interested in hearing what you have to say.

There was NO PR firm behind the scenes of FM. There was no one directing us, other than us directing ourselves. We were three normal people, who undertook a very big job. I will be the first to admit that I made mistakes. With none of us ever having any experience running a forum, let alone a murdered victim's forum, we did the best we could. But looking back now, I see where the mistakes were made. I am always learning...

Sjones, nobody knows what you are talking about! i don't get it.Please explain. Sounds like you are trying to make up with the MODS?? Other than that i don't know what else you are bringing to the table.?? When if it was me, i would just say in one post hey im sorry lol i don't get it.

S JOONES has any contacted the family? Does any know haw to connect htam?

What is htam like a HAM phone operator??

Me too Powers, but not at S Jones.

You make me laugh Powers1980!

I hold grudges...

Umm, I do not think that is the original Campbellhn.
Someone is doing a bit of leg pulling, methinks.

Thanks for the invite Jones. I'll be sure and bring a guest.

I ain't holdin no grudges!!!!PIE FIGHT!!!!!! Coconut creme anyone?????

Whats your deal SJones?? i mean, i have been reading your posts for almost a year now, i must say,i don't get it. What do you really have to offer?? i read nothing be a coded message, which to me means nothing... sounds of a mad man............

Pip, nobodys knows lol

My head is spinning. What exactly is this conversation about?

I want the popcorn! (that is not a code word!)

Bill, You want a memorial for Yeardley, Cassandra or Kristin? How many people have you recruited to fight for that? Have you been to Congress yet to lobby for better laws for these folks you speak of? Those laws the Harrington Clan fights for might help. You want to fight for the plight of some of the black community? Pick a place on this planet. The Thousands of starving sick orphans in Zambia might be a start. You might say it was foolish for their parents to have indiscriminate sex thereby contracting the AIDS virus, dying and leaving them orphaned...but there is Gil Harrington traveling there repeatedly on missions as a nurse, in addition to raising money in Morgan's name for OMNI International's school for these kids. Sad that her parents have had to admit that their poor dead Morgan will now do more good in this world than if she were alive. But it is true. The memorial is just a symbol. Perhaps when one looks at it they could also picture those laws for safety, those children with food, medicine and a clean place to learn. And don't forget the students who will attend medical school due to the Morgan Harrington Scholarship fund. Better to have these things being done in one girl's name than to have no one do anything in anyone's pick your victim, organize your crew and get out there to make the world a better place in their name. Criticizing people who work for Morgan's causes is like criticizing those who raise money for Cancer research in Susan Komer's name. Pick your charity.We all might like one more than another...but "Morgan" and "Susan" were just the sparks to ignite the fire for doing some good in the world and some good is better than no good.

Wow, if this were a fight, "BILL" would be a TKO.

Why is this nut allowed to do this?

Michael...who cares, the "whole world" has your number! And yes, I have spoken to many of the people who posted on findmorgan especially since I already knew many of them. And you are right, the friends are not guilty. They are very nice people actually. I have met them...some, numerous times. I don't recall anyone implying that they are guilty. You imagine and assume many things that are not true. Nevertheless, I will let you and your FBI solve this case since I surely cannot. But do not use the B__ word or the F__ word with me!!! You are a disturbed, drunken bully! Get some help and stop torturing the readers of the Hook with your undecipherable ramblings! Go away!!!! (Sorry again folks.)

Jme don't appologize to any of us for standing up for yourself! Those comments were deleted for a reason! The closing of findmorgan has left a weird seperation among the one time members.. Regardless of where we ended up, we all still want justice, and the majority of us can all still spot the ramblings of a loon!

Deleted by moderator.

Deleted by moderator.

Deleted by moderator.

Why is your name Scratch Jones! now?

Deleted by moderator.

It just makes a sad story even sadder taht it has come to this

Deleted by moderator.

Scratch, Why I do I have to drive to DC to find out? Why not just tell me, you seem to like giving out useless information.

