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Rep. Tom Perriello appeared on the Colbert Report last night, immediately following President Barack Obama's appearance with Jon Stewart on the Daily Show, during which the President put in a plug for Mr. Perriello. As everyone must know by now, President Obama will be in Charlottesville tomorrow to stump for the 5h District candidate for congress ahead of the November 2 election.

Some highlights:

On the subject of legalizing marijuana: "From what I remember of UVA, there were a lot of anxious kids there with terrible cases of glaucoma," said Colbert.

After Perriello explained how he was supporting the production of alternative fuels made from farm animal waste, Colbert suggested a new campaign slogan: "Perriello: Chicken Sh**"


Tom is a bad man.

In the same way Obama got out the youth vote for change (I didn't even participate in the election) I can't wait to go vote this year and am more then willing to take the time and effort. November is coming.

Good for you Young Adult Voter!

omg november is coming. run for the hills. so catchy. though it does sound a little chicken little'ish for a campaign slogan. how about:

i didnt vote before but i'm going to pull my head out of my colon this time!


hurts so good. come on baby make it hurt so good!

Tom is a good man.

The GOPers are fired up already. This latest get out the vote effort will only improve Tom P's chances, and we've seen the Hurt lead dwindle to next to nothing.

The negative ads against Hurt saturate the airwaves and are very effective. Turns out this guy Hurt might not have been the best choice for the GOP?

You have to beat someone with someone and it's actually beginning to look like the GOP's "someone" is a lemon.

This guy is pushing an agenda that will create liabilities for the middle class and destroy any chance we have to to get back on decent footing. Nobody is going to take risks and start a business in this marketplace.

That was rather painful. Colbert's whole Colbert Report persona is a joke, but Periello was just handing out stock answers. I really don't see what he had to gain with that appearance.

Tom's a nice enough guy, but unfortunately he knows nothing about finance and the critical issues that need attention now, rather than later (education, renewable energy, and other good stuff). He trusts Bernanke and Geithner, and when they're through making the world safe for too big to fail finance corporations, education, renewable energy and other issues important in the abstract will not matter.

Unfortunately, Hurt is no better. Voters needed to get educated six months ago; it's too late now.

Now, we simply see a tired standard bearer for last decade's GOP and a Master of the World bleeding heart Democrat 2.0 with wonderful ideas that completely miss the point.

Why aren't there ever any third party candidates that matter?

The debate issues are always the same.

Dems vs. Reps

It doesn't matter since both parties are puppets to big corp USA.


I'm glad someone speaks some sense. Very few people realize that the supposed finance reform bill was so stripped down that it will do nothing to prevent "Too big to fail" firms from going back to their old behavior. It was so stripped down after Wall street leaned on all of the politicians (of all sides) that there is nothing to prevent another financial crisis. Can our country really afford another one? Or, more specifically, can our government take on more corporate debt as soverign debt when they swoop in to bail out another investment bank? Already, risky trades of CDOs and credit swaps are underway once again. The casino is open...and our tax dollars are there in case they lose the house.

It hardly matters who is in the White House. Wall Street and the Military Industry really run our country.

Personally, I think Tom's campaign should stress an accurate representation of his strong independent streak. Perhaps a video of him sitting in Nancy Pelosi's lap with Pelosi doing a ventriloquist act as Tom moves his lips.

I can't wait to exercise my right to not vote

@tim brown...ain't it the truth!! Only way we can make our voices heard is to NOT vote!