Apple jammin': Vintage Fall fun at Rural Ridge Farm

Come taste a variety of apples you won't find anywhere else.

Vintage Virginia Apples and the CoveGarden Ruritan Club are hosting the 10th Annual Apple Festival at the Albemarle CiderWorks on Rural Ridge Farm in North Garden on Saturday, November 6 from 10am to 5pm.

It's going to be a real fall affair for the whole family, with hay rides, fresh cider, apple butter making and Brunswick stew by the Ruritans. There will also be a bunch of artisanal food and craft vendors, and an apple pie contest sponsored by In The Kitchen. Music? They got that too. Faster Than Walking, Jim Waive, and Applejack Jam will be jamming.

And adults can sneak away to the tasting room for some hard cider.

And you could learn something. Workshops on heirloom apple tastings, pairing artisanal cheeses and apples, growing a winter salad garden, planting your own trees and more will be offered throughout the day.

For more information go to or call 434-297-2326.

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