Deleted by moderator.

Would you like Raders swarn staement as to other cases!

I have tons!
And he was, well just say.....................

Scratch, Are you saying that you have information that nobody else is allowed to have? I think NOT!!!!!!

Deleted by moderator.

Scratch, Don't you EVER assume that I don't care and feel badly for all missing and murdered victims. Furthermore, how dare you talk of Morgan's family in this manner. BTW again I ask why the name change? Go ahead and rant I'll wait!!

Mallorie December 15th, 2010 | 12:56 am
Scratch, Are you saying that you have information that nobody else is allowed to have? I think NOT!!!!!!

You think! Not!

Read! Rader is not GOD! if he believed he tey to kill me!

Ain't goimg to happen Rader!

Scratch, What?

What do you want Scratch?

Deleted by moderator.

Itchy December 15th, 2010 | 1:39 am
What do you want Scratch?

1st! The truth, and why did Doc and Bro hide under Gil's skirts?
2nd To bring this country into the 21st century!

Scratch, Are you asking me my name? I'm still not understanding you. Plus, "I charge $350.00 an hour"

It really is time that someone should step in and do something about this guy before he hurts himself or someone else.

Scratch, "I charge 350.00 an hour" what does that mean? I'm not following you on this either.

Try to journal Scratch. Save us all alot of itches and go to bed, leave it alone. You make no sense, you're on some roll and vendatta, give it up. No one cares about you really Scratchy, no offense, but this is about Morgan and you turn everything into YOU and how everyone is onto you and what you say. It ain't Scratch. Leave Lt. Radar ALONE: he is a very very busy man working hard to solve a great many cases and doesn't need your help nor your interference. As a matter of fact you take him off these cases. Don't call him, let him do his job. Let the Harrington's work on solving their own daughter's murder Bud. Homicide/murder whatever, their daughter is gone. No one has asked you to help. Just because you and are tight and had a history together means nothing. She's clearly moved on past you, now why don't you. No one needs your help. Aren't there lots and lots of cases for you to solve in LA? Get busy Scratch and get lost here please!

Deleted by moderator.

Whatever Scratch does for 350 an hour I'll do for 25. I need work. This guy is just out there blabbing over his own self importance. He tell us to go to D.C and check him out like we care. He makes vows not to do evil at the Delta crossroads. He's best buds with John Grisham-right, as in waited in line for 2 hours to have the latest book signed by Grisham. He wants us to believe he knows civil right lawyers, he gives no links to his work or writings that supposedly exist in the Library of Congress because he hasn't done anything. He is a talker period. He is circular. In a day or so he'll be crying as he writes his apologies to J,me and the Harringtons asking for forgiveness and wanting to get them hand delivered letters.

Bottom line for Scratch: it's all about the women and all about himself. He fronts for victims but behind this insane charade he's looking for da girls. He wants everyone to think he da big man. He lets us know he talks with the upper echalons that work on this case, not true.

He can type just fine when he wants, and because he don't he is just being rude and thinks he's controlling people by making them work to understand. Part of his power trip. He is nothing but a player and it looks like he's used Jme and the other lady at FM and couldn't persuade them to dig him I guess. Why make the point that he and her used to talk all the time? If he sounds as weird as he writes that couldn't of gone far.

Scratch take care of yer own itchs and get a life. Since you make a thousand bucks an hour why not work and make yer millions and live large and forget about changing the world. You ain't gonna be tha one to do it that for sure.

Who is D? What do it mean that D was defamed due to Dan and the PR firm.

What about Morgan's past, and why do it matter now of all things?
What point did Dan make? Regardless of the PR firm?

Jones STOP TALKING IN RIDDLES and INCOMPLETE SENTENCES! If you want an audience then write clearly and stop the silliness. Do you or do you not want to be taken seriously?

If you have any decency whatsoever you will answer each of my questions. If you don't then you're just yanking us around. Some of us want to try to understand you. HELP US.

