Del Toro bags Film Fest appearance

Hellboy creator Guillermo del Toro, who was scheduled to present his new movie, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, as the Virginia Film Festival's Saturday night showcase, has canceled because of a "scheduling conflict," according to a release.

The film's producer and Festival stalwart, Mark Johnson, and critic David Edelstein will soldier on with the post screening discussion.

Headline updated November 1 to correct improper use of "to bag."


I was looking forward to this. I hope he can come back another time!

Wow. I'm not going anymore

Improper use of verb 'to bag'. It's not used in an ablative sense but rather accusative, so Del Toro would "bag his appearance" or "wuss out from appearing", but not "bag from".

Daggonit this is upsetting.


Best nickname. I loved that book.

Now what am I going to take my goat to??

Shame on Del Toro -- this sounds so much like a high schooler who accepts a date to the prom and then wait to see if somebody else invites them, too. When you accept an invitation, you keep your commitment.

Hook People, thanks for your brilliant Film Festival coverage all weekend. NOT...Is NO one there a film fan? Really?