Snap: Firewood time is upon us

news-firewood-mOne of the local sellers makes a household delivery on October 30.

It's that time of year when firewood sellers are busily delivering loads to eager warmth-lovers. As anyone trapped in a fireplace-equipped house without sufficient firewood can attest, the proper time to buy firewood is before snow and Dominion Virginia Power lines hug the ground.

(This picture depicts a load from Charlie Steger at 434-973-8499– though we've also recently purchased wood from Frye's Firewood at 434-825-6203.)

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Sorry A.o.D.- just responding2 the comment posted, not trying 2perpetuate the irrelevant. Sad2 say I have a creepy built-in faux fireplace that lights up& blows hot air. Totally tragic and unsatisfying. Anyone needing real firewood is wise to buy now or face shelling out a fortune 4grocery store bundles or fake logs. :-)

Wow! how much wood could a woodchuck chuck and why does it involve housing and single moms? Does the woodchucks get social security if they retire? and at what age? Does chucking wood pay well? I could use some extra income!

Also-stop dumping on single moms! Ive never accepted,asked4, or wanted a dime of aid from our govt, yet that stereotype is one no one is ashamed 2apply 2us. As someone whose family's taxes have been 6figures for decades, I'm tired of hearing the arrogant complaints of people who whine about the burden of welfare even though their taxes are returned. Also, what planet do these single moms w/boyfriends live on? I'd like2 teleport there; moms I know R alone& 2tired from being mom&dad 2date.(Or even go out)

Seems like you just need to find yourself a girlfriend and get to making some babies George.

The real Possum doesn't blame somebody else for his problems, chief.

Thanks for the info. We moved into a new house with a real fireplace and are in the market for some wood for the winter.

That looks like some good firewood. How much is firewood selling for theses days? It's still being sold by the cord right?

Ok- "george"&every (@&*%#) who thinks their meager contribution to our country's coffers is supporting any single mom:1.)IfUstruggle to get by,low income either exempts U from taxes OR anything that's withheld is refunded to U less soc/sec& mdcare (&both R 4YOURfuture!) 2.)(last time I checked)PublicHousing rent=1/3 of income& income increase= rent increase;some pay more4it than rent in good area costs 4same accomodations,while its stigma prevents access2 better housing, jobs, &equitable treatment

tax dollars paying for public housing and food stamps for mothers and their live in boyfriends and i work so hard to get by not right.