Snap o' the day: Lights on Ridge-McIntire

snap-xmas-lightsIt's getting dark earlier, the holiday lights are up earlier.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, though the Halloween decorations have barely been put away and we haven't even gotten to Turkey Day yet. The holiday lights on Ridge-McIntire have been up since at least November 8.

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(next it'll be moved to August....then July.....until eventually the Christmas displays go up again right after Valentine's Day, and January is just the month that everybody uses to recover from Christmas until it starts up all over again, 11 months out of the year.)

That's okay, Kmart on Hydraulic Road had full Christmas displays going back in **mid-September.** I'm not even kidding. They had the full display of fake trees and lights for sale, and all the little gadgets that move and play Christmas jingles. In September. That was hands down the worst case of early Christmas I've ever seen anywhere, and I've lived and traveled around the country. So, congrats Charlottesville Kmart, you win! o_O

Looks like winter decorations to me - snowflakes

i agree with winter above. i love the snowflakes!

If we could just keep the spirit of Christmas in our hearts all year round...the Christmas decorations would be okay!

Save it all until after Thanksgiving.. then use January to enjoy Winter decorations. All the hype makes the holidays overrated and boring.