Hurt takes 5th: Perriello upbeat in defeat

news-perriello3Tom Perriello concedes to boisterous supporters.

In one of the most closely watched congressional races, Democrat Tom Perriello conceded defeat to Republican challenger state Senator Robert Hurt shortly after 9pm on November 2.

"It's been my honor to serve the people of the 5th District," said Perriello to a packed room of the party faithful at Siips. "I've given it everything I've got."

Freshman incumbent Perriello trailed Hurt throughout the race, and despite poll numbers putting him within the margin of error, Hurt showed a healthy lead of 10 percent as soon as returns started coming in.

Once all the ballots were counted, Hurt held 50.75 percent of the vote to Perriello's 47.05 percent, with independent Jeff Clark garnering two percent of the vote.

"It's been awesome," said Perriello, noting that he won in Charlottesville, Albemarle and Danville. Not surprisingly, he held the hometown advantage here and his best showing was in Charlottesville, where he scored 80 percent of the vote and in Albemarle, with 57 percent over Hurt's 42 percent.

Hurt carried surrounding Greene and Fluvanna counties, while Perriello won in Nelson and Buckingham.

Midterm registered voter turnout for the 5th District was 52.60 percent, with 49 percent in Charlottesville and 58 percent in Albemarle going to the polls. In 2008, 74.43 percent of the district's registered voters turned out to vote.

A visit by President Barack Obama proved no more helpful than previous 11th hour presidential stumping in Virginia in the past five years. Obama's visit for Creigh Deeds in '09 and George Bush's campaigning for Jerry Kilgore in 2005 failed to produce victories.

And Perriello was not the only Democratic representative to be shown the door by voters in Virginia. Longtime 9th District Congressman Rick Boucher lost to former Republican House of Delegates leader Morgan Griffith, and freshman Representative Glen Nye lost to Republican Scott Rigell in the Hampton Roads area.

Closer to home, Eric Cantor, whose district includes Madison, Orange and Louisa counties, easily retook his 7th District seat and is set to become majority leader in the House.

Perriello, who ran a faith-based campaign, quoted his father in his concession speech: "Judgment Day is more important than Election Day, and it's more important to do what's right than what's easy."


This article was posted online on election night. It's getting run in the print edition for the historical record.


(Updated November 3 with final election results and the correct spelling of Jerry Kilgore's name.)

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Virginia has a proud tradition of producing great Statesmen to represent the people of our nation. Many of our historical figures have transcended the labels (i.e. "career politician"), and have become "household names" and the "benchmark” which others may emulate or quote. This campaign, for the HR congressional 5th district, again lifted us into the spotlight. Many important matters are to be considered in governance presently, and this past campaign's fervor brought the political debate into homes, workplaces, and onto the streets. People are energized once again about their representation (...or about +/- %40 of the registered electorate). In this respect it was good, and despite all of the negativity in forwarding the message(s). In speaking to others and reading this blog, no one feels good about the money wasted, or the powerful influences on both sides invested in hateful campaigning against the opponent. The campaign is over, it is time to get to work again.

Congressman Perriello: I followed your campaign in '08 from the living rooms of people in your district, through the recounts, and as you were propelled into Congress and the National spotlight.

You based that campaign on principles, coming out of "nowhere" (as in elected office) without a background of politics. You worked hard to achieve a good education and came from a stable and loving family as your ticket into this career path. Ultimately it was your own determination, persistence, hard work, and a large amount of charisma that found you in the chambers on Capitol Hill. Given your age (very close to mine), I find it very easy to respect you. There is no decency among those who assassinate your character. You are an exemplary citizen.

You have had an amazing run in your brief term, and have tirelessly listened to and represented the people of the 5th. There have been some tough decisions to make in the past 2 years, but you had the courage to stand by your convictions. Furthermore, it is impressive how you have come to be so public in the last month as a national figure, and that you were able to bring your friend, The President of the United States, to the city of Charlottesville to meet with ordinary people. Wow. Thank You. Keep on going!

Congressman Hurt: Congratulations. You have won the vote and are off to DC. You too have a distinguished career, and have made public service your personal cause. There are very pressing matters ahead of us, and you have spoken words during this campaign explaining the dissatisfaction about how this District and Nation are governed.

Due to the public nature of politics, and the kind of attention this campaign has received nationally, this is now your opportunity to get in there and show us your best spirit. I pray you will represent the voters of the 5th district with the same kind of courage as your forebears have done. I also pray your allegiances will be to your own constituency, and the solutions you identify are truly achieved through a consensus. The budgetary policies left to your Congress to reconcile must be addressed, and not simply obstructed, de-regulated or left to "market forces". The outcome of this election is your mandate to truly do something meaningful. I pray you will work hard within the political process to see that through, and that your voice on the floor, in committees, and your votes will be significant. Warmest Blessings.

that through, and that your voice on the floor, in committees, and your votes will be significant. Warmest Blessings.

Conservatives abide with one fervent desire: to conserve their money. God, how they love their money and how they hate to pay up. Conservatives see a country lane and immediately begin designing a turnstile. Now, my choice for an overwhelmingly successful and popular government program is the Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) program, known colloquially as Social Security. One prominent and severely impaired conservative of some notariety actually stumped for privatizing this program. We all know how well that would have fared if that particular fox ruled that hen house. I am unaware of Democrats stealing "as much from the treasury as republicans (sic)" but that would take some magnificent theft to outdo our good friends across the aisle. We might also remember that not every human endeavor is guided by a lust for cash. Musicians and other artists create because it's in their genetic code to do so; they shouldn't starve because some fat cat is color blind or has a tin ear.

Whoops. 2010 estimate should of course be -1,555,582.

Yes, Clinton had a surplus. Yes, the deficits started rising under Bush, no doubt in great part due to Afghanistan and Iraq. Remember Obama voted for those wars.

