Snap: Short-term wayfinding duplication

news-wayfinding-mThis pair stand in front of the Tarleton Oak gas station, photographed November 9.

Old and new stand back-to-front during the final days of the old downtown signs with cut-out steel letters. The dual-pole "Charlottesville" signs were erected circa 1993, but they're slated for scrap as City workers have already installed most of the replacement signs, a monopole design that's part of the City's new, half-million-dollar wayfinding program.

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City do love to spend money, my money since I pay county taxes and they give it to the city.

Don't worry, BB! The city residents are just as upset as you county people are. The city leaders, or at least those who might still be living, should be rounded up and hung in Court Square for choosing "revenue sharing" over annexation.

The second dumbest thing they ever did was selling Lane High School to the county instead of converting it into City Hall.