Parkway shooter indicted for 1st degree murder

news-ralphleonjacksonA tip led police to mechanic Ralph Leon Jackson.

Ralph Leon Jackson, the Stuarts Draft man charged in the April 5 shootings on the Blue Ridge Parkway, has been indicted for the premeditated murder of WNRN DJ Tim Davis and for use of a firearm during the shooting.

A federal grand jury indicted Jackson, 57, in September for assaulting Christina Floyd with intent to commit murder, assault with a dangerous weapon, and for discharging a Harrington & Richardson 20-gauge shotgun during the attack on the couple watching the sunset at Rock Point Overlook.

Jackson faces the death penalty if convicted of the newest charges, according to a release from the U.S. Attorney's office.

Jackson subsequently pleaded not guilty to all the charges, according to various media accounts.

–-story updated with Jackson's plea Tuesday, November 16


What a useless waste of life. Fry this turkey. The sooner, the better. I hate the thought of my tax money keeping this POS alive one more minute sooner than it has to be.


Seven months so much for speedy justice. Now how long before the trial and the appeals, I'll die first.

Trincey & Hebe boy - Its cheaper - i.e. costs less of your taxpayer money to keep him alive.

In case you then want to then whine about all of the gunk involved in the legal process that makes everything so costly - well, its there to protect YOU, and me and us all from the state. If you don't get that then you have obviously never been wrongly accused of anything. It happens every single day.

Fair trial, one appeal, then extra crispy. What a useless bas**** to do what he did.

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