'Women Jefferson Loved' author at Monticello


While Sally Hemings, the half-sister of Thomas Jefferson's wife, Martha, is perhaps the best known of the women associated with the third president, there were others, and they were all related.

Three generations of men in Jefferson's family had relations with Hemings women. Talk about complicated. And this extended family lived at Monticello, some masters, some slaves.

In The Women Jefferson Loved, history professor Virginia Scharff looks at these relationships that Jefferson tried to keep out of the public eye and how they influenced his views on slavery and politics.

She'll be discussing the book at Monticello November 30.


There is no concrete proof that Thomas Jefferson ever had sexual relations with Sally Hemmings. The only thing DNA tests can prove is that someone in his family had sex with ol Sally.

Sounds like no one in a skirt was "safe". Looks like some of our Congressmen and former Presidents could have contributed to the book.