But Obama has the deficits up 150% over the highest level under Bush. Look at the spreadsheets posted on

Surplus or deficit, in millions
2000: 236,241
2001: 128,236
2002: -157,758
2003: -377,585
2004: -412,727
2005: -318,346
2006: -248,181
2007: -160,701
2008: -458,555
2009: -1,412,686
2010 estimate: 1,555,582


Please remember that fiscal year budgeting goes from Oct through Oct. The 2009 budget running from was a Bush budget. The 2010 Budget is on Obama, yet he is blamed for decisions he did not and could not make previous to that.

Additionally, Mr Obama does not keep major expenditures off the budget such as Bush and the GOP did with the operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. he includes it.

So, you need to increase the deficit with Mr Bush by 120 billion a year for Iraq along.

Keep in mind those deficits are supposed to be in years of wonderous growth and opportunity in the markets, and the sunshine of the GOP as it showers wealth upon its citizens.

Leave it to the 'right' to want to avoid facts and reality.

The issue for me isn't that I think debt is OK, it's that I am tired of the GOP lying about wanting to cut deficit spending or balance the budget. They are happy to spend the tax dollars of the left on their agenda. But people like you always buy into it.

Conservatives insist on keeping their own money but never object to others picking up the tab when the bill is due. We are an aging nation that is rapidly spiraling down into illness and dementia. Should these millions of old and sick people be abandoned because some tightwads refuse to acknowledge our common humanity? A civilized nation recognizes the privileges of success and its obligations as well. The wealthy, who more often than not have attained their status through the chicanery of their forebears, owe more than they can possibly pay back. Taxing the wealthy is not by any stretch the equal to "robbing one person to pay another." Rather, it is the price to maintain a functioning society.

"Name one government program that has ever functioned well."

How about the Interstate Highway System?

"Name one government program that has ever functioned well."

The Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines.

Stamford, your inability to comprehend the facts in context does not make them incomprehensible. Democrats have stolen as much from the treasury as republicans. Bush was handed 911 which slammed the marketplace. The entire congress used this as a giant money grab in the name of national security.

Tom Perriello voted to take money from working people and subsidize those who choose not to work. It was Nancy Pelosi who said "artists and musicians will finally be able to exercise their creativity without having to worry about healthcare"

If an artist or musician can't make a decent living then he needs to do it on evenings and weekends and get a day job, not take money from his next door neighbor by force.

The conservatives in this country don't want anyone to starve. We have just seen too many programs where the government spends about 20 bucks per meal feeding people instead of allowing charity organizations to step up and do it. If they allowed every citizen to designate 500 dollars of their tax bill to charities that spend 95% of their moneies on direct service we woudn't have the need for a giant beuracracy that does a poor job anyway.

Name one government program that has ever functioned well. They do not exist. Obamacare estimates are already off by 100 billion dollars since it was passed, and they are not even through reading it yet.

I her dat!


I'm representin and I resent the misrepresentin bein perpetrated round here.

Ya'll better quit frontin, for real!


I "fired" Tom because he did not listen to me when I warned him not to vote for the health care bill. While I did agree we needed health care reform, what the left wing of Tom's party created was the worse bill ever passed in US Government history. I urged Tom in my emails to not to vote in favor, but rather work to pass a better bill. The better bill would have invited GOP to help create a lasting health care reform. As we all can see, the first thing the GOP wants to do is to take it down, and it should be. So we have wasted two years. If Tom had listened to me (and others) we would have meaningful health care reform and Tom would still be Congressman next year. He blew it he blew it he blew it and for that he sits out.

"So you blame a guy who you fear and dislike anyway."

Your points were well taken until this line appeared. Disappointing for a well thought out arguement.

I'm sorry Stamford50 and Angel eyes. I am sure myself and others would like to have an intelligent debate with you, but you really need to check you facts before you post another ridiculous statement. If you can't live in reality, we can't have a reasonable conversation.


So how much return did a guy without a job get?

These amazing returns are what ALWAYS happens in EVERY recession. Demand falls, prices fall, confidence falls stocks fall that shouldn't have, businesses shed needless overhead and become profitable again.... prices go up... including stocks

Businesses solved their problems by ... SPENDING LESS... Barack Obama wants to spend us out of debt.

He simply needs to stop threateneing taxes and levys and get out of the way.

He did a good step today by backing off of cap and trade.

If he extends the bush tax cuts and moves the threshold from 250 to a million and does not do another stimulous then jobs will be created as unemployment runs out and people get hungry.

Neccesity is the mother of invention.

Jobs will be created, but not in Charlottesville. Our best economy was seen in the Clinton era because our president then invested in growing this country's wealth. This is also true of Mr. Obama: for example, GM, after emerging from bankruptcy, will go public with a new stock offering in just a few weeks, and the United States government, with its 60 percent share of common stock, stands to make a profit. An industry was saved, and the government will probably make money on the deal ââ?¬â? one of Obama’s signature economic successes.

Interest rates are at record lows. Corporate profits are lighting up boardrooms; it is one of the best years for earnings in a decade.

All of the above is good for capitalism, and should end any serious-minded discussion about Obama the socialist. But more than anything, the fact that the president took on the structural flaws of a broken free enterprise system instead of focusing on things that the average voter could understand explains why his party was routed on Tuesday. Obama got on the wrong side of voter anxiety in a decade of diminished fortunes. So you blame a guy who you fear and dislike anyway. Why don't you complainers go to the plutocrats who run your city, county, and state and ask them to invest in their homespun economy? They haven't and they won't. People are hungry now and K-Mart Republicans do not care.

Here are additional facts for the cheerleaders of Mr. Hurt: If you, Sir William, had $100,000 to invest on the day Barack Obama was inaugurated, you would have made a magnificent investment and here's why. The presidency of George W. Bush produced the worst stock market decline of any president in history. The net worth of American households collapsed as Bush slipped away. And if you needed a loan to buy a house or stay in business, private sector borrowing was dead when he handed over power.

