Bummer for Brown

City manager candidate Richard M. Brown didn't get the "dream" job he wanted in Charlottesville, and it looks like he could lose his current city manager job back in East Providence, too. A newly elected City Council there is moving to oust him, the Providence Journal reports, for not being business friendly and for kowtowing to the city's mayor.



to say that Rhode Island is politically corrupt is like saying the ocean is a little wet.

Personally I think the city dodged a bullet in not hiring him. But that's just me. He's coming from a very negative environment; Rhode Island has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation, a poor economic situation, and is politically corrupt from what I gather. Not that the state-wide problems are his problem, he was just a city manager of East Providence, not governor of the entire state. But still, that's the environment he's coming from. That's the baggage that would have been following him here.

"and is politically corrupt"

That would be true in many areas of the country. It is just that some are smart enough not to get caught.

never mind

This is the least informative article about the most impertinent item I've ever seen. Excellent work, quite thorough...

You kids be good or Eric Cantor will get you!

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"Brown has been criticized for his support of police and firefighter layoffs and closing libraries and recreational facilities." No, he never would have made it here. I found the text of the article interesting, thugh. Charlottesville isn't the only town that could use competence n expertise in elected officials.

What is the value of hiring an outside consultant if this guy Brown made it in to the final 3? Presumably, the same people also had Mo Jo as one of their choices. Unless, that is, Mo Jo had been selected to be hired from the start and the expensive consultants were simply ignored all along.

@cookiejar, the advantage is that, to the casual observer, it appears that everything is on the up-and-up.