Turf war playing out on County fields, says ESPN Magazine


Browsing through the latest issue of ESPN Magazine, the sports channel's popular sports magazine, we saw a feature on Tiger Woods' and Jimmie Johnson's take on sports perfection, another on Sandy Koufax's perfect game in 1965, a photo of the front page of the Daily Progress...huh? There it was on page 111, illustrating a report [Artificial Turf Wars] on an ugly court battle between FieldTurf and AstroTurf, the two largest artificial turf companies, with FieldTurf alleging patent infringement.

However, AstroTurf, which installed the $625,000 turf field at Monticello High School, and will be installing similar fields at Albemarle and Western Albemarle high schools (courtesy in large part to an anonymous donor who committed over $1.3 million to be split between Western Albemarle, Monticello, Albemarle, and Charlottesville High schools toward the construction of turf fields, on the condition they fund raise for the balance, as Monticello did), has accused FieldTurf reps of trying to sabotage the County's AstroTurf contracts by saying the Monticello field had "significant failures" that made it dangerous for kids.

news-dp-espnThe Daily Progress gets some exposure in ESPN Magazine.


Roger - can you be more specific about his issues? All I see is a dismissed case with Midland Funding...

So, according to FieldTurf, what were some of the failures of the MHS AstroTurf field? Have there been any injuries due to these "failures"?

Dear Dave:

His criminal record is PUBLIC and can be found at http://courts.state.va.us



Nothing libelous about court records!

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