As of election day, Nov. 2, 2010, your $100,000 was worth about $177,000 if invested strictly in the NASDAQ average for the entirety of the Obama administration, and $148,000 if bet on the Standard & Poors 500 major companies. This works out to returns of 77 percent and 48 percent. With these distributions, I'd say that Socialism is producing mighty strange leaders these days. Unlike your cracker barrel homilies, Sir William, the president speaks of real real gains for an ungrateful public. Wait until the Publicans deal with you for the next two years. I'd buy tickets to watch.

Well Stamford50, you are wrong again. When George Bush came into office in January of 2001, the Dow was at roughly 10,700. After 9/11, you do remember that day, the Dow was just over 8,000. January of 2002, just over 10,000. January of 2003, 8,300. January 2004, back over 10,000. Bush had to deal with the internet bubble burst of 2002 right after 9/11. There was a low in 2002 of around 7,500. From 2002 low to the elections of 2008, the market increased every year, peaking in 2007 at 14,000. During the first few months of the Obama administration, the DOW nose dived getting close to 6,000. Now we are nearing 11,000. So, you can make the same case for a period during the Bush years. I'm sorry, when was the Dow as high as it was during the Bush years? Now, what real gains has Obama made? 10% unemployment and massive foreclosures. Increased health care cost and if something isn't done, increase in our taxes starting in January.

Well then try remembering this: We face a House of Representatives dominated by a party that intends to roll back regulations that protect the American people from future financial crises, to escalate income inequality, to undermine the rights of victims of corporate greed, to expand job-offshoring trade deals, and to clutch desperately to oil and coal -- outmoded and unsustainable energy sources. Supporting this goofball GOP agenda is madness.

May this individual who violated the trust and will of the citizens of Virginia get what he deserves in life.

I hope that none of you are expecting any help from Republicans. President Obama inherited two wars and an economy teetering on the brink of a second Great Depression. He took immediate steps to avert catastrophe. There will be no action on improving the economy from Republicans because the Republicans created the morass.

How quickly some of us forget -- Here's what Wikipedia says about the 2008 election -- Tom Perriello was finally certified as the winner with a margin of 727 (0.229%) out of 316,893 votes cast. Not exactly an overwhelming vote there.

to the bimbo that referred to me as a redneck at Beer run over a year ago because I was stating the facts about Tommy, 3 words. "Bye Bye Tommy"

here is a nice chart from the Natonal Taxpayers Union

Bascally it shows that the top 1% already pay 38% of the taxes...and that the top 50% pay 97.% of the taxes.

But the rich are stil not paying enough...

@My View: Congressional Districts are based on population, not land area. If large western states can have one or two congressmen, Virginia's 5th can have one.

Again Old Timer, you have your numbers wrong. My father makes around $500,000 per year and pays about $150,000 in federal taxes. That's about 30%. You need to do a little research, the more you make the more your taxes are. Just google federal tax rates and educate yourself. Very sad when you enter a discussion and clearly have no understanding of what you are talking about. Corporations in the US pay the second highest amount of taxes. The reason that companies leave and head to a country like Ireland is because they pay about half the amount. If the Bush tax cuts expire, look for more companies to leave. Also, watch your tax liability go up.

I find it humorous that people here thought one candidate's ads were worse than the others. They were BOTH awful towards each other. I just wish we didn't have the attitude of us versus them.

"I hope the comment from hahaha is not indicative of the thoughtless mass that voted in Hurt USA.

Tom bowed out like a gentleman."

"...thoughtless mass..." and it was the deepest meditative thinkers who believe that Tom Perriello's voting record is similar to his false claims regarding it?

Tom can have a first, having never attempted gentlemanly behavior before.

If Barack Obama wants to win another four years, he'll have to spend the next two restraining himself from his Don Corleone behavior regarding a nation which is not owned by a handful of billionaire Democrats.

Old Timer...

Mr A makes 100 grand a year.pays 30% taxes and spends the rest.

Mr B makes 100 grand a year, pays 30% taxes, lives off of 30k and buys stock with the 40k left over.

Fast forward ten years and

Mr A makes 100 grand. pays 30% taxes and spends the rest.

Mr B makes 100 grand, pays 30% taxes and also cashes in the stocks he invested for TEN YEARS for a million dollar profit. The (capital gains)tax rate is 15% plus another 5% to the state so he pays 200k more in taxes.

Why is he not paying his fair share? He scrimped and saved and let others use his money to make money (which they paid taxes on) for ten years.

The tax rate is progressive. If you make more at your job you pay a higher tax than folks that make less than you. Most families under 50k pay nothing and many get cash back when they didn't even pay in.

People that live off of dividends are paying that 20% on money that the corporation has already paid 35% taxes on. So if a company has 100 dollars left over for a dividend they pay 35 to Uncle Sam and give Mr. B 65 who then pays 13 in taxes for an "effective" rate of 48%.

The real problem is not that the Government doesn't have enough money. The problem is that it is misspent on things like Bisquit Run and earmarks for museums that no one will go to. The city of Charlottesville is vying for 115 MILION dollars to deal with 700 homes for the homeless. Thats 165k per home. Meanwhile condos at Turtle creek sell for 135k. (and Charlottesville already owns 368 homes and land, has no property tax bill etc.)

If people would just add up what we all, including the rich, pay in taxes the government gets enough. How about auditing them?

I don't see Bodos sending its employees on junkets to las vegas like the FDA did or to Florida like Department of energy did.

Congress is the enemy and if the Republicans don't do everything in their power justify every expenditure they should be replaced in two years just like the Dems lost out this time.

I,too,am glad that Hurt won. Obamacare is a mess. I do not think repealing is either plausible or logical, however something must be done to correct the MANY problems. Since this has gone into effect one of my Chville doctors had dropped all medicare patients, my medicare insurance has dropped it's premium plans, dr and hospital rates have increased. Obama wants some compromise - ok how about some tort reform, how about allowing insurance companies to "cross state lines", how about reducing or capping those daggum union health plans. And on the matter of representation, the 5th district is TOO BIG. No way can anyone truly represent such a large and differing area.