I guess when you say "We never stand in line" Scratchy, you are referring to you and your 350 multiple personalities that occupy that beefy body we saw on your FB page the other day. Guess you have to everyone of yourselves busy. Hope you keep that next appt at the dept of Human Services and parole ppl and counselor. I know the holidays are hard for some Scratcho, but the new year is right around the corner so hang tight. Maybe you can sell your autographed copy of Grishams book to help you thru it all.

Deleted by moderator.

Deleted by moderator.

What program was Dan given be clear and specific. Answer the other questions please. If you don't answer these Jones then it just becomes clear you don't want to help and assist people. I mean this. If you don't answer this stuff then you are just into yanking us around.

Deleted by moderator.

Deleted by moderator.

The badges that the guys who finally cart you away carry will mean something to you .

Deleted by moderator.

Deleted by moderator.

Ok so Mikey, big man, Lt Radar fears you. Right. Just keep putting your foot in your mouth and helping to solve this case Big Guy. Your doing a heck of a job and making alot of inroads to getting this crime solved as some people just want to make a spectacle of it.
Big talker, you'd be crying like a baby if you ever came face to face with Radar.
Where were you in Oct last year anyway?
Love how you put out teasers and answer no one's questions directly. You are just jerking everyone around cos this is the only way you get any attention or notice.
For those that know Mikey S. there is no team, no job, no nothing. This guy does nothing but troll and act as if.
He threatens to sue everyone, like a real man doesn't do, because nothing he says means anything or matters. He is not working on this case, has no leads, has never solved anything. Don't fall for this shills tricks people. He's a troll. He uses people and drama to further his charade.

Deleted by moderator.

Deleted by moderator.

Scratch, Still waiting!!!!!!!!!

Deleted by moderator.

Deleted by moderator.

Deleted by moderator.

Deleted by moderator.

Scratch, ANSWERS!!!!!

Yeah Mikey, he's afraid of you alright, like you might call him and waste another few hours of his time yakking about nothing. Last week you were bragging about being his best bud and how he was helping you with Oreo and Rumrod. Now he quaking in his boots over you. Like anyone believes a word you say.

What has anything, I mean anything you've done on this case come through or helped moved anything forward? What if any theory or evidence have you uncovered? You won't answer me and if you do it will be in riddle form or incomplete sentences purposely designed to keep people confused. You are weak.

Deleted by moderator.

It is the holiday (insert your beliefs here) season. The Harringtons must be missing Morgan terribly. Call a truce. Let them have some peace until the first of the year. Please. This is the time of year for peace, love and forgiveness, and, just maybe, miracles. The murderer will still be the murderer in January. Show some decorum and some respect. Grieving does not have a time limit. Pain knows no boundaries. Don’t make it worse.

Try ââ?¬â?? to make it better. Help that family in your neighborhood that doesn’t have enough food or heat. Collect blankets, coats and shoes for those out in the bitter cold. Collect food for the local food bank. Go find out what kids at your local school never get anything. Show them the spirit of this season. At the very least, light a candle and remember. Remember Morgan ââ?¬â?? or the ââ?¬Å?Morgan” in your life. Whether you disagree with issues here, everyone knows the pain of loss. It is a devastating burden to bear at this time of year. Do something that shows that you have compassion for that burden. Don’t let the losses be in vain. Do something positive in the memory of all of them. And be grateful, oh so grateful, if you are not experiencing that pain this year.

What a wonderful message Duannah! Let there be peace, love, and light throughout the world. May the hearts that mourn find comfort and joy, and the souls that seek justice find it in the new year.

My hope for the New Year is that the Harrington's will find the truth and justice behind the vicious and brutal murder of their dear daughter. I pray for continued strength for Morgan's family and friends and that the holidays do not bring pain and grief but instead fill their hearts with warm and loving memories of the time they had together. God Bless you Dan, Gil and Alex. You will always and forever be in my thoughts.

What's worse than free typing is a free typer who can't spell. aaaaargh.