Not scary: New Deuces tries to shake Outback rep

news-deuces2Deuces Lounge owner Jerome Cherry, right, runs the new club with his son, Jerome Cherry Jr., left, and Jatavious Calloway.

Before the Outback Lodge on Preston Avenue closed last year, it wasn't unheard of to find it in the news when fights broke out and gunshots fired. The new owner of what's now called Deuces Lounge is trying to turn that image around.

"We want to let people see the Outback is dead," says Jerome Cherry. "They don't have to be afraid."

Cherry opened Deuces Lounge in September to handle a variety of musical genres–- except hip hop. "We want hip hop," he says, "but we don't want the violence."

Instead, the club has jazz night, metal, salsa, and a different take on karaoke that Cherry calls "Be Seen, Be Heard" on Wednesdays. "It can be karaoke, it can be poetry, it can be stand-up comedy," says Cherry.

Another legacy of the Outback affects Cherry's ABC permit. He only serves beer and wine, and the ABC stipulated that the club stop serving alcohol at midnight. Cherry, who doesn't drink, believes the lack of hard liquor will draw a crowd more interested in music than drinking.

The interior has been spruced up, booths added, and the stage enlarged.

"This is the biggest stage outside the Jefferson and Southern," says Cherry, who sees the upstairs of the two-level venue as a lounge, with the downstairs as a club.

And to further nourish a more family friendly atmosphere, Saturday afternoons are for teen bands to rock out in a place where parents can come see them play in an alcohol-free zone. Cherry is a bass player, and this is his first go at running a night club.

"This is my dream," he says.


I wish them all the best, but like the place across the street it just seems that certain venues carry a "curse" and no matter what new owners do, the same troublemakers just come back and their presence drives off the new clientele the new management is trying to attract. Hope this doesn't happen, but not counting on it.

Now if they could persuade the C'ville PD to set up sobriety checkpoints on Preston Ave. around 2:00 AM, maybe they'd have something going.

This won't last 6 months. Sad, but true.

This is a great thing they are doing!

I hate to be negative but for this place to become successful they're going to have to be very hard on any troublemakers.

Right. If they have hip hop, that'll be the first test. Sorry, sad but true. And I suspect it'll be just like the other crap hole in about 6 months. Outback wasn't much trouble either..except on hip hop nights. A hip hop club needs to be built in the middle of the woods in Buckingham County. Let em blast it out....uh music that is :)

There are hip hop shows on the Deuces calendar if u check online

My sons band played at Deuces a few weeks ago, nice time! Best of success Cherrys!