Congressman Perriello seemed to have worked hard. His problem was and is he voted lockstep with the President who is Toxic on the Big 3:Cap and Trade, ObamaCare, and Porkulus. This was a vote against the President and his Liberal Agenda. 17 STATE Legislatures went Republican. To have voted on a "Fundamentally Changing" piece of legislation that the American People clearly did AND do not want, that most never read, and the Speaker of the House so arrogantly stated-"When we pass the legislation we can find out what's in it." The Arrogance.

Mr. "Reynolds" you were called out for lying about who you are. That has nothing to do with the outcome of the election.

One more thing, show me any proof that the "middle class" pays 50% in taxes. I don't pay that much. If you live in New York you might pay between 50 and 60 percent total if you are in the highest tax bracket.


Ah yes, lets all play victim of the media. It's the media's fault. How about you take responsibility for using your own head, instead of blaming the media.

Quick Silver,

Whata re you talking about? 222 months? Radical left? You speak like a well trained echo chamber automaton. Did you mean 22 months?

That was historic too. What's your point? That in two more years you can find yourself where you were 2 years ago? Unless of course, the GOP makes some changes.

Look to the Governor's races, and you might find out exactly what I have been talking about.

It's a wonderful day. Glad to see this historic turnover. Clearly, the radical left overplayed their hand these last 222 months.

@Old Timer: How exactly do you "compromise" with ObamaCare? Where was conservative, or even moderate input, when that monstrosity was crammed down our throats (actually I think of it more as a suppository)? Bribes and deals were made and, when a 41st Republican Senator was added from Massachusetts, "reconciliation" skullduggery was used to finally pass it. A 2,300 page bill not even read by virtually all who voted for it and the only good thing that came out of it was the defeat of many of the Dems who voted for it against their constituent's wishes. Assuming the monstrosity isn't defunded and eventually repealed, the young voters you mention will have to wait months for medical appointments, just like the rest of us. You know there's an obvious reason the Premier of Newfoundland had to go to Florida for his surgery and the same thing awaits Americans if ObamaCare survives. I guess then only the rich who can fly to Switzerland or wherever will be able to get timely health care. The rest of us are screwed (thanks Tommy Boy).


My feelings when Tom went to Washington were as now;

It's time this country started taking some responsibility for it's decisions and 'man up.' If you want to go to war, or have big armies, or lots of infrastructure, you have to pay for it.

Americans from top to bottom moan about paying taxes, and the right is by far the worst, but they want to go to war in the name of God and country. Even McCain said you can't go to war and hand out tax breaks.

You comment about me hating the wealthy is bull. The point is, you can't get wealthy when you have a society collapsing. Infrastructure costs money. Wealthy people need to contribute to that if they expect to participate. Why the middle class should give up half their income to taxes but the wealthy should give up 15% is ridiculous.

Excellent! I'll be making another 50 or 60 grand just for voting. Can't wait to invest that offshore where the real money is...

I also thank Tom for his service, and feel saddened that I no longer have a representative that represents me. I do think it is important to point out that the election was not a landslide and there was a fair amount of people in the 5th district who voted for Tom, meaning that we too deserve representation, something for Hurt to think about in the future. Also with only 35ish percent of the total population of the 5th district voting(not just registered voters) I truly wonder whether it is possible to have adequate representation of the district at all, for either side.

@OldTimer: I forgot to add: You're right about Pelosi. She's not going anywhere, AND NEITHER IS HER AGENDA.

So tell me again who was the liar.

@OldTimer: Actually, considering that Perriello had Dear Leader come to town, all kinds of SEIU, George Soros and money AND an independent to drain off 2%+ of the vote, Hurt did very well and probably should have won 55%-45%, at least. Personally, I wouldn't care if those pushing ObamaCare and various other extreme left agendas get defeated 65%-35%, 50.1%-49.9%, or something in between, AS LONG AS THEY GET DEFEATED. So you can take comfort that Perriello didn't lose in a landslide, but the fact of the matter is (and the ONLY thing that matters), HE LOST. Deal with it.


"Perhaps at long last Perriello has learned that it’s better to represent your constituents and what they desire rather than Nancy Pelosi,, the SEIU"

You know, I keep hearing this claim from people like you, as if they are the only folks who exist in the district, and your interests speak for everyone's interests.

They do not.

If they did, then Tom wouldn't have garnered the 47.25% of the vote, to Hurt's 50.75%, of the voting population. 3% had a different choice altogether.

What that means is that what you think only represents half of the population, and you don't speak for even the majority of the voting public. You speak for half. You certainly don't speak for me.

So here's what you and your like minded 50% better learn from this election. The days of you and your 'right' minded brethren being able to expect clear majorities are over. Demographics are changing and there is a growing number of voters you clearly don't speak for. If 50% is the best you can do in a mid-term, where 25% of the voters are over 65, and your group is energized, you can expect your influence to wain even more into the future. Younger people don't like your way of thinking, and when they hit the polls, you'll find out just how many people you don't speak for. The Governors races should show you that very clearly.

A lot of voters are upset with Obama- I am one-, but don't make the mistake of thinking that they have your reasons, which seem limited to little more than ' I hate Nancy Pelosi.'?Enjoy your two years of gridlock and know that Nancy Pelosi is still in public office and isn't going anywhere.

Tom's mistake was thinking he was the congressman from Charlottesville, not the whole 5th district. He may have represented the lefty, elite from C'ville but not the rest of the district. If Mr Hurt fails to work for the whole district, he to will be job hunting after 2 years

so far everyone is missing something, he lost and the media puts him ahead of the voters. the media is the single biggest problum and until they understand this country does not want big government, out of control spending

St. Halsey, I agree that Charlottesville may very well be the most liberal city in Virginia. YOU tried to make liberal and democratic interchangeable. Are you saying that conservatives are not democratic? As for the ads, both were bad. Maybe because Tom was on what seemed like a 3 or 4 to 1 ratio.

