DMB at JPJ: Last chance for at least a year

dave matthews band, dmbDave rocks JPJ Friday night.
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Dave Matthews Band returned to entertain its hometown on the first of two consecutive nights at John Paul Jones Arena on Friday, November 19, 2010. Photographer Tom Daly caught the action. The #1 touring act of the decade, the Band has announced that it is taking next year off its grueling schedule.

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Thank you King Ralph, for that boring derivative analysis.

They'll be gone for a year !!!
YAY, a full year of good music at JPJ.
DMB should have stuck with playing at TRAXX.

Sort of a Hootie sound-alike band, with beginner lyrics.

I agree Tim Brown. Went to the concert, was not impressed, enjoyed meeting Dave at Blenhiem in the afternoon more than the concert. (Except for the butthead standing on the table yelling at Dave, when you are in the man's house don't climb on the furniture, jerk)

ripping off Sun Ra ain't where it's at? that's even lamer than DMB

Y'all don't know nuthin. Only good music is DJ Science:

Well, from the videos that are popping up on youtube they aren't doing too much enforcement inside. I think a lot of people said night 1 was pretty special but tonight should be even better. People make sure you hide your dope down your pants so security can dig down there and find it.

There's no arguing taste, and not everyone likes or appreciates every good artist or even great artist, but one should not assume that his or her taste defines the value or an artist or group or their work. Research shows that people most like music which is on the edge of what they know - familiar enough to not be wierd or disorienting and different enough to not seem derivative or boring. I hope no one is basing their opinion on DMB's studio recordings (although I enjoy these enough to buy them). Their live performances provide a much richer experience. I don't know how much improvisation is involved but they certainly depart from the basic theme of many of their pieces, sometimes in different ways from one show to the next. I went Fri night and thought they were great. If it's too loud, carry foam earplugs - you lose something but for me anyway the lyrics come through more clearly. I didn't need the earplugs last night but there have been times.

By the way, go prepared for a wait to get frisked before you go in - don't carry anything you don't need, especially your camera or pocket knife.

If people need to get in with cameras just put them down your pants they won't touch you there. Only the TSA does that

There were GA tickets earlier on the jpj website along with lowers. Now they are gone. Why the hell don't they allow cameras for all Dave Matthew shows?? I hate the JPJ since their security is too freaking strict. A full pat down???? No other venue does that at all.

Tim, I am inclined to agree, and I have plenty of musical taste.

BUT... I would say that based on what happened ever they got picked up by major labels.

Early on I thought his songs actually had meaning, and the object wasn't to deafen you. I remember meeting Carter at a cash machine at Barrack's Road before they really hit it, and had a great conversation. He had this little station wagon with his drum kit in the back. I think DM has a lot to thank him for for the success of the group, as well as Lessard.

But I never really enjoyed them as much once they hit big time because it felt more watered down and generic.

Good point, Wog. JPJ's site reads, "Cameras of any kind are not allowed for this event."

I'm interested one extra ticket. What extra ticket you have?

It's section 313 row T. I think I just found someone though.

Matt probably doesn’t understand the attraction of chocolate chip cookies, apple pie, or good music in any form.

Tim Brown probably doesn't understand the attraction of chocolate chip cookies, apple pie, or good music in any form.

Never could get into that music, found it hard to dance to. Maybe it's just how I dance. The drummer Carter is the real deal.

boring, melodic, monotonodic...... promoted properly, anyone can be made into a household name- look at President Obama

I do respect the office, that is more than our President does....ever see his poor excuse for a return salute when diembarking Muscle One to the Marine at the bottom of the steps?

Brilliant, Skip. I'm sure that we all judge presidents based on the crispness of their pro forma salutes, rather than actual ability or accomplishment in office.

I think if everyone payed more attention to world and national current events, (I know the news is depressing so many ignore it) Before judging they would have some understanding of how screwed up and dangerous a world it is.

Yes they will!(touch you there.. that is)Way too zealous in the pat down! Great Show! Camera and C-phone enforcement once inside was minimal. Just no filming!
Pregnant pause just before commencing gave the audience and Dave a chance to generate some real electricity. Music was loud and a little muddy at first but the overall production was very good! Lights and volume were cut with some very nice delicate interludes. The audience's love of the music and enthusiastic participation carried throughout the show! It was a great night!

God bless Dave, Boyd, and the gang. They've worked hard and done well for themselves and given back along the way. I hope they enjoy the year off with their families. Cheers, guys.

They went on about 8:15

The planned schedule says DMB at 8:10 but it was closer to 8:30.

Anyone interested? Not looking to make a profit.

Biff likes ccc's, ap, lots of good music, and women of all shapes, colors, & size. Few people can go happily from Renaissance lute music to Motorhead in one sitting. But never did get the DMB mania. Certainly it's good music, just don't think it's great and have always been puzzled why so many clearly do. Mais vive le difference.

I'm with Tim and Matt. They're certainly adequate, but not great.

I'm with Tim...every song sounds the same.

Anyone go last night know what time Dave went on????? Saw the setlist from last night....can't wait for tonight!!!!

Tim Brown will never understand the fascination with this guy

Harry D
Wait longer that 2 years into president Obama's first term before judging his performance. He has been working very hard to not let the country down. The man will never have all the answers and he will not solve all the problems, what one man could?

At least you refer to him as President Obama, that shows at least some respect. I have an uncle who is a retired army colonel and he refers to him with the "N" word. Shame on him.