The Heavy Pets

Jamband. Also featuring The Grey Matter.

The Heavy Pets - Drenched
The Heavy Pets - Girl You Make Me Stupid

The Grey Matter - Pumpkin
The Grey Matter - Laughing Bones
The Grey Matter - Stagger Lee

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The Heavy Pets are finally getting the attention and respect of music lovers they have so earned. They are all excellent musicians and composers. Their live performances are intoxicating musical journeys. The new self-titled CD is just such an example of the range of genres these guys can conquer. It won't be long before this band can only be found on big stages, so catch them now while they still tour at small venues. The good news is that Charlie Miller, the sound/recording guy for The Greatful Dead and Steve Kimock, is touring with The Pets right now. The live recordings are up on Digital Sound Board and other sites. Go find "musical salvation" with The Pets. Awesome band!!