And Old Timer, when Tom beat Virgil by only 700+ votes, did you take a similar stance that Tom was going to Washington barely representing 50% of the population that voted? And, you might want to look up what the Bush tax cuts really do rather than make another ridiculous claim that these cuts only help the wealthy. Have you forgotten that the "wealthy" you are against pay most of the bill. They also pay a higher percentage in taxes than those who make less money. If they are already paying more, just how much more do they need to pay to satisfy you? All of our taxes go up in 60 days.

"Tom’s mistake was thinking he was the congressman from Charlottesville, not the whole 5th district."

I agree, but I also think the coin can be flipped. Too often I hear from the supposed 'conservative' elements that somehow they speak for everyone, and Charlottesville is some liberal outpost. I don't find Charlottesville that liberal, and I don't find the conservatives that fiscally conservative.

A lot of people in Albermarle did vote for Tom.

At least Tom tried to do something, which is more than can be said for Goode. Goode was about as useful as teats on a bull to this district and to the country.

If more people had courage and conviction to stand behind their own beliefs, this country might not be in the finanancial situation and crisis of confidence we are now. Examine closely your own experience, take a position, and get involved.

Thank you Mr. Periello for your service to our constiuency, to our Nation, and for the example you set as a man of action and a fighter. I only sometimes agreed with your positions, but you always will have my respect.

T share the words of Martin Niem¶ller (1892-1984), a German Protestant pastor during Nazi rule, who said,

"...First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out -- Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out -- Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out -- Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me -- and there was no one left to speak for me."

Congrats Mr. Hurt... Again Yeah and Ok I say Yeah, Did I say Yeah. Mr. tom you ran a dirty run and pulling the president in really... Yeah Hurt..

Ah, divide and conquer. Some things never get old.


Tom seems to be a great guy, just don't agree with his politics. The people have spoken. The people are also fickle, the pendulum swings back and forth every so many years.

My thanks to Congressman Perriello who ran a hard, smart race and was, in many ways, the accidental congressman. Even when I disagreed with him I always had respect for him. It is a shame there aren't more like him in both parties- the country would be better served.

With the amount of money and support Perriello had it's unlikely we will see a strong challenger in the near future. The 5th wasn't built for him in the long run. It remains to be seen what re districting will bring.

Old Timer is you don't find Charlottesville that liberal that's amazing. It is usually the most democratic place in the entire state.

The BEST part about the elections being over is that the incessant ads will stop. Seemed like 2/3 of the ads on Channel 29 were Hurt or Perriello's lies and half-truths.

St. Halsey, did you watch the Perriello ads? Very negative and very dirty. How can you respect that? Voting party line when the people of your district say that is not what they want leads to the results of Tuesday night.

The fluff of "Hope and Change" wasn't there to bring him a victory this time.

Oh yeah, liberal and democratic are not interchangeable.

William both party ran negatives ads- the ones authorized by the campaigns weren't half as bad as the outside groups. I don't think that anything that Perriello ran was beyond the pale.

If you know of a more liberal city in this state I like to know where.

I wish negative ads would be outlawed. In fact the law should be that at least half of the time an ad is running the candidate is required to state what their ideas and plans are if they are elected/re-elected. The other half could be stating what they have accomplished in the past. No attack or negative material regarding your opponent whatsoever !!

Both candidates ran dirty campaigns that contradict the strained assertion that they are "gentlemen." Why do we lower our standards? It should not surprise any of us that we get the politics we deserve.

Unfortunately, all the rage and fury on both sides notwithstanding (just look at the comments), we didn't have much of a choice this election. Neither candidates had plans to get us out of an unjust, unwinnable, and unending war in Afghanistan or force the Big Banks to obey the law, much less restructure them.

What happened to the anti-war, pro-peace liberals? What happened to anti-bailout, pro-small business conservatives?

It's a bad sign that even after this election is over we're still trying to whitewash our own "sides" and vilify the other.

What I remember most about Periello is in 2008 when the election results were fresh in and Goode had just given his consession speech was Periello started talking about reelection in 2010. He hadn't even been sworn in yet and he was already thinking about his political career. So much for putting the people first.

St Halsey,

Being left of the extreme right doesn't make you liberal. Just because some right wing pundit paints something liberal doesn't make it liberal either. There aren't any many true liberals in the UNited States. You might see that if you got out of our borders once in a while and listened to how others see us. I think extreme right, and moderate to central is how it is described.

Charlottesville might be more liberal than other parts of the district. That doesn't make it liberal.

By the ay, liberal isn't a bad word. Sorry not everyone agrees with fascist policies, or corporate welfare, but that's the way it is.


And how well did you deal with it when you lost and Tom won last time around? I bet you were one of those out there crying that you had been closed out from the table, you didn't have a voice, nobody paid attention to your interests....

So now, the tables are turned by a small but definite margin, and you seem to have a very different attitude, don't you? The question is, how will you and your choice work with the very large minority that did vote for Tom?

Will you just rage and say " You lost DEAL with it?" or will you give what you claimed you wanted, such as compromise. I am willing to bet it will not be the latter. And in two more years, you might find Hurt is in the same position of Perriello now, as younger voters make themselves felt again. Will you cry victim and how you didn't lose by much, etc etc...or will you remember the foolishness of now?

Demographics are a reality, realist, and that's all I am talking about; reality.

Reality is that Hurt speaks for only 50% of the population that voted, and based on trends, that might not good enough next time around. Look at the Governors races.

As for Pelosi, I am not sure what you say her agenda was, and what it is are the same, but she is still in office. That's another reality.

I hope in reality Hurt has more to offer than simply stopping Nancy Pelosi, because his party isn't in a position to get much done if doesn't have something real to offer about employment. Extending massive tax cuts to the wealthy aren't going to help with that.

Reality is the same wave that tossed the GOP in 06 and 08 and Democrats yesterday, can toss Hurt to the wind too in 12.

Now that the election is over I can put the phone back on the hook. I voted for Hurt, but we still have too many democratic congressmen, too many republican congressmen, and not enough "US Congressmen" that support the people. And did Obama really think a pep talk in Charlottesville would change anything? It was really just another demonstration of wasteful spending by an out of control government.

Beep-Beep - SO WELL SAID!!! It is time for them (repubs and dems too) to stop mudslinging and get to work!!! Our country has spun it's wheels long enough, time for us to get outa the ditch and back on the road! Mr. Obama are you listening???

Whoever is in charge, I think the real thing making us all so bitter right now is all the money pouring into campaigns on both sides from god knows where that's fueling the intense mudslinging.

I don't care what your party is, we've all got to get together and put a stop to the huge influence coming here from people and companies who have nothing to do with local interests.

This is biggest threat to democracy and local politics and it's gotten much worse this year then ever before. I know we can all agree to that. I mean, we all have different ideas but I'd rather be engaging my neighbors and discussing their personal concerns and differences with them from a place of mutual respect rather than letting lobbyists, strategists, and big donors dictate the issues and frame all the debates and make us all come to such discussions ready for blood.

They are the real enemy of us all.

Jerry Gilmore = Jerry Kilgore?

A decent guy that ran as a blue dog and then once in DC he set out to impress his friends and mentors by voting the caucus line. As for the result he was discharged for insubordination same as the private sector does to an emplyee. He was warned in the town halls and went back to the same approach. Plus he was a magnet for outside union cash due to his status as lap dog for the San Fran Nan.

Voters are so damn fickle. Because Utopia did not arrive immediately following the 2008 election,they toss out Perriello and go back to the same old GOP mindset that created the problems in the first place.
I do know this. I wish Charlottesville could get out of this district. We have so little in common with most of the rest of it.

Meanwhile, a gallon of milk costs more than a gallon of gas and the pointless war in Afghanistan rages on.

Thank you, Tom.

I would also like to thank Tom Periello for his hard work. I think the voters will see that now that the Republicans have to legislate(at least in the House), they have to produce something meaningful as opposed to merely being obstructionist. Palin's quote about not going to Washington to compromise but to oppose shows her ignorance and lack of qualification. If the GOP House does not make an effort to work with Obama and the Senate, there will be a price for them to pay. With regard to Hollowboy, I too wish that Charlottesville and Albemarle were not part of such a ridiculous district designed solely to water down any real chance of a representative who shares the values of the city and county.

I thought both guys were decent people but thought the negative ads were bogus on both sides. Thought the parking lot protest issue bogus. The deficit finally did me in on voting for dems again as I did in 08. We will see about 12 maybe I'll switch back again. I'm for a conservative acountant running with liberal social values but one never shows up on either side.

Goodbye Mr. Perillo. I can't thank you for your service, I truly regret voting for you in 2008, I corrected that mistake this time.

Beep Beep, you said it. All the republicans had to do while campaigning was say "not our fault". Now that they won the house lets see what they can do. Or will the blame game continue without the senate. I wish Hurt the best. Thank you for your service Tom.

Thank you, Tom. I appreciate all of your hard work and have been very impressed at the commitment to the job you have shown on behalf of your constituents. I find all the hoopla surrounding elections and reporting to be very confusing and filled with many half-truths or outright lies. It is no wonder that many poeple did not realize the enormous effort you made for all of us. Thank you, again. Best wishes to you.

I hope the comment from hahaha is not indicative of the thoughtless mass that voted in Hurt USA.

Tom bowed out like a gentleman.

why do people complain that a representative who wins ~51 percent of the votes doesn't represent his constituents? it's impossible to represent everyone when only half of the people voted for you! you think hurt will go in and represent all of us?? of course not! he can't - 47 percent of his district wanted a democrat. our reps have to vote one way or the other and half of us won't like their vote.

Empty Cookie Jar I wasn't telling a lie I realize it is hard for you to understand that it is possible for a black man to vote for a Republican but its more of us than you think or want to admit.The Democrats haven't done anything for the African American but held us down so we will vote for them.

Ape drape: I was referring to your mullet...

@angel eyes: I just love you elitist libtards who look down their noses at everyone. No wonder that blue states like California and New York are financial disaster areas. They keep on making the same dumbas* mistakes. You'd think such academic and financial geniuses who would know how to balance a budget. Instead these elitists keep driving out the rich folks by raising their tax rates. Duh. Socialism works until you run out of other people's money.

If he "served the people of the 5th District" he would have won. No soup for you........

I big bitc$ slap to Obama!!

Congratulations to Hurt on his win.

Thank you for your service, Tom, and the best of wishes in whatever you decide to do next. I was especially touched by him quoting his father, as I have very fond memories of Dr. Perriello from my childhood. It's sad that he only had one term, but hopefully Hurt will do well once he takes his seat.

I admire Tom Perriello's energy. He got alot of things done in the 5th district. He may have lost this race but you will see him turn up in an important position down the road.
Amat victoria curam

@Brent, I'm afraid it IS indicative of the thoughtless mass. We are surrounded by flinstones. Welcome to the USA.

Year hahaha now the dipstick has to actually do something. We have a problem.

If I am not mistaken Tom will get a nice check for the rest of his life plus LOTS of other perks Congress like to give themselves. Still a drop in the bucket considering the debt he has helped put this country in.

Thank you, Tom, for all you've done for my district and my country. Thank you for your vote on the health care bill especially!

Perriello did NOT campaign like a gentleman, but he lost, so no sense rehashing that. The real winner of this race is George Allen who will trounce Jim Webb in 2012 because anyone attached to Obama in Virginia is radioactive. If you thought "November is coming" was a telling tale, "2012 is coming" will be even bigger. In defense of Tom: Hardest working public servant I have ever seen; trouble is, he was working hard at things the electorate didn't want!

The article really should say, Hurt wins and cover his acceptance and then talk about Perriello's loss.

This was a very negative campaign and I'm glad its over.

Deleted by moderator.

Deleted by moderator.

VA Teacher, in my lifetime, the GOP hasn't paid off any debt, only increased it. Only Bill Clinton paid off debt.

No Randolph, Allen will not trounce Jim Webb. The GOP can't Gerrymander the Senate. Webb is far more popular in the stae than Tom was in his own district.

