Now it's Comcast whose internet went down

So say the Twieeters and the bloggers. (A week ago, CenturyLink either did or did not have a problem.)


800-comcast is down for more than 30 mins with 'technical difficulties' -- do they have to call half way around the world for support?!? -- ha ha
i only call because my internet is green all the way to their dns and then dead...

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boooo! November 29th, 2010 | 9:11 am
Comcast consistently had bad service when we had them. Anytime there was even a slight breeze our ââ?¬Ë?net service would be down.

Well put and we completely agree with you. Fortunately, we never used their internet service but had cable service with them which, at the time, was the only provider in the area. We live in Fluvanna County and the service was off more than it was on. Any type of breeze blowing, rain or snow coming down, or too much sunshine the cable would go out and stay out for days. It is not like we can't live without TV but we were paying the same amount each month on our bill whether or not the service was avaialble or not. They would give us a credit on our bill but not until we called and complained. We got fed up then cancelled our service and were finally able to switch to another provider with a dish on our roof. Switching was the best decision we ever made. The only time we have a problem if it is an extremely bad and heavy rain storm and if there is an issue with the local channels we receive out of Richmond which is the local stations fault not the service providers.

Comcast will never confim they have a problem. When you call to report an outage, they claim there is no other reports in your immediate area and the problem must be on the customer's end. They set up an appointment to send out a repair person.

By the time the appointment rolls around, the service is back up and running of course, the problem having been on their end all along.

In a 365 day time period, I easily calcualte they owe me a $75 refund for the assorted outages ranging from 1 to 2 days each. But you never see any type of refund either.

Sure enough, Comcast has been down for about 12 hours or so it seems, out here in Fluvanna county. A call last night, to Comcast confirmed an outage in Fluvanna, Louisa and Orange and possibly other areas.
Hey Comcast, hows about lightening my bill for this inconvenience?

Comcast consistently had bad service when we had them. Anytime there was even a slight breeze our 'net service would be down. We were consistently having to go downtown with the laptop to access WiFi. The final straw was yet another outage that went on for several days. At that point we canceled our service and went with somebody else. Have never looked back. (What's funny is that a week after that "final straw" power outage we were at the Mudhouse and overheard a guy grumbling to his girlfriend about this ongoing Comcast service outage. Other people were *still* waiting for it to come back on over a week later. By that point we'd already switched and had service up and running with a new provider.) I don't know why anybody even uses them.

Got rid of them as soon as another (local) cable company came to my area. It's nice to be able to talk to someone face to face about an issue and get it fixed ASAP and not chatting with someone "off shore" or talking with someone in California when I live in Michigan.

The get it because some people have no other choice it is that or no other high speed internet and you either have to pay for telephone service or cable service you might not want.

Our Internet went down last night for about 4 hours ... and the Comcast service number remained busy during the entire time leaving me with nothing much to do but watch a boring football game.

Looks like it was a DNS issue which is why I never noticed it went down. You don't need to use Comcast's DNS servers. Google OpenDNS and set those up and you won't have this problem again. You may have other problems, but it won't be because of problems with their dns servers.

Thanks for the tip, Nate. It was definitely a DNS issue at my place.

A DN-what??

DNS (Domain Name Service). All computers on the Internet are have a unique IP (Internet Protocol) address, sort of a like a phone number. Even though you type you are actually connecting to the IP address. DNS does the lookups to translate names to numbers. DNS servers handle the IP address lookups.

I've seen problems from Comcast's DNS at various times. Try Google DNS or OpenDNS. The Google one requires no signup.

Nice headline. Did a 3rd grader write it? If your internet goes down, read a book, pet your dog, service your wife, cut the grass, do some scrap-booking, ....Old school stuff...C-Ville has to be the whiniest town on the eastern seaboard....

Basically, DNS puts names and IP addresses together. So when you type in in to your browser, the DNS server changes to which is how computers know which server to go and talk to. Without that change, doesn't mean anything so it never goes and talks to the server you want to talk to. When that happens, it seems like the internet is down.

Not something most people care to know about since it usually just works.

No different than any other offices in Virginia--private sector or government.

"it's all ya'll's problem, ain't none of our concern, ya'll"

AHHH !!!! I fondly remember the days of "dial up" internet service. Now THERE was something to really complain about.

Largest problem I have with comcast originates with Dominion Power whose "power surges" throw every thing out of wack.