The GOP may well come up with another contender, but it won't be Allen. HE is toxic.

OK, Republicans. No more Blame-Game: Time to start helping our country.

"Cracker Neo-Confederates"

As Theodore Roosevelt once wrote to one of his foaming-at-the-mouth columnist critics: "When I referred to a lunatic fringe in American Politics, I had you specifically in mind". This may not be verbatim, but it's close enough.

"Libtards", you silly boy, you!

Stamford you keep saying the wealthy don't pay taxes.. you are WRONG. Show me where they don't pay taxes? The tax rate is there. It is 34% for the top tier so if a guy makes a 1.4 million dollars he pays the same as a guy that makes 250k... PLUS and additional 370.000 in taxes on the amount over that or 1000 dollars a day.

On top of that 1000 dollars a day he is no doubt paying sales tax on everything he purchases, higher taxes on his probably nicer house and he most likely contributes to the workforce by hiring maids gardners, travel agents, stock brokers, estate planners, private schools private colleges etc etc.

Why do you think he is such a JERK? Is Bill Gates a war monger?

Odds are he he gives more to charity also...

The wealthy are terrific folks, no doubt. I can see why they need defenders from the middle class to support corporate welfare.

You know Bill, we all know how great societies were created off of the salaries of housekeepers, don't we?

Outside of those horrible liberal media types, actors, actrsses and musicians, most of the 1.4 million earenrs manage to somehow make it a 'capital investment' so that they only pay 15%, not 34%.

And that's the real problem; we punish people for going out and doing jobs, saying labor should be taxed more than stock market stir the pot skim the top thieves. Some corporate hack gets to hold off on their bonus for a year, and they then take that bonus and write it off as an investment, whereas the schoolteacher, the housekeeper, the soldier, the fireman, and the violinist don't.

Why should a family with 2 kids that gets an income of 100k a year from their trust funds pay 15% and then get their kiddie deductions, Roth deductions,etc, whereas the school teacher and network engineer with 2 kids get to pay 28%+ before claiming their kiddie deductions, Roth IRA - IF they have any money left to put in it, and so forth?

Think about it. That's the unfairness we are talking about here, and it IS unfair. Completely unfair. Which is why Warren Buffet speaks out about it being unfair.

As for property taxes, and so froth, those are all regressive taxes, which hit the middle and lower income folks far harder than the upper, so you are only making your argument weaker.

"If I were a fake pinp
deedle deedle Etc. I'd be
Blame a little, blame a little
deedle deedle dum...

All day long I'd......
I wouldn't..

He is upbeat because he doesn't have to do anything for the next two months- not even show up and he still gets the paycheck.

Speaking tour after he got fired?

Think he gets unemployment benefits?

One thing is for sure, based on his appearances at his so-called Town Brawl meetings, his law practice (and I mean "practice") is done, unless he gets some new clothes.......what a discrace to the office of US Representative.

Some posters here seem to think that Rep. Perriello's role equals a "job" when it was never intended to be more than his personal dedication to improving the lives of Albemarle County citizens. Now that we clarified this point, it's good to hear that HarryD (for Designer, I hope) pays such close attention to the representative's wardrobe.

That's right, conservatives like to conserve money. You're taxed at every turn, it's a death of 1,000 cuts. Your primary fiscal responsibility is to your own finances, and when you count up your largest expenditures, taxes are pretty high on the list. Robbing one person to pay another, or to pay a large corporation that's "too big to fail" is not my idea of good government. Yes I realize many Republicans were for the bailouts. I'm not saying Republicans don't overspend too.

Some of these comments are nearly incomprehensible. We have posters who give credit to Republican leaders for prosperity when those Republicans cannot and will not balance budgets. It took President Clinton's administration to provide a budget surplus, which the GOP then crushed when it wielded power during the Bush/Cheney debacle; Republicans proceeded to run up the debt in Iraq and spent domestically and energetically on earmarks for favored lobbyists and ridiculous tax reductions for corpulent billionaires. The constant teeth-gnashing about the "government take-over of healthcare" is puzzling also because it's a figment of conservative propagandists. No insurance companies suffer by having many thousands of new customers, and there is no public option included as there should have been. If health care costs are too high, it is not because the government is requiring insurance companies to behave with a modicum of decency. Mr. Perriello, a good, thoughtful, and cogent public servant fought for the benefits of the under and middle classes. For doing his job well and properly, he has been punished. What kind of people take righteous pleasure in injuring the poor in their own community?

ââ?¬Å?Some posters here seem to think that Rep. Perriello’s role equals a ââ?¬Å?job” when it was never intended to be more than his personal dedication to improving the lives of Albemarle County”

What he forgot was the 5th is a lot bigger then just Charlottesville/Albemarle.
NO soup for you NEXT!

I am confident that Representative Perriello was aware that Charlottesville is an island of civility surrounded by an ocean of hatred, intolerance, and Fascism. He knew it was a temp assignment when he agreed to run.

You crack me up are you available for kids’ parties or
are you too busy with the balloon rides?

It is apparent that some posters have too much time on their hands and that they watch a great deal of television. They should read more before offering unfounded opinions.

I thought Albert claimed to be a Democrat voting Republican for the first time.

Reynolds Albert B: Republican
Albert's patriotic gift Phone 434-29.-.... Charlottesville, VA 22901
Albert Reynolds, ...Holly Rd

Our best economy WAS with clinton...and a Republican Congress that made a contract with america that bill Clinton went along with and shut down a lot of entitlments and got people back to work.

He also benefited greatly from the explosion of the internet and microsoft etc.

If Bill clinton could run against Obama the entire Congree would impeach Obama tomorrow just to make it happen.

Bill clinton was smart enough to reach across the aisle even when attacked. The only thing clinton wasn't smart enough to do was to tell the truth when he was busted.

There could be lots of jobs in this area if Albemarle was more business friendly and savvy. If they courted national companies to move their satelite offices (billing/processing/ management staff etc)there would be all kinds of jobs whose salaries would be paid for with outside money (money derived from customers outside the area) This area also has all it needs to become a first class destination for active retirees who don't want the heat of fla or the taxes of New york. Retirees don't have kids in the schools, they don't cause traffic congestion during rush hour, they support the arts and culture, they need first class medical care which means the local health systems will always have top notch equipment and doctors. But alas, there are people around here that think that no one has a right to do anything with their land that they bought, paid for and pay taxes on. Maybe when the unemployment rate stays high they will realize that their selfisheness is just that.

Stamford50 - maybe because he HIDES the answers to questions that should be answered...he should have known this information would be sought and if he isn't hiding anything, common sense tells you that he would offer it up and laugh...instead, it's sealed or can't be found. Now I don't hate the guy at all. I don't know him so can't dislike someone I have never met...but I can dislike the fact he hasn't kept his campaign promises and has rammed his healthcare plan down my throat. If he wants my vote in 2012, he repeal the healthcare plan himself and at least redeem himself a little...Now, wasn't this article about Perriello?

Tom, best wishes and good luck in the future. Next time spend more time asking and thinking about the people who put you there (the voters).

How else can one explain the nutty obsession that some folks have with Obama's alleged other-ness? "He's a Muslim!" "No, he's a terrorist!" "Maybe he's a socialist!" "He couldn't be an American, could he?" (Well, don't ask Newt.) The haters that focus on this nonsense make the job of leading a significant portion of this country nearly impossible, as Messrs. Boehner and McConnell are about to discover.

I'll bet you don't mind when those living in the "ocean of hatred, intolerance, and Fascism" go to war to defend your right to be such an elitist ah*le.

It was really nice to have the transient fluke of a Democrat representing the 5th. Of course it was an aberration caused by the meltdown of late summer/early fall 2008, a meltdown caused by Republican fiscal recklessness (what a delicious irony they've shed that blame as easily as a snakeskin). One always knew he'd be turned out after 2 years once the 5th's majority (consisting outside of Charlottesville mostly of cracker neo-confederates) regained its compass. That smarmy Hurt commercial intoning "He's their congressman, not ours" made that point.
As we're fixin' to find out though in the coming years, the country's fiscal situation is dire enough so that ain't nobody going to fix it and the campaign in another 2 years should be a real freak show.

Have you noted the trend in these comments. One side seems to be polite and the other still hostile? I also wish to thank my congressman for working so hard. Can you imagine holding these town hall meetings the past two years and holding your composure? I hope things are better for the country but feel more hard times are ahead. The main reason? The money that corporations are spending on politics.

Beep Beep, Please send your suggestion to President Obama. Hopefully, with the resounding repudiation of his policies over the past 2 years, he will now realize the time has come to work in the present and the future. While some of what he says is true about the Bush administration and though he doesn't say it, the Congress he inherited,it's time to put those sentiments on a shelf. I hope we have heard the last of HIS blame game. After 2 years, it's time to accept the fact that the condition of the country, whether good or bad, is now President Obama's problem, and also the problem of the new Republican majority in Congress and the near equal split for each party in the Senate. We're one country, no matter our political beliefs, we shouldn't see this as a country of them and us. If that continues to be the attitude in Washington, then we will fail as one country, and I don't think that is an acceptable outcome for any of us.

Yes, Chris, you are mistaken:

"Members of Congress receive retirement and health benefits under the same plans available to other federal employees. They become vested after five years of full participation."

"As it is for all other federal employees, congressional retirement is funded through taxes and the participants' contributions. Members of Congress under FERS contribute 1.3 percent of their salary into the FERS retirement plan and pay 6.2 percent of their salary in Social Security taxes.

Members of Congress are not eligible for a pension until they reach the age of 50, but only if they've completed 20 years of service. Members are eligible at any age after completing 25 years of service or after they reach the age of 62. Please also note that Members of Congress have to serve at least 5 years to even receive a pension."

Tom has too much integrity for the swamp that's Washington. I hope he lands as a policy wonk behind the scenes working to stop the puppeteers of the Republicons and the mindless masses they manage to manipulate.

Are you serious John? The main reason is "the money that corporations are spending on politics." Sorry my misinformed friend, but you should take a look at the amount of money the UNIONS are spending on politics.

Well the people in the "5th" drank the kool-aid.This guy will show his true colors soon enough.I think His nose was getting longer at the podium last night.

And Caesonia, you might want to check your claim. Under Clinton the Federal debt increased. He paid down some public debt, but in turn used federal dollars. If the public debt during those years was bought with other debt -- meaning by the Social Security trust and the Federal Reserve -- we didn't actually pay down any debt, did we? If you take out an equity line of credit on your home to pay off your car loan, your debt didn't decrease. Furthermore, if you take out an equity line of credit to pay off your car loan and buy a boat, it would be deceitful on your part to say you reduced your debt, right? This is what happened those four years: We did retire some debt held by the public, but we did so by increasing debt held by the government and the (Federal Reserve). That's not retiring debt. That's just shifting it from one lender to another. Please back up your claims.

Perhaps at long last Perriello has learned that it's better to represent your constituents and what they desire rather than Nancy Pelosi,, the SEIU and various other special interest groups who can't enter voting booths in Virginia's 5th Congressional District. You'd think a STAB and Yale education would have taught him that much. Apparently not (and they call Republicans stupid!).

@Yes: Thanks for setting Chris straight. Too many people think anyone working for the Federal Government gets some kind of free ride the rest of their life. Although members of Congress enjoy some special perks, most aspects of their retirement and health care are subject to the same restrictions/requirements as a GS-7 Secretary.

Well, you don't get ROTH deductions, I was thinking of your tax free deductions later, instead it would be the regular IRA. But of course, the folks who only pay 15% can afford to have a Roth, becasue theydon;t have the tax bruden the people who show u for job do. So the laboring folks need their IRA deductions to lower their taxburden. ut they'll pay later, whereas trust fun cuties get theirs